TROY debuted in 2014 under Brand New Music with 4 members. Not only that but the members who debuted in TROY are also famous for having a good reputation and passion in the hip hop and RnB industry. In the article below, there’s detailed information about one of the members from TROY, Bumkey, that you should know starting from his full profile, fun facts, until his discography!

TROY’s Bumkey’s Full Profile

Real Name: Kwon Ki-bum (Hangul: 권기범) Stage Name: Bumkey (Hangul: 범키) Birth: Seoul, South Korea, September 22th, 1984 Star Sign: Virgo Height: 172 cm (5’7′) Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) Position in the Group: Leader and Vocalist Agency: Brand New Music Nationality: Korean Official Sites:

Twitter ( BUMKEY ) YouTube Channel ( BUMKEY )

TROY’s Bumkey’s Fun Facts

TROY’s Bumkey’s Solo Debut

Bumkey as a rookie singer in 2013 was collecting topics from his 1st music video. Bumkey released his first solo single titled “Bad Girl” through Brand New Music’s official YouTube channel. In the music video for “Bad Girl,” Troy members of the group Bumkey belonged to were attracting attention by firing support. Troy is an authentic R&B hip hop unit composed of Bumkey, Jaewoong, Kanto, and Changwoo. Before the group’s debut, TROY members revealed their faces for the first time through Bumkey’s music video, receiving explosive responses from fans. Through the music video for “Bad Girl,” TROY members showed their outstanding acting skills by transforming into a cold and arrogant man, a good man, and a dashing man. All of the members boast a strikingly handsome appearance, gaining more and more popularity. They supported Bumkey’s first solo debut both physically and mentally such as by monitoring each other throughout filming, making the filming set warmer.

Besides that, Bumkey also received support from his colleagues and friends for having his solo debut. They added warmth by sending heartfelt support messages full of love for Bumkey who released his first solo single “Bad Girl.” In particular, it is known that the released cheering videos were filmed by the musicians themselves using their cell phones or cameras. Netizens who saw the videos responded with comments such as “Crazy network cheering video,” “It seems like all hip-hop stars have gathered,” and many more. Bumkey also received an achievement by topping the music charts with his first solo single “Bad Girl.” Bumkey took first place on Melon, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, and Naver Music. In addition, it swept the top spots in the real-time charts of various online music sites and held a successful declaration ceremony. Bumkey’s 1st place on the music charts confirmed his strong position as the only R&B male musician among bad girls such as Lee Hyori, CL, and 4minute who had already dominated the music charts as well as the large idol group EXO that released its album on the same day. “Bad Girl” itself depicts the sad love story of a man who suffers from falling for a bad woman with an irresistible fatal attraction and struggles to get out of such a situation. Not only promoted with the release of his 1st music video but Bumkey also got the opportunity to appear on several music programs that were aired on television. He promoted his 1st single “Bad Girl” on M Countdown on June 27, 2013. Let’s watch Bumkey’s debut stage with “Bad Girl” below!

TROY’s Bumkey’s Discography

Besides being a member of TROY, Bumkey has also had the opportunity to make a solo debut and has produced many songs on his own. Not only that but Bumkey has also been active in his career since early 2005 as a featured singer with some Korean singers back then. To find out more details about TROY’s Bumkey’s discography list and his singles, don’t skip any information in the session below!

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