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Hwang In-yeop’s Profile

Name: Hwang In-yup (황인엽) Birthday: January 19th, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Height: 185 cm (6’1″) Weight: – Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Instagram: @hi_high_hiy  

Hwang In-yeop’s Dramas

The Tale of Nokdu (조선로코 녹두전) (KBS2, 2019) 18 Again (18 어게인) (JTBC, 2020) True Beauty (여신강림) (tvN, 2020)


Hwang In-yeop’s Fun Facts

Seoul, South Korea, is his birthplace. Hwang In-yeop has a younger brother named Inof who is also a Youtuber. Check out his channel here! The length of the legs is 109 cm and the length of the shoulders is 105 cm. His acting debut is through a web drama titled Why (2018). From there, he moved on to the next web drama, Freshman (2019). His first television debut is through the drama The Tale of Nokdu (2019). He is represented by KeyEast. He began his career as a model under YG Kplus in 2017. As a model, he has walked the catwalk F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week for brands: Noirer, BLANC de NOIRS, and ROYALLAYOR. Lee Byung-hun, Jo In-sung, and Joo Ji-hoon are his role models. tvN’s My Mister (2018) is his favorite drama. He really loves actor Lee Sun-kyun‘s line in My Mister (2018), “It’s okay. It’s nothing.” Reading magazines and listening to music are his hobbies. His favorite food is pasta. Black is his favorite color. He has done his military service. He studied at Nikkei Jin Kai International School (2008–2009) in Davao, Philippines. Ryan Leon was his English name during his stay in the Philippines. “Seeing is believing” is his life motto. When in high school, he dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. He prefers pepperoni pizza over pineapple pizza. Charmander is his favorite Pokemon character. When it was announced that he would star in True Beauty as Han Seo-joon, many fans of the webtoon did not agree with the reason that he was too old and his face did not resemble Seo-joon. For his role of Han Seojun in tvN’s True Beauty (2020), he got a motorcycle license. He sang the OST for True Beauty (2020) on February 5th, 2021, titled “It Starts Today” It took him a lot of courage to start modeling due to his introverted nature. He can write with both hands (ambidextrous). He likes the sea because his mind is relaxed when he sees the sea. He likes the night view, so he prefers the sunset over the sunrise. He can tolerate the cold, but he cannot tolerate the hot. He drinks one Americano a day. He doesn’t drink soju, but he likes beer. He likes to write letters. Melodrama and action are his favorite genres. Oil pasta is his favorite food. He listens to Dean’s “Half Moon” (Feat. Gaeko) and BTS’s “Dynamite” He has good singing skills. He said he wanted to address his fans as family. His favorite place is his own room. He plays a lot of student roles despite his actual age. His friends called him Hwang-i and Pang-i.


Hwang In-yeop’s Career Journey

Born on January 19th, 1991, in Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi-do, Hwang In-yeop was the first of two sons. Since he was a child with his parents, he often watched dramas and movies together with his family. He started to dream of becoming an actor. When he was a child, he went to the bathhouse with his father one day, and he was very impressed when he heard his father’s words, “I live while doing what I want to do, so I am happy.” It is said that his father offered great help for him in working as a model and an actor. Before joining his agency KeyEast, Hwang In-yeop was under the auspices of YG KPlus as a model. On November 10th, 2018, he started her acting career playing a playlist producer in a web drama titled Why (2018). Despite debuting pretty late at the age of 28, he still successfully played a young character as a college student. Furthermore, in 2019, Hwang In-yeop returned to star in a web drama titled Freshman, playing the role of Seo Kyo-won. He finally made his television drama acting debut through KBS2’s The Tale of Nokdu in 2019. A year later, Hwang In-yeop returned to star in a JTBC drama titled 18 Again. After that, Hwang In-yeop became more widely known as he starred in tvN’s True Beauty (2020) which established his bad-boy persona. His acting has also received recognition and positive reviews from Korean drama fans.  

Why (2018)

The web drama Why aired in 2018 on Playlist Global. This drama stars Jung Gun-joo, Oh Ah-yun, Yoo Dong-guk, and Lee Ji-won. Why tells the story of romance and friendship of young people. The drama only has 10 episodes closely related to one another with information that makes us understand the storyline. In this drama, Hwang In-yeop plays the main character, Gi Jae-yeong. Gi Jae-young was suddenly dumped by his girlfriend right on their 100th birthday. The day they should have celebrated with joy ended with deep sadness. Because Jae-yeong couldn’t move on, he decided to travel to Jeju Island to find out the truth of the reason why they broke up. Why (2018) is Hwang In-yeop’s acting debut. Despite already being 28 years old at that time, he could still capture the youthful spirit of his character. He successfully broke viewers’ hearts by his acting as a character that was warm and loyal. He also broke viewers’ hearts when he eventually gave up love to protect the friendship.  

18 Again (2020)

In September 2020, Hwang In-yeop appeared in the JTBC drama 18 Again, based on the American movie 17 Again. This drama stars Lee Do-hyun, Kim Ha-neul, and Yoon Sang-hyun. In this drama, he played the role of Goo Ja-sung. Acting as Goo Ja-sung, at the beginning of his appearance he annoyed many viewers because Ja-sung is often bullying Hong Shi-woo, the child of the main character. As the story progresses, the true character of Ja-sung is revealed. As it turns out that he is a kind-hearted man, but he got the wrong upbringing from his parents that made him a bully. Ja-sung has a cool, handsome image, and is also very good at playing basketball. He also has his sweet moments, such as when he confessed his feelings for Shi-ah by singing in front of everyone on the night of the festival. He started to be more popular ever since he appeared in this drama.  

True Beauty (2020)

Aired on December 9th, 2020, True Beauty was adapted from the popular webtoon by Yaongyi. The main characters in this series are ASTRO‘s Cha Eun-woo, and Moon Ga-young, and Hwang In-yeop. True Beauty tells about the life of Im Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young), who has a pimply face. Every time she goes to school, she always wears makeup to cover up pimples. Her expertise in makeup makes Ju-kyung look different from her real appearance. Im Ju Kyung then becomes involved with two handsome boys, Lee Suho (Cha Eun-woo) and Han Seo-joon (Hwang In-yeop). In this drama, Hwang In-yeop plays the second lead who has a messy but stylish character. Despite having a rebellious spirit, Han Seo-joon is a soft-hearted person. In the beginning, there were protests from the webtoon fans that Hwang In-yeop is too old to play the role. But, as the drama aired, he successfully proved himself to be the right person for the role.

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