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American rapper Born: June 16, 1971, East Harlem, New York, United States Assassinated: September 13, 1996, University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Siblings: Sekyiwa Shakur, Mopreme Shakur, Chinua Shakur, Nzingha Shakur, Takerra Allen, Landon Garland Full name: Tupac Amaru Shakur Spouse: Keisha Morris (m. 1995–1996) Birthday: June 16, 1971 (Gemini) Born In: New York City, New York, United States Nick Name: 2Pac, Makaveli Girlfriend: Kidada Jones Also Known As: Tupac Amaru Shakur Died At Age: 25 Spouse/Ex-: Keisha Morris Father: Billy Garland Mother: Afeni Shakur Born Country: United States Died On: September 13, 1996 Place Of Death: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Cause Of Death: Assassination Grouping Of People: Black Men City: New York City U.S. State: New Yorkers, African-American From New Yorkers

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In his 1995 interview with Vibe magazine, Shakur listed Jada Pinkett, Jasmine Guy, Treach and Mickey Rourke among the people who were looking out for him while he was in prison. Shakur also mentioned that Madonna was a supportive friend.  Madonna later revealed that they had dated in 1994. Shakur met Jada Pinkett while attending the Baltimore School for the Arts. She appeared in his music videos “Keep Ya Head Up” and “Temptations.”  She also came up with the concept for his “California Love” music video and had intended to direct it, but she removed herself from the project.  In 1995, Pinkett contributed $100,000 towards Shakur’s bail as he awaited an appeal on his sexual abuse conviction. Speaking about Pinkett, Shakur stated: “Jada is my heart. She will be my friend for my whole life”; and Pinkett said he was “one of my best friends. He was like a brother. It was beyond friendship for us. The type of relationship we had, you only get that once in a lifetime.” After Shakur was shot in 1994, he recuperated at Jasmine Guy’s home.  They had met during his guest appearance on the sitcom A Different World in 1993. Guy appeared in his music video “Temptations” and later wrote his mother’s 2004 biography, Afeni Shakur: Evolution of a Revolutionary. Shakur befriended Treach when they were both roadies on Public Enemy’s tour in 1990. He made a cameo in Naughty by Nature’s music video “Uptown Anthem” in 1992.  Treach collaborated with Shakur on his song “5 Deadly Venomz” and appeared in his music video “Temptations.” Treach was also a speaker at a public memorial service for Shakur in 1996. Shakur and Mickey Rourke formed a bond while filming the movie Bullet in 1994. Rourke recalled that Shakur “was there for me during some very hard times.” Shakur had friendships with other celebrities, including Mike Tyson Chuck D, Jim Carrey, and Alanis Morissette. In April 1996, Shakur said that he, Morrissette, Snoop Dogg, and Suge Knight were planning to open a restaurant together. On April 29, 1995, Shakur married his then girlfriend Keisha Morris, a pre-law student. Their marriage was annulled ten months later. In a 1993 interview published in The Source, Shakur criticized record producer Quincy Jones for his interracial marriage to actress Peggy Lipton. Their daughter Rashida Jones responded with an irate open letter.  Shakur later apologized to her sister Kidada Jones, who he began dating in 1996. Shakur and Jones attended Men’s Fashion Week in Milan and walked the runway together for a Versace fashion show. Jones was at their hotel in Las Vegas when Shakur was shot.

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