Before he made his debut, Yunho had been Dana’s back dancer during the solo debut titled Diamond. Before deciding to debut with TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki), he had joined the group Four Season consisting of Kim Jae-joong, Kim Hee-chul, and Kang In. In recent years, Yunho has confirmed his career in the acting world. The actor who was born on February 6th, 1986, debuted through the series Heading To The Ground, which then continued his acting in Yawang and The Night Watchman’s Journal. Yunho was also trusted to play Prince Shin in the musical drama Princess Hours in 2010. He continued his success by playing Sang Hoon in Gwanghamun Sonata. In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of Yunho’s details regarding a poisoned orange juice from an anti-fan several years ago. So, stay tuned!

Yunho and The Poisoned Orange Juice Incident

A story came from TVXQ’s leader, Jung Yun-ho or also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho, when he was invited to a talk show at the MBC television station. The legendary idol shared his experience of the incident in 2006 when he was deliberately given orange juice that had been poisoned. Because of the incident, the man experienced an anxiety disorder that caused him a trauma related to orange juice. “I was angry at myself. I was sure it was a distraction from my mind, so I decided to resolve the root of the problem,” Yunho said. “I have prepared ten bottles of orange juice and opened them. My hands began to tremble at that time, but I ignored it and I continued to drink the juice,” he continued. “I don’t feel better after taking it once, but I’m gradually getting better. Now I have no problem at all. I was able to gulp down orange juice after opening the lid,” Yunho added. The poison drink incident was reportedly carried out by a woman with the last name Ko. She was a member of the TVXQ’s anti-fans site for two years and she decided to poison Yunho. After TVXQ released their third album titled O-Jung.Ban.Hap in October 2006, the anti-fan gave orange juice mixed with something that was suspected of as glue to Yunho. Because of this mixture, the legendary boy group’s leader was hospitalized for several days. The woman who did this then surrendered to the police, and Yunho requested that no charges be made against her.

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry After Yunho’s Poisoning Incident

After receiving Changmin’s call, Kibum said: “Hyung… Yunho hyung… he was in the hospital after drinking something that the anti-fan gave to him…” “What is this… I’m worried… he vomited blood… a drink that was poisoned with Super Glue… I asked Changmin and he said they were very surprised… and Yunho was still sleeping…” “From then on, I started to have different thoughts… This might make me unworthy of being ‘hyung’… (‘hyung’ is ‘brother’) “I hope this bastard gets caught… please get caught… But I don’t just curse… I even pray… Until now, I thought ‘I can do other things in the time needed to pray…’ But I pray in a hurry… So that this garbage can be captured… ” “They say it’s a ‘wound.’ Not an ‘attempted murder’? Then… Will they make this rubbish face mosaic to protect its identity? What’s more… what should they protect… Murderer, rapist… Friendly news that displays the faces of this trash… As a proud Korean… I don’t think this is right. I really don’t like studying and don’t know anything about law… But… I know what’s right and wrong… If you were born from the stomach of your parents, didn’t you think? No… even if you don’t think, how can you do such a thing…?” “Yunho might accept it with a smile, not knowing anything… Do you see his face,.. and smile when you skip that drink…? Are you crazy… or has your brain rotten too… Are you happy to see the article saying that Yunho collapsed, thinking your mission was complete? Sure… you must be happy to sell your soul to the devil… 18 {how to write 씨발 shibal [make love]}…” “If you have completed your mission, show your rotten face and go to hell… You might say to me, why do you curse me… But I was not careless enough to do it transmitting something like this that happens to someone who is like my brother… If you are anti-Yunho, then you might come here too? Did you read this? What? Why don’t you bring me Super Glue too? Bring that… I’ll catch you… And friends from this trash… Please admit… you know, right? That if you hide a villain, you become a villain too………………………………………………………… ..” “Forgive me… I can’t make you better… And I can’t even walk around to catch that trash… I can only express my anger through the curse curved… Faster Faster… Another thing… I’m really sorry… I really want you to be better… But I think… I want more criminals to be captured… I’m sorry, this type of hyung… I’m sorry… for my rude way of speaking… However… I am also a human… They might say that things like this can happen but this problem… I feel that this problem is bigger than this incident… So that Yunho will recover quickly… so that the criminal will definitely be captured… please pray…”

How  Did Yunho Overcome His Trauma After The Incident?

Many stories are owned by celebrities who are on the rise. One of them was TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho in 2006 who was poisoned by his drink mixed with superglue by an anti-fan. That incident certainly left a deep trauma for U-Know and made him experience panic disorder. Now he revealed a way to cure the trauma. U-Know recounted that after performing at a concert he drank the orange juice that someone gave him. Without a suspicion, he drank it because he thought the person was staff. After drinking it, he vomited blood but at first, it was not considered serious until he collapsed. “After that incident I often avoid people,” said U-Know when appearing on the Story Show Do Dream event. “When I was in a similar place or seeing the same object my heart immediately beat fast. To overcome the panic I drink 10 bottles of orange juice every day,” continued the star of the series Heading to the Ground. “It managed to make me feel better.”

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