&TWICE is TWICE’s second Japanese studio album. The album was released in November 2019 with its title track “Fake & True.” This album also includes the previously released singles “Happy Happy” and “Breakthrough.” &TWICE was considered TWICE’s best-selling Japanese album with 124,000 copies sold in its first week of debut.

Story Behind &TWICE by TWICE

The album was officially announced on September 6th, 2020, through TWICE Japan’s official website. The title track “Fake and True” was pre-released as a single track along with its music video on October 18th. The spoiler video and official tracklist of &TWICE were uploaded on TWICE Japan’s official YouTube channel and Twitter account on October 25th, 2019.  The album &TWICE was officially launched to the public for sale on November 19, 2019, through digital music platforms. The physical album with bonuses was also available on the same day. The repackaged version of &TWICE was released in February 2020. The new repackaged album includes one additional track, “Swing,” and the new version of the “Fake & True” music video.

The Production of &TWICE by TWICE

A few weeks before the album release, JYP Entertainment uploaded track previews on YouTube. You can listen to them through this video!

&TWICE consists of ten tracks that also feature many different genres. The majority of the tracks are within the dance-pop genre. However, some songs also include R&B and Japanese pop. Unlike their previous Japanese albums, songs on &TWICE were heavily influenced by Western pop and club music rather than J-pop. This made the songs sound similar to the ones on TWICE’s Korean albums. The title track “Fake & True” was written by Jam9 and Kass and produced by Kass. This is a retro synth-wave track with a mixture of brass, horns, and deep house music. Musically, the song also has a similar vibe to “Feel Special.” Sidetracks of &TWICE were produced by many well-known Japanese, Korean, and international musicians such as Mayu Wakisaka, Yu Shimoji, Lee Woo-min (collapsedone), Eric Lidbom, and Julia Ross. In this case, there was only one TWICE member who was able to contribute to the songwriting process of this album. This time, Chaeyoung co-wrote and co-composed “How U Doin” with Risa Horie and Frantz.

Tracklist of &TWICE by TWICE

JYP Entertainment and Warner Music Japan released the official tracklist for &TWICE on October 25th, 2019, through Twitter and TWICE Japan’s official website. Check out the list below for more details regarding the songs. There are three versions of the &TWICE album: digital, physical, and repackaged. All albums include the ten original tracks, and the physical album and the repackaged version also contain two to three additional bonus tracks. 

Physical Album Bonus Tracks


Repackaged Standard Edition

Repackaged Bonus Tracks


Chart Positions of &TWICE by TWICE

The album reached top positions on Japanese music charts shortly after its debut. &TWICE also became one of the best-selling albums of TWICE with more than 100,000 copies sold in its release week. &TWICE displayed outstanding achievement on the Japanese weekly music charts despite ranking low on the Japanese year-end music charts. Here is the achievement list of TWICE’s fifth Japanese album &TWICE on various music charts. 

Weekly Charts


Year-End Charts

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