#Twice is their compilation album that was released on June 28th, 2017. The ten songs on the album are “Like Ooh-Ahh (Japanese Version),” “Cheer Up (Japanese Version),” “TT (Japanese Version),” “Knock-Knock (Japanese Version),” “Signal (Japanese Version),” “Like Ooh-Ahh,” “Cheer Up,” “TT,” “Knock-Knock,” and “Signal.”

Story Behind #Twice by TWICE

It was the launch of TWICE’s Japanese website and Japanese SNS that indicated their upcoming Japanese debut. On February 8th, 2017, there were also large TWICE ads on walls of the busy shopping district in Tokyo and subway stations in Tokyo. On February 24th, 2017, JYP Entertainment revealed that TWICE was going to release a Japanese compilation album title #Twice, and the release date was set for June 28th, 2017. The details of the album including the tracklist were revealed on May 31st, 2017, including the three versions of the album. On June 7th, 2017, Warner Music Japan teased with the release of a short version of “Like Ooh-Ahh (Japanese Version).” And, a week later, the Japanese version of “Signal” was also digitally released along with the short version of the “Signal” music video. For the short video of “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Signal,” you can watch them in the videos below.


The Production of #Twice by TWICE

The five Japanese songs and the five Korean songs were written and composed by composers and producers that previously worked with TWICE like Black Eyed Pilseung, J.Y. Park “The Asiansoul,” and Min Lee “collapsedone.” The Japanese lyrics were written by various lyricists like Mayu Wakisaka, Yu Shimoji, Sam Lewis, and other lyricists.

Tracklist of #Twice by TWICE


Chart of #Twice by TWICE

Through their Japanese debut, TWICE didn’t lose their spark. They had commercial success even with their compilation album. Their #Twice compilation album was even certified as platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) which means that their album sold more than 250,000 copies. Not only getting certified by RIAJ but their digital songs also reached top positions on several streaming sites. TWICE might have just made their Japanese debut, but their songs are always worth listening to, especially when you need some energy cause their songs are always energetic. For information about every track on the #Twice album, you can check other Channel Korea posts.

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