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However, there is no confirmation regarding their true relationship. People still don’t know yet what actually happened between them that made them act suspicious towards each other.

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Let’s take a look at the details of Jimin and Jeongyeon’s relationship and the rumored beef between them. Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about BTS‘ Jimin and TWICE‘s Jeongyeon’s rumored relationship. Stay tuned!

Have a Beef? Dating? BTS’ Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Agency Never Confirmed Anything!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon and BTS’ Jimin were rumored to have a beef. That’s because the two of them didn’t seem happy to see each other when their groups are on the same show. However, the uneasy looks on both faces are spiced with some laughs. In the end, they probably don’t hate each other that much. Could it be a love-hate relationship? Unfortunately, JYP Entertainment and HYBE Labels never gave any confirmation about this. Especially, the rumors are related to their private matters. But you probably wonder how these rumors started? Let’s see the suspicious act of BTS’ Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon that caused their beef or dating rumors!

BTS’ Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s Act Like They Hate Each Other

BTS’ Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon act like they hate each other when they are on the same show. In the program Music Bank, BTS and TWICE were in the same backstage and they were promoting each other’s songs they were going to bring. At that time, all the members of TWICE looked very excited and laughed at the appearance of BTS, but only Jeongyeon seemed uninspired and didn’t laugh when looking at the appearance of BTS. The camera also captures how Jimin glanced at Jeongyeon but Jeongyeon remained silent and was not interested in Jimin. Many ARMY and ONCE are guessing whether they have had a bad moment in the past or not. At that time, TWICE was in the backstage and at the same time, BTS appeared on the television screen. All members of TWICE laughed when they saw BTS’ behavior, especially when Jimin filled the television screen, but only Jeongyeon was not interested and did not look at the television screen when Jimin was there. Even Jeongyeon gave a flat and uninterested expression. There are also many rumors that say that Jeongyeon doesn’t like Jimin because at that time Jimin refused Jeongyeon because of Red Velvet’s Seulgi. At an event, when TWICE members passed BTS members, TWICE members politely bowed and paid respect to BTS as well as BTS who bowed and paid respect to TWICE members, but when Jeongyeon faced Jimin, Jeongyeon only passed Jimin and didn’t bow to Jimin. It also made their fans curious about whether Jimin and Jeongyeon have a secret relationship. You can check their video here.

Jimin and Jeongyeon were also caught on camera several times making eye contact, but when Jeongyeon looked at Jimin’s fig, Jeongyeon quickly looked away as well as Jimin. They faced each other but did not see each other. In fact, Jeongyeon felt uncomfortable when Jimin was looking at her. In fact, in the video when Nayeon spoke to Jeongyeon, BTS was sitting right behind the TWICE members and Jimin was sitting right behind Nayeon, who at that time was sitting next to Jeongyeon. When Jimin sat behind Nayeon, Jeongyeon immediately moved to another place and made the other TWICE members feel confused and shocked. However, there are some occurrences that might suggest that Jimin and Jeongyeon have a good relationship. During an event, Jimin was asked to draw and he drew a dog character in an army suit, but fans found out that Jimin was drawing Jeongyeon. At that time, Jeongyeon did have a character like a potato and a dog character that Jimin drew like a potato, and Jeongyeon also wore an army suit. Jeongyeon had also been caught on camera making eye contact with Jimin, and Jeongyeon gave a smile to Jimin as well as Jimin who gave a smile to Jeongyeon. But it happened very quickly then they returned to silence and like nothing happened between them.

Fans Accused BTS Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon Had A Relationship Before

Many fans of BTS and TWICE predicted that the two of them probably dated before. Instead of a bad relationship, the fans said that Jeongyeon and Jimin’s acts around each other were actually fine. It was just a coincidence and not related to the theory that Jeongyeon did not like Jimin. Especially, if you take a look at their interactions, the looks on their faces didn’t show hatred. Instead, they look like a guy and girl friend or as a pair of siblings who likes to tease each other. Some netizens commented: “Something tells me they have definitely dated and it ended on bad terms.” “They act like they’re exes or something 😂” “Jimin, you might hate her, but she hates you more XD” “plot twist: they’re siblings” “It’s like those K Dramas where the two leads dislike each other but end up a couple 😂” After all that comments from netizens, in the end, we don’t know which guess that correct. The agency never confirmed anything about their true relationship, let alone the artists. But still, let’s just support BTS’ Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon with their groups! That’s all the information that we can share about BTS’ Jimin and TWICE’s Jeongyeon’s mysterious relationship! Please, kindly share your thoughts and opinions, share this article to your fellow moots on social media!

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