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Channel-Korea will reveal to you the secret behind TWICE’s Jihyo’s amazing transformation from her diet, so keep on reading!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Appearance Before Her Diet

Park Ji-hyo or famously known as Jihyo is a member of JYP Entertainment‘s girl group TWICE. In the group, she is in charge as the leader and main vocalist. Jihyo also gained a lot of attention due to her charming visual as well as kind personality. You might like: TWICE’s Jihyo Being Called Fat?! Find Out More about Her Body Shaming Cases Here! However, despite all of the good things about her, Jihyo used to experience such difficult times even after her debut with TWICE. She used to receive many bad comments about her physical appearance, especially about her weight. At that time, Jihyo looked chubbier compared to her current appearance. Not only that but even a photographer called her fat which left her shocked. Furthermore, Jihyo went on a diet and successfully lost some weight. How did she achieve that? Let’s get to know the tips and tricks!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Diet Plan

TWICE’s Jihyo revealed that she loves eating, so it was quite difficult for her while she went on a diet. According to her, the diet process was tiring and difficult. She had done various diet types, and eventually, she chose to not have diet meals. Meanwhile, she chose to cut off late-night snacks from her menu during some occasions, and she only had one meal a day. Some people might speculate that Jihyo had a strict and “harsh” diet, but it wasn’t like that. But, still, for those of you who haven’t dieted before, make sure to know your body’s needs! Jihyo also explained that she will eat anything that she wants to release her cravings. She said that she often skipped breakfast or lunch, and then she would eat between 5 and 6 PM. That makes sense with how she did the one meal a day, right?

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Workout Tips

Aside from taking care of her food consumption, Jihyo also did some workouts to lose some weight. Another benefit that she received was a healthier body and a clearer mind since a workout is good for your body and mind! You might like: 30+ Facts About Twice That You Probably Didn’t Know Before! One of TWICE’s Jihyo’s workouts included doing a plank for 1 minute followed by moving her hips to each side 30 times. From her experience, those moves are very effective to remove belly fat.

Even though it sounds easy, everything needs a process and journey, and so does TWICE’s Jihyo! Moreover, the workout moves also helped her gain some abs. As you can see now, Jihyo has such a well-shaped body, and she looks very alluring!

TWICE’s Jihyo: Her Before-and-After Weight Loss Transformation

Here is the perfect result from TWICE’s Jihyo’s weight loss journey: From the picture above, you can see the differences in Jihyo’s body and facial features. She used to have chubby cheeks, but now she has v-lines on her jawline that accentuate her beauty even more. Her body also looks thinner but healthy at the same time! Jihyo already had a healthy-looking body in the first place, but after she underwent a diet, her body looks even healthier. Some people also think that she has achieved that body goal that is dreamed of by every woman! Not only gaining some abs but Jihyo also showed off her toned waistline thanks to her diet process. What a great achievement! That is everything about TWICE’s Jihyo‘s diet! She has been through a lot of tiring processes, and she eventually made it! Do you also want to follow her diet tips and workout routine? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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