However, with all of this popularity also comes so much attention. Jihyo was involved with some scandals during her successful career as a TWICE member. It’s not all true, but let’s dig into what scandals Jihyo experienced in this Channel Korea article below! Stay reading!

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Scandals That She Is Involved In

The scandals that happen to celebrities are sometimes true, but they are also misleading in some cases. This also happens to Jihyo. She has become involved in some cases that are somehow unnecessary but make her stronger than before. Some of Jihyo’s rumors that have been going through include the way she commented on a VLive arguement, becoming a victim that was assumed to be involved in Seungri’s videotape case, and her private life as a dating idol. Check the more complete explanations below!

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TWICE’s Jihyo’s VLive Chat Controversy

In VLive, a South Korea streaming app for people, celebrities share their life, and Jihyo put comments that brought people into disputes and assumptions. This began when she couldn’t join the group at the 2019 MAMA for some period like during the performances or red carpet. People made nonsense comments and accusations about her absence. Then, Jihyo made comments using the online slang of blah blah blah or 웅앵웅 or oong-aeng-oong. This led to some trouble when Korean male communities expressed annoyance over this kind of toxic feminist slang. Jihyo claimed that the way she said it was as a reference to the attention seekers that make fun of it and talk nonsense. Jihyo expressed that she couldn’t join the 2019 MAMA event because of her physical and mental inability. She, later on, made a letter of apology about this since she was having hard times during the year.

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TWICE’s Jihyo Became a False Victim of Seungri’s Videotape Scandal

In 2015, Jihyo had been allegedly one of the celebrities involved as a victim in the videotape scandal of Seungri. Seungri confirmed her involvement in the controversy of Jung Joon-young who illegally shot videos that related to a girl group member. Jung Joon-young circulated sex videos through online chat rooms without his lover’s consent. This assumption became viral online. However, again, Jihyo’s involvement was only an assumption. Seungri and Jihyo are merely junior and senior in the entertainment industry with no real connection among them. This news made Jihyo a victim of cyber-bullying because of untruthful accusations.

TWICE’s Jihyo Dating Kang Daniel

Besides those scandals that arose that year, Jihyo also had her private life exposed. She and Kang Daniel were reported to be dating or having a relationship. Their company also made an official statement, and they confirmed their romantic relationship. However, many people said it’s scandal, but, in fact, having a relationship is supposed to be part of human rights. They are both also humans who have feelings and love so scandals for dating may be considered lame. After multiple months of being in a relationship, Jihyo and Kang Daniel confirmed breaking up because of their busy schedules.

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TWICE’s Jihyo Fought Anxiety and Depression

Jihyo has expressed her condition after some controversy happened to her. People spotted her seeming sad and crying when TWICE’s members were heading on a flight to Tokyo for their concert. She was holding hands with Jeongyeon, one of the members of TWICE, with a teary face. Jihyo said that she was struggling to meet people and gets scared from time to time after all allegations towards her. She was afraid of people’s opinions about her and the way they see her. Jihyo was crying and only wanted to hide from people. She clarified that she was under medication to fight her anxiety and depression. She also expressed that she didn’t want sympathy but only said the fact of what she is going through.

TWICE’s Jihyo’s Clarification of All Scandals

After all the uncertainty of the news, Jihyo stood up and made the clarification. She said sorry to all the people that were hurt and disappointed with her action on the VLive app. Jihyo explained that all the rumors made her struggle to meet people. When she was at the airport, the reason why she looked sad was because of the fear of people taking many photos and yelling at her. Jihyo stated that she was scared of what people thought about her. She expressed she already took medication and went through consultation about her anxiety, but nothing helped her much. So, when the concert in MAMA was coming up, she was having a hard time and even difficulty breathing.

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The constant negative comments about her made her mad and feel hurt, but she realized that she had a job and fans. She was feeling more sincere to ONCE and how important they are to her, the fanbase of TWICE. Jihyo said that she apologizes for letting her emotions get the best of her while speaking. She hopes that when she sings, performs, or communicates with ONCE, she can make herself and ONCE happy. She was also again sorry to make ONCE worry and expressed her appreciation. She promised to do well in the future.

JYP Entertainment Supports and Helps Jihyo

JYP Entertainment as the agency of TWICE also decided to take legal action against the issue that happened to Jihyo. They sought charges for cyber defamation regarding the people who spread rumors that damaged their artist’s image and reputation. JYP Entertainment has been consulting to gather evidence and take action legally. They also asked fans that might have any information to come forward so they can properly protect their artist’s rights and consent. That is all about TWICE’s Jihyo’s scandals and rumors. Being an idol is not an easy job even with massive success. Hate comments are never an answer and are not wise actions from people whatever their background is. Let’s support Jihyo and TWICE’s career on good terms and send positive messages. We all have our own struggles and happiness. What do you think about Jihyo’s rumors? Don’t forget to share this article through Twitter or any social media.

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