Besides being known as a K-Pop girl group that can set many records with their achievements, are you curious about how impressive TWICE’s were when they performed on stage? Have you ever thought that they ever lip sync? To answer that question, let’s find out about it in this article below!

TWICE Did Lip Sync While Performing On Stage

As fans, you will definitely enjoy any show when it comes to your favorite K-Pop group. TWICE which consists of 9 members, proves that each member has great potential as an idol and can give the best performances. Besides often getting awards and winning many awards, TWICE proved that they are one of the professional K-Pop girl groups and can also entertain many fans. However, does every TWICE’s performance show the best performance? There were several performances that drew criticism from the public because TWICE could not be considered professional when they were on stage. Some moments also provide evidence that TWICE did lip-sync while performing on the stage. This is a question for fans, there are pros and cons to TWICE’s lip-sync. To find out when TWICE did lip-sync, let’s find out more in the session below!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Did Lip Sync At ‘BEYOND Live: World in a Day’

TWICE was in the spotlight after holding an online concert titled “BEYOND Live: World in a Day” on August 9, 2020. Here, Jeongyeon, who couldn’t dance with the other members, was caught lip-syncing. An article published by local media TopstarNews entitled “TWICE Jeongyeon, controversy regarding the error in two parts… ‘Even when lipsync’ VS ‘shows passion despite injury’” highlighted this. This article has also become the talk of netizens on the online community site Pann. The article talks about how Jeongyeon made two mistakes during her turn to sing even though she was injured. Jeongyeon didn’t sing her part when they performed the song “Turn It Up” and in the middle of the song, she made another mistake. The public’s reaction was divided between acknowledging Jeongyeon’s injury and criticizing that she didn’t focus on her singing turn so that she was caught lip-syncing. Postings on the Pann site also did not escape the comments of netizens.

— pannchoa (@pannchoa) August 10, 2020 “Why is she reaching for the hand mic when she’s lipsyncing? Hahaha.” “I know that concerts are for fans, but university festivals are for the general public, so when I saw this, it felt a bit…” “I’ve never seen someone lip-sync at their concert… Do they do a concert just to dance?”

TWICE’s Nayeon Did Lip Sync During Performance ‘Dance The Night Away’

Another member who was caught doing lip-sync while performing on stage is Nayeon. Although she is famous as one of the members who has a fairly long trainee period, Nayeon is also a human who can make mistakes.

This performance invited a lot of discussion from many people, some of whom defended TWICE’s Nayeon because she just forgot to put on the mic after realizing it was her part to sing. However, some others think that TWICE’s Nayeon is doing lip-syncing. What do you think about it?

TWICE’s Did Lip Sync At ‘Super Seoul Dream Concert’

“Super Seoul Dream Concert 2016” was successfully held on November 27, 2016. Appearing lively on the Goryeo Sky Dome stage, TWICE turned out to have a poor record at the event. Based on data from the organizers, Tzuyu and her friends were known to lip-sync on stage. Furthermore, this is not the first time TWICE has been caught lipsyncing. This nine-member group was once known to lip-sync during the comeback stage on “M Countdown”. Although they have the best reputation according to the Korean Business Research Institute, this incident certainly tarnished TWICE’s good name. In addition, netters were already disappointed with Nayeon and other members. “TWICE only relies on faces. They can only open and close their mouths when singing,” protested one netter. “They reasoned because the choreography was difficult even though their dance was very easy,” explained another.

Netizen Reacts To TWICE’s Lip Sync Performances

The ‘Super Seoul Dream Concert’ queue sheet shows TWICE’s performance using AR while GFriend‘s performance using MR. As you know, AR shows lip sync while MR shows live. AR includes vocal parts as well so all you have to do is move your lips or sing a bit. This is a shame for the singer. TWICE had gone through the humiliation of the ‘Melon Music Awards’ by displaying poor singing skills so they performed with AR this time, afraid the same thing happening again. For some comments about TWICE’s doing lip sync, are: [+338, -15] I know having a pretty face is important for idols, but TWICE really is a group that debuted just because of their faces and they don’t do anything about moving their lips on stage. [+270, -13] TWICE fans think singers shouldn’t be judged on their singing ability so let’s understand them, shall we? ^^” [+268, -13] I was the most shocked when they were on ‘Sketchbook’. They were on the show with Girlfriend, IOI, and Mamamoo and they were even worse than IOI who was a trainee a few days earlier [+142, -3] Their best singer will most likely be a backing vocal in another group and they only have three people who can sing Well, that was all for the information about TWICE’s lip-sync and let’s keep supporting them no matter what. Hope that in the future, TWICE can give much better performances! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Channel-Korea!

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