For this reason, many Onces are curious about Twice’s members’ astrological signs. So, here is the table of their signs based on the Sun, Moon, and their planets.  

Nayeon’s Birth Chart: Virgo’s Sun, Leo’s Moon, Etc.

As a 1995-liner, Nayeon inherited Leo’s cheerful and energetic personality. She also has a hard-working nature that comes from her Leo’s moon. Not only that, but she often shows her love, feeling, and affection to her members. Her compassionate feeling might come from Virgo’s sun.

Jeongyeon’s Birth Chart: Scorpio’s Sun, Cancer’s Moon, Etc.

Jeongyeon’s natural personalities combine Scorpio, Cancer, Libra, and Virgo. Her Scorpio’s Sun and Scorpio’s Mercury planet make her a person who has high loyalty, especially towards her friends. Her Cancer-Libra-Virgo combination makes her independent and fearless. Furthermore, because of Libra’s Venus planet, she always gives honest advice to everyone who needs it.

Momo’s Birth Chart: Scorpio’s Sun, Libra’s Moon, Etc.

Talking about her astrological signs, Momo is very similar to Jeongyeon. She has the same sun and personal planets’ signs as Jeongyeon. The only difference is her moon, which is a Libra, but it’s still closely related to Jeongyeon’s Cancer moon.

Sana’s Birth Chart: Capricorn’s Sun, Leo’s Moon, Etc.

As a Capricorn, Sana likes to care for other people, especially her members. She’s excellent at pinpointing others’ strengths and tries hard to bring out the best in those people. Also, a combination between Capricorn’s sun and Leo’s moon makes Sana look fierce and strict but has a big heart.

Jihyo’s Birth Chart: Aquarius’ Sun, Scorpio’s Moon, Etc.

It seems that Aquarius is a suitable sign for the leader. People with the Aquarius sun are experts when giving advice. They’re also unique, free-spirited, and unforgettable conversationalists. This is probably one reason why Jihyo was chosen as the leader Twice.

Mina’s Birth Chart: Aries’ Sun, Libra’s Moon, Etc.

Mina is an Aries-based person. Her astrological sign is Aries, based on the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. For this reason, Mina is very independent, just like many other Aries and Capricorn-based people. However, she can become a sensitive person because she has a fire sign inside her. She also likes to be surrounded by kind people, but she’s more likely to get closer to other fire signs such as Leo and Sagittarius.

Dahyun’s Birth Chart: Gemini’s Sun, Cancer’s Moon, Etc.

For a long time, Geminians have been famous for their social abilities. They’re known as the most pleasant person in the astrology world. This is also why Dahyun is so friendly and outgoing, not only to her members but to other K-pop idols.

Chaeyoung’s Birth Chart: Taurus’ Sun, Leo’s Moon, Etc.

According to her Taurus-Leo-Gemini-Scorpio-Aries sign, Chaeyoung is a very easy-going person. Her vibes are just slow, relaxed, and laid-back, and dislikes something that is in rush or needs to be done quickly. Her Taurus sign allows Chaeyoung to remember others’ special dates like birthdays or other important dates. This is one of the reasons why Taurusians are very good best friends.

Tzuyu’s Birth Chart: Gemini’s Sun, Gemini’s Moon, Etc.

According to Sun and Moon systems, Tzuyu is a pure Geminian. She also has similar personalities to other Geminian in the group, like Dahyun. Tzuyu, and most Geminians, are extroverts. They are sometimes quiet and find it hard to express themselves, but they can be very noisy and express their feelings easily in some conditions. So, that’s all you need to know about Twice’s birth chart and their destined personalities. After reading this article, do you think you share the same astrological signs and personalities with one of the members?

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