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Meet TWICE’s Nayeon’s Dog, Kookeu!

Nayeon adopted a 2-month-old Pomeranian-breed dog in November 2017. At first, she was afraid of big dogs, but after seeing this puppy, she fell in love immediately. Nayeon named the puppy Kookeu. TWICE’s Chaeyoung recommended the name because Nayeon couldn’t decide on the puppy’s name for three days. In the end, Nayeon took inspiration from Jihyo’s line in “Likey” and named the puppy Kookeu, from cookies and cream. At the time, Kookeu’s color looked liked cookies and cream, but as he grew up, his color became more like a vanilla color. Currently, Kookeu and Nayeon live in separate houses. Nayeon lives in TWICE’s dormitory while Kookeu lives in Nayeon’s house.

Nayeon posted a short video of Kookeu’s birthday. She shared everything about Kookeu’s favorite things to do, like strolling on grass or eating treats. Kookeu can do simple tricks like playing dead, sitting down, or giving whenever Nayeon asks him.

Similarities Between TWICE’s Nayeon’s Dog and BTS’ V’s Dog

Both BTS’ V and TWICE’s Nayeon adopted two adorable Pomeranian dogs. V named his puppy Yeontan while Nayeon named her puppy Kookeu. Yeontan’s color is a combination of black and brown while Kookeu’s color is vanilla. It seems like Yeontan and Kookeu have opposite personalities. Yeontan is a little bit more aggressive while Kookeu is calm and less active. One thing that fans agree on is that both are very adorable. There are several interesting facts about Yeontan and Kookeu. According to Nayeon and V, both Yeontan and Kookeu were born on September 7th, both are male, and both are currently 4 years old.

TWICE’s Nayeon’s Moments With Her Beloved Dog

Nayeon oftentimes takes Kookeu with her whenever she rehearses or performs. In September 2019, Nayeon’s fans organized a photo exhibition at a small gallery. Fans showed their most precious Nayeon photos during the exhibition. Even though Nayeon couldn’t attend the exhibition, her family visited and took Nayeon’s adorable dog, Kookeu, to the gallery. Immediately, Kookeu became the center of attention. The fans took pictures of Kookeu when he was carried inside a dog stroller.

TWICE’s dog-lover trio, Nayeon, Momo, and Tzuyu, appeared on KBS’ pet program Dogs Are Incredible in June 2020. Nayeon’s dog became the center of attention for his fancy looks and well-groomed appearance. Kookeu’s fluffy hair looked very elegant when running around on the filming set. Momo’s dog, Boo, gave Kookeu a hard time during the shooting. Boo loved playing around, but Kookeu didn’t respond to him at all. It was very funny to see Kookeu ignoring Boo.   What do you think about Nayeon’s adorable dog, Kookeu? Is it one of the most adorable celebrity dogs? Tell us about your opinion in the comment section, and don’t forget to share this article with your social media account.

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