You must be familiar with the group TWICE, right? Yes, one of the girl groups that debuted under JYP Entertainment is now well-known as a top K-pop girl group and also has a very brilliant career. So, are you curious about TWICE’s net worth as one of the popular K-pop girl groups? If yes, check out more details about it in the article below! You might also like: You Won’t Believe It! Here’re Details About Blackpink’s Net Worth!

TWICE’s Net Worth

A K-pop entertainment agency must have a lot of idol groups and solo artists in their company. An idol group is expected to be able to provide a large income for the agency. Moreover, it takes a large cost to debut them. There are 10 K-pop girl groups that have the highest income, including TWICE. Although most of them have disbanded, the amount of income they earned while still active has not been able to be matched by new girl groups. It is undeniable that TWICE is currently a source of income for JYP Entertainment. Since debuting with “Ohh-Ahh,” TWICE’s popularity has steadily increased. TWICE earns $1.45 million in a year from its album and merchandise sales. Not to mention, the revenue from concerts, advertisements, and photoshoots reached hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s no wonder that TWICE is currently the most popular K-pop girl group.

TWICE’s Income 45 Days After Debut

It is undeniable that TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups today. The 9-member group, which debuted in 2015, attracted attention through catchy songs and the beautiful faces of its members. Debuting a new girl group after miss A, JYP Entertainment has certainly invested a lot in the debut of Nayeon and friends. The agency that also oversees STRAY KIDS invested ₩500 million towards TWICE’s debut. The number immediately returned to JYP Entertainment thanks to TWICE’s soaring popularity. The girl group who popularized the single titled “Cheer Up” signed 10 advertising contracts worth a total of ₩1.8 billion just 45 days after they debuted. Four months after its debut, TWICE’s advertising contract value immediately increased by almost double the value of the previous contract. For the 10 commercials they starred in, Jeongyeon and the other members earned a total of ₩30 billion. It’s not enough here, Tzuyu who is the third member of TWICE has reportedly earned an individual income of ₩1.86 billion since her debut.

TWICE’s Members Reveal Their First Salary

The girl group formed by JYP Entertainment, TWICE, is undoubtedly popular. Debuting in 2015, TWICE successfully established itself as a famous girl group thanks to their achievements. Along with the popularity of TWICE, of course, the coffers continue to flow for each member. So, do they remember their first salary as a singer and what the money was used for? You might also like: TWICE’s Sana’s Boyfriend: Dating Rumors, Her Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Etc. TWICE exposed what they did with that first paycheck. Nayeon said that she gave her entire first salary to her parents. Mina said her parents told her to save her money from the first salary and trusted her to manage her own finances. Chaeyoung saved her first salary in insurance savings. Most uniquely, Momo actually used her first salary to buy some delicious food. Meanwhile, Jihyo admits that she doesn’t remember what she did with her first salary. Instead, she wondered where her first paycheck went. With the success that was obtained since the beginning of their debut, it’s no wonder that TWICE can use their income with a large amount even while they were still rookies! You might also like: TWICE’s Momo’s Dogs Boo and Dobby: Breed, Pregnancy, Etc.

TWICE’s Earnings From Spotify in 2020

As the South Korean music industry grows, one of the factors that makes the South Korean music industry bigger is the achievement of fantastic numbers on one of the music streaming platforms. One of the most downloaded music streaming service providers is Spotify. Not a few South Korean singers get fantastic numbers from the number of listeners for at least one song they have on Spotify. However, what fans are curious about is how much money do they make from Spotify? According to Spotify’s 2020 pay-per-stream figures, here are the estimated earnings of three girl groups by the number of streams on Spotify. TWICE is the second K-pop girl group with the most streamed songs on Spotify after Red Velvet in first place and BLACKPINK in third. Currently, the total has reached 1.82 billion streams. Not only that but, currently, TWICE also has 6.52 million followers and 5.03 million monthly listeners on the platform. Based on the average daily streams TWICE received in 2020, the group generates approximately $3.97 million per year in Spotify revenue.

TWICE’s Highest Earnings While Promoting in Japan

ARASHI, TWICE, and BTS were included in the top five groups that controlled album sales during 2019 according to Oricon, a company that collects statistical data and information related to the music industry in Japan. Launching the official Oricon website, TWICE and BTS became idols from Korea who occupied the top five best-selling artist positions during 2019. Meanwhile, the three other artists are from Japan.

The 4th position was occupied by TWICE through sales of the album #TWICE2 which was released March 6, 2019, and the single “Breakthrough.” With these sales, TWICE earned more than ¥5.19 billion in 2019. Well, that is all of the information about TWICE’s net worth that you should know. Currently, TWICE is also still maintaining its career as one of the biggest girl groups in South Korea. Let’s give a lot of support and love to TWICE so that its career can shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!

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