TWICE’s Inspirational Quotes

It’s been more than 7 years since their debut day, and TWICE has had ups and downs in its career journey. At first, all TWICE members certainly felt the bitterness in their struggles ranging from their trainee period to reaching their current popularity. Surely, the spirit that they have is because of themselves so they can think maturely and wiser. There are some inspirational phrases from TWICE to revive your spirits when you’re feeling low. Let’s find them out here!

“Effort won’t betray you. Try your best without impatience, and you will get good results.” –Tzuyu “We’re all traveling through time, together, every day of our lives.” -TWICE “Staying happy is the most powerful and important self-care routine” -Momo “Instead of copying others, if you really spend time with yourself and find your true self, you’ll be able to shine brighter than any other person.” -Mina “Physical health and mental health are the most important things that members should take care of.” -Dahyun “Instead of doubting yourself, love yourself more and the work you make for the world. Before you know it, you’ll be at the top of the world.” –Jihyo “Everyone, happiness is very important. Take care of your happiness.” –Chaeyoung “Your life will feel complete with friends who truly believe in you, trust you, and support you in whatever you do.” -Jeongyeon “If you hold on just a bit, I believe that you will get double the happiness than the hardships.” –Sana “Giving up doesn’t always mean losing.” –Nayeon

TWICE Members’ Iconic and Funny Quotes

Not only do they throw out inspirational words but there are many iconic and funny phrases that are popular among their fans, ONCE. So, here are the funny and iconic lines from each TWICE member that you have to remember!

Jihyo’s Quotes

“If you’re jealous then become TWICE then><” “I will change my clothes on a live broadcast.” (she was joking with fans during a V-Live) “Who broke whose?” (TWICE’s Reality show Time to TWICE TDOONG Tour Episode 3) “I don’t wear bikini tops. I used to, but I stopped because they were always coming undone and falling off.” “My mind is my weapon.” “Watashi-ga TWICE leader Jihyo.” “ONCE, let’s go!”

Nayeon’s Quotes

“That’s right. I don’t like to use my brain.” “Maybe you should eat makeup so you can be pretty on the inside, too.” “Actually, there are lots of people who are prettier than me. Even so, I like myself.” (Nylon Korea, 2019) “What nice weather to die.” “I am hungry all the time.” “I’m a coward, but I’m not a fool.” (V-Live, 2019) “I Hate this, actually I hate this.. but Chaeyoung.. loves this?” (Twice Concert). “You thought I drew a pig because you’re fat and decided to lose weight…” this line appeared when Nayeon drew a pig on a fan’s album because she was born in the year of the Pig, but they thought she was calling them fat.

Jeongyeon’s Quotes

“Being a TWICE member was the best choice ever.” “ICY but I’m on fryer” (the lyrics should be “fire” not fryer). “Ha Dong Hoon! Hajima (don’t do that)” (on Running Man). “Get home safely! Chicago pizza is very delicious” (TWICE Lights concert). “Delicious!” “Your leg is stuck? That’s so funny!” “I’m fed up with this bad style.” When she introduced herself at their concert, she would say, “Hello, I’m Jeongyeon!” while running like Naruto. “You’re laughing because I’m laughing, but I’m laughing because I farted.”

Sana’s Quotes

Sana is known for her absurdity when she talks or even while answering questions on live broadcasts. Sana is also called the queen of absurdity! So, here are the iconic quotes from Sana!

“Cheeseu kimbap.” “Harry potter, Harry potter! Sana pottah.” “You shouldn’t lie, Momo. Mommy knows you’re a good girl” (then she cutely covered herself). “When I was young, I was told if humans go extinct, cockroaches will take over the world.” “Members? I ate them all” (V-Live broadcast). “Green tea is green.” “I used to be a straight-A student. Now, I’m not even straight.” “I must be popular.” “Jihyo looks like a melon” (on TWICE TV). “I think the desk was just a desk. It was nothing special, it was just a desk.” “I really like Ha Ha. His name is Ha Ha” (on Running Man TV show program).

Dahyun’s Quotes

“No Sana no life.” “Wow, beautifurrr (beautiful) gurrs.” Oh wassup wassup, my friends.” “Ah, wow, expensive.” “Wow, Hello bonjour. Wow beautifurr (beautiful)” “You got a crush on me” (Dahyun, 2021). “Hi.. my name is.. Dahyun. Nice to meet you” (at every concert) “Take a photo, yeah baby.” “Herp me (help me).” “We are TWICE.” “Let’s kill Mina!” (Knowing Bross). “Pete, thanks for introduction. When I rap, no interruption. Fired up to asdsfkk aw. Oh, all night I’ll do it again (2x).” This is her rap line from the SIXTEEN reality show.

Mina’s Quotes

“Momoring!” “EIYOOO.” “Haha, so funny, didn’t laugh.” “Sunbaenim, you don’t even know what? This is frustrating.” “You tried. Now never try again.” “Hey boy, I’m gonna make this simple for you. You got two choices. Yes.. or.. yes.” (“Yes or Yes” iconic lines). “I’m seaweed.” “TZUYU-AH!” “If I kill him, the villagers will be in danger. I can’t kill him… huh? I died” (When Mina was playing a video game). “LOVE or hatred.” (“Cry for Me” line).

Momo’s Quotes

When Tzuyu asked Momo about the animal that she would pick if she could be an animal, she picked a pig. Then, she also said, “Aren’t you curious about what’s on a pig’s mind?” “If you forgot something important, it means it’s not important.” (V-Live broadcast with Nayeon). “Nico nico ni~” “Do stars eat, too?” “I can only do the tissue thing! Huge bakkae motae.” “Baby cream papapa, lipstick mamama” (with aegyeo). “Did we kiss? It’s not the first time, right?” (talks to Sana during a TV show). “Made in Japan” (TWICE concert). “ONCE, mwonjialji?” “Ninoni (should be gwiyomi).”

Chaeyoung’s Quotes

“Hey, girls, TWICE girls.” “Mc respects.” “Party people~~” “Na pi pu pa ta pu pu pu ta nan turu tuuu” (Chaeyoung’s random words). “Give me some ramen.” “Mnet!! (shout out loud).” “Risky risky wiggy wiggy, this is an emergency.” “I’m so cold.”

Tzuyu’s Quotes

“It was an honor to meet so many bugs.” (behind the scene of the Dance the Night Away filmmaking). “Try drinking my blood.” “Tzuyu is our GOD. hmm aniyo (no).” “Unnie, why is your height like this? It makes me look like a giant.” “Just order one, YOU PIG.” “I am the spy.” “Mommy saranghae.”

TWICE’s Quotes for ONCE

“What I want to hear most right now are the voices of ONCE.” –Sana “As ONCE is together with TWICE, we always feel supported and grateful.” –Dahyun “ONCE’s love makes my heart be filled with warmth and turns me into a more positive person.” –Dahyun “I wake up every day thankful to ONCE for being by our side.” –Sana “I hope ONCE will be happy by looking at TWICE whenever you are having a hard time, too.” –Tzuyu “TWICE, ONCE, let’s do well!” –Jihyo “To return all the love we received from ONCE, I think we will have to be TWICE for a lifetime.” -Nayeon “ONCEs all around the world cheered for us and kept us going forward and higher, so I am very grateful and proud of our fans.” -Mina

TWICE’s Best Quotes From Lyrics

“You gotta know that you’re one in a million. Look for me if there’s something annoying you. Look for me, too, in a day full of happiness. Those which make you tired and sick, take it to me and hand it over to me.” -“One in a Million” “Have strength, baby, don’t give up. The reason it was hard today is all for tomorrow.” -“Don’t Give Up” “It’s fine because I have you. If I was sad, I’m not crying anymore. By your side, I’ll be able to smile again.” -“Be as One” “Cheer up, baby, give it a little more. A girl shouldn’t give her heart away so easily.” -“Cheer Up” “You did a good job today, now rest comfortably as you think of me.” -“Sleep Tight Good Night”

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