The Tallest Among TWICE, Tzuyu Is A Giant Maknae

Although she is the youngest of TWICE members, Tzuyu held the position of the tallest member. Despite her young age, Tzuyu stands tall among other members who are older and shorter than her. In fact, Tzuyu once whined that because of her members’ height, she looks like a giant when standing beside TWICE members. You probably are curious about her actual height. Some people accused her to be 172 cm or 5’8”. But the official height in Tzuyu’s profile is 170 cm, which is around 5’7”. How can the little Tzuyu grow so fast like that? In this article, we will discuss more Tzuyu’s actual height, her height transformation from pre-debut until now, as well as comparisons among TWICE members. Keep reading!

Tzuyu’s Real Height Is 170 cm

The height of TWICE’s maknae, Tzuyu, is actually 170 cm. Surprise, surprise. Tzuyu looks taller or even shorter than her actual height, especially when she’s around TWICE’s members. No wonder people mistake Tzuyu’s height by 1~3 cm less or more than her actual height. Even so, Tzuyu became the tallest member in TWICE with that height. While the second tallest of TWICE members is Jeongyeon who is almost 170 cm or 168~9 mc. What do you think about the growth of TWICE’s baby giant, Tzuyu? Let’s explore more about her height’s transformation in the sections below!

Tzuyu’s Height Transformation

If you see Tzuyu’s height transformation from pre-debut until now, you probably will think that she is growing up so well. Tzuyu is already tall back then when she was in SIXTEEN, the survival program before TWICE’s debut. But she grows even taller and became a tall lady as she is right now. Let’s see the transformation of Tzuyu’s height before and after her debut!

Tzuyu’s Height Before Debut

Before debuting as TWICE’s member and maknae, Tzuyu’s height was revealed as 164 cm. Tzuyu was already known to the public because of her participation in SIXTEEN. At that time she was 16 internationally or 17 years old in the Korean age system. Here are some pictures of Tzuyu and other JYP Entertainment’s trainees: Tzuyu and Lee Chaeyeon looked like they were around the same height. Just so you know, Lee Chaeyon’s height is 165 cm now. Tzuyu and Jihyo‘s height differences didn’t look that much. Mina and Tzuyu also looked like they were about the same height.

Tzuyu’s Height From Debut Until Now

After her debut, Tzuyu’s height is growing still. Year by year, her height increased until reaches 170 cm. Not a long time after her debut with TWICE, Tzuyu along with Chaeyoung and Dahyun entered high school. Even in high school, Tzuyu’s height stands out once again. In 2017, many fans noticed Tzuyu has bending her knees for TWICE “KNOCK KNOCK” performance ending pose to match Mina’s height for a symmetrical formation. With that performance (please watch one of their performance below), ONCE believe that her height was 172 cm at that time.

Tzuyu and Mina’s height differences were 7 cm height apart. Mina was positioned on the opposite end of Tzuyu and Tzuyu need to adjust her height to Mina while Mina was standing straight.

TWICE’s Members’ Height Makes Tzuyu Looks Like A Giant

In one of the episodes of Idol Room where TWICE was invited as a guest, Tzuyu declared that because of Jihyo’s height, she looks like a giant. As you may know, TWICE’s leader Jihyo‘s height is 160 cm which is 10 cm below Tzuyu. No wonder when the two of them are side by side, Tzuyu looks like a tower. However, Tzuyu was actually just joking when she said that. The two of them were playing nitpicking as one of them game in Idol Room. But we all should agree that most of TWICE’s members’ heights are not that tall compared to Tzuyu’s. Other TWICE members might be small, but let’s agree that Tzuyu’s height itself is just crazily tall. That was all the information about TWICE’s Tzuyu’s real height. She is really tall, right? Not only that she’s pretty, she also has a nice body figure. What do you think about Tzuyu’s height? Make sure to let your fellow fans know about this by sharing this article on your social media. Cheers!

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