From 2016, a new star of ISAC appeared in the game of archery. TWICE’s Tzuyu stunned the fans with her talent and breathtaking visual whenever she competed in an archery match. Ever since her iconic hair-flip clip appeared, the youngest member of TWICE became a legend on ISAC. Beloved fans even gave her a new nickname, The Warrior Princess Tzugolas, named after the famous warrior from the movie The Lord of the Ring.

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Check out the behind-the-scenes story of TWICE‘s Tzuyu’s iconic archery moment when people mistook her as an Olympic 2020’s athlete!

Tzuyu’s Appearance in ISAC

Ever since her first appearance in the 2016 ISAC (Idol Star Athletic Championships), TWICE’s Tzuyu has become the athlete that every viewer is expecting, sort of like Kim Yuna for figure skating. Tzuyu, who is also the most popular member in TWICE, competed in archery in the 2016 ISAC to the 2019 ISAC, and she always amazed fans with her archery talent and her iconic visual.

In the 2018 ISAC, TWICE’s progress to the finale was stopped by a strong performance from Gugudan‘s team. Tzuyu fought until the end to collect points. At the end of the game, she looked a little bit disappointed by their loss. Actually, it was not her fault that they collected fewer points and ended up losing.

In the 2019 ISAC, Tzuyu teamed up with Dahyun and Chaeyoung to compete against Red Velvet’s Seulgi, Yeri, and Wendy. TWICE’s ace, Tzuyu, singlehandedly collected 37 points out of 77 points. They defeated Red Velvet‘s team by 10 points. The girls looked amazing with their warrior-inspired archery costumes.

In every music program, Tzuyu is known as the visual goddess with her long black hair, long legs, pretty face, and proportional body figure. But, in ISAC, she transformed into an archery goddess or warrior princess. She dazzled everyone with her warrior-like appearance and archery skill. In one of the competitions, she recorded 4 straight ten points. Truly amazing talent.

Tzuyu’s Archery

Tzuyu made TWICE fans proud whenever she appeared in ISAC. In the man category, Choi Minho made headlines with his athleticism and fight-until-the-end spirit while in the woman category, it was all about Tzuyu’s archery. Due to her visual and talent, fans were reminded of the famous Legolas from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Even the program’s MCs nicknamed her Tzugolas.

Tzuyu’s Archery Posture

Her archery posture is flawless. First of all, she looks relaxed in every archery match. Her breath is steady and she is very concentrated before releasing the arrows. Her long legs and strong upper body make her look like a professional athlete. With the additional warrior princess costume, Tzuyu can look like a character out of a famous online game.

Tzuyu’s Archery Smile and Hair Flip

Tzuyu’s appearance in ISAC became legendary after the hair flip scene emerged. The clip became a famous meme and earned her the name of Tzugolas. With her visual and talent, Tzuyu made unprecedented and memorable photos in ISAC archery matches. She is definitely the star of the archery competition.

Tzuyu looked very relaxed in every match. Oftentimes, the camera spotted her smiling before releasing the arrow or smiling at her friends after making a perfect shot. The moment that the camera would zoom at her is the moment that every fan was waiting for.

Tzuyu’s Archery, Fan Reactions, and the Meme

More than two years after her last appearance in ISAC in 2019, Tzuyu’s fans made a collection of Tzuyu’s appearances in ISAC and posted the video to TikTok. The video immediately became viral and gathered much attention. Fans commented that Tzuyu’s posture looked like a professional athlete. Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISAC competition was changed into an e-sport competition. Apparently, fans must wait a little bit longer to see Tzuyu compete again in ISAC. Do you think that Tzuyu can compete in the Olympics even? What do you think about Tzuyu’s archery performance? Don’t you agree that she resembled a warrior princess in disguise? Tell us your opinion about Tzuyu’s archery skills and visual. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media account!

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