Both Blackpink and TWICE debuted in nearly the same period. Each group has its own image, TWICE with its girly and cute concept and Blackpink with its rebellious and exotic concept. Are Blackpink and TWICE rivals or friends? Find out about their rivalry or friendship in this article.

TWICE vs BLACKPINK: Debut and Concept

TWICE and Blackpink’s debut concepts were interesting. TWICE’s debut song called “OOH-AHH” has spooky music video with zombie apocalypse concepts. Until then, TWICE made a comeback by releasing cute concept songs. They started to change their image in 2019 after releasing a song called “Fancy“. Blackpink released an EDM music that can be easily welcomed by the US market for their debut song, “Boombayah” in 2016. Unlike TWICE, Blackpink never changed their concept since their debut until now. Blackpink’s songs represents “girl crush” with the scent of EDM for their musics.

TWICE vs Blackpink: Members Skills

TWICE’s and Blackpink’s members skills are excellent. Both groups have members that gifted with brilliant vocals, dances, and rap skills. So now, let’s take a look at the comparison between TWICE and Blackpink’s members’ skills in terms of vocal, dance, and rap!

TWICE vs Blackpink’s Vocal

TWICE’s main vocalists are Jihyo, while Blackpink’s main vocalist is Rosé. Jihyo took most of the killing parts of their songs, same goes for Rosé who had high notes parts in Blackpink songs. Let’s compare the quality of Jihyo and Rosé’s vocal skills in the compilation video made by fans below:

Here are some comments about Jihyo’s vocal skills: “Jihyo is a really good singer. She is not a belter but when your hear her voice its so relaxing.” “Main vocals of JYP girl groups… would be sub vocals in other girl groups” “Did Twice ever have a main vocal..” “This is the reason why twice’s vocal line is the perfect package. Jihyo has a deep jazzy voice, Nayeon has a squeeky and high pitched voice, and Jeongyeon has a chic and more powerful voice. 3MIX(not a real group) is one of the best vocal group in the 3rd generation.”

Here are some comments about Rosé’s vocal skills: “Rosé’s vocal color is the best” “I can see why Blackpink’s a talented group. Vocal color gangster Rosé” “They sound like a 2NE1 copy to me” “Her voice is sweet like Rose wine” While TWICE receives more hate regarding their vocal skills, Blackpink gets more attention in terms of vocals because of Rosé. What do you think about this?

TWICE vs Blackpink’s Dance

TWICE’s main dancer is Momo and Blackpink’s main dancer is Lisa. Oddly enough, the two main dancers from two groups are foreigners. Beside that, Momo and Lisa both have some similarities. Their hairstyles have bangs, and both are extremely slim too. Let’s see the dance skills of Momo and Lisa from a video made by fan!

And here are some comments about Lisa and Momo’s dancing skills: “I seriously don’t know why people compare. Try to appreciate everyone. They both are THE BEST.” “Just imagine Momo debuting in blackpink and lisa debuting in twice. You will realize they both have the same good level of dancing, but the different popularity makes their level of dancing skills look different…..” “They are amazing dancers, so natural. Personal opinion: Lisa won over anyone with her facial expressions..” “I love how Momo does every single step perfectly and how she’s able to exhale sexiness even in cute songs. And I love how Lisa makes everything look perfect, like she knows shes the It Girl. They’re amazing.” Although most people agree that Momo and Lisa are amazing dancers, some people prefer Lisa as their favorite dancer instead of Momo. Then again, Momo and Lisa have different dancing styles and they both did great in their moves.

TWICE vs Blackpink’s Rap

TWICE and Blackpink have two rappers, they are Dahyun-Chaeyoung (TWICE) and Jennie-Lisa (Blackpink). Blackpink who came from YG Entertainment that is popular with their swag-style and hip-hop groups has more advantages. Jennie and Lisa got more appreciation for their rap parts, not to mention that Jennie also excels in vocal and Lisa excels in dance. However, Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s rap skills are also something that you don’t want to miss. Although there are no hip-hop genre in TWICE’s songs, Dahyun and Chaeyoung deliver their rap parts pretty well. Let’s check out the rap battle of TWICE and Blackpink’s rappers, Dahyun-Chaeyoung and Jennie-Lisa!

Here are some comments about TWICE and Blackpink’s rap skills: “Jenlisa for sure, they have this classy-swaggy trademark YGE style that makes them one of the best rappers. Dubchaeng (Dahyun and Chaeyoung) are also good.” “Although I’m a once I have to say Jenlisa there real good They just have the YG swag yk” “Twice is also good. But Blackpink are our queens 4ever❤❤” Jennie and Lisa win most people’s hearts for their rap skills, but don’t forget that Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s raps are also great!

TWICE vs Blackpink: Achievement (Album Sales, Awards, Etc.)

TWICE and Blackpink’s achievements are outstanding and it made them one of the hottest K-pop girl group right now. Their popularity have reached global, not only among Korean people. Not to mention that both groups have members from overseas. This made them become even more famous outside Korea. Check out the comparisons of TWICE and Blackpink’s achievements in the next page!

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