TXT members were born between 1999 and 2002 and have an average height of 181 cm. This makes netizens shocked as male idols’ average height is 177 cm. Here’s a list of TXT members’ heights when they just debuted vs their heights in 2022: It’s been three years since TXT debuted and, of course, the members, especially those who are still in a growth age, have grown 1–2 cm taller. TXT members really grew a lot, right?

Soobin The Tallest Member

Soobin is the talles member of TXT with the current height 187 cm. Since Soobin became an MC in Music Bank and once in Inkigayo, his tall build stood out even more, especially when he would stand next to other idols. Even when other idols stand on the platform, sometimes Soobin would still be taller than them.

Even Taehyun The Shortest Member Is Actually Tall

Taehyun is the shortest member of the group, but even though he is the shortest among the TXT members, don’t get deceived because he is beyond the average height of male idols. Taehyun himself jokingly said that he is actually tall compared to others, but TXT members are power poles, especially Soobin and Huening Kai. Taehyun who is the shortest member of TXT sometimes becomes the joke of other TXT members. There was a time when TXT members had to play a game and Soobin and Taehyun teamed up in a group; Taehyun said that he will stay still and Soobin then mumbled whether he could throw the ball well, which lead Taehyun to say that he can throw the ball, innocently. Soobin said that he is taller and he got a response from Taehyun that he is not that short. That shows how tall TXT members are compared to Taehyun who is actually tall compared to the average.

Yeonjun’s Body Proportion Is 70% Leg?

Yeonjun also shares a similar body proportion with Soobin, even though they have a difference of 4 cm, when they stand next to each other, sometimes their height looks the same. Especially if Yeonjun wears a 2–3 cm insole, he can look as tall as Soobin. Because of his good body proportion, MOAs once joked that Yeonjun’s body is 70% legs and 30% body. Soobin once measured Yeonjun’s leg length and it was 109 cm. Because of how tall Yeonjun is, he is even able to easily reach utensils in the kitchen cabinet.

Beomgyu Looks Tiny But His Height Is No Joke

Beomgyu might be one of the members that look tiny because he is slim and energetic, but he is actually almost as tall as Yeonjun. His 181 cm height sometimes gets masked by his slim body. Because of his height, sometimes he has the same problems as other tall members like bumping in the kitchen cabinets, or having to lower his legs whenever the stylist is putting make-up on him.

Huening Kai The Giant Maknae Who Keeps Growing

Before their debut, Huening Kai used to be the shortest member of the group. But during his trainee days and until he debuted, he grew up 20 cm which made him become 182 cm tall when he debuted. Huening Kai as the youngest member keeps growing, he even said that he has grown 3–4 cm tall making him almost surpass Soobin as the tallest member. As he is still in a growth age, he might become the tallest member and make the nickname Giant maknae really suit him. In one of their Vlives, MOAs asked Huening Kai how to grow taller and he said to drink a lot of milk, but this statement was debunked by Taehyun who said that if your parents aren’t tall, then the chance is small. What an honest answer Taehyun gave to MOAs. TXT members as one of the tallest groups are acknowledged by many, even other idols admire how tall they are. Not only they are tall, but TXT members also have higher standards of discography so you will be amiss to not listen to their songs. Let’s keep supporting TXT by enjoying their songs and share this article so more people know about TXT.

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