On the other way around, their journey wasn’t as easy as it seemed because they also struggled. However, the group’s positive aura somehow brighten up everyone’s day, especially MOA (TXT’s fandom). So, that’s one of the reasons Channel Korea has collected some of the group’s quotes to cheer you up. Keep on reading, everyone!

TXT’s Inspirational Quotes

If you happen to have a bad mood today or there is something that makes you down, just remember that everything will be okay. You can also get a little bit of inspiration and motivation from these inspirational TXT members’ quotes:

“I think it’s best to start by having huge dreams. That way, even if the dream is shattered, you are left with all the pieces that are left behind it.” – Taehyun “Please stop thinking about such trouble things when you go to bed. Give yourself compliments that you’ve to work hard.” – Beomgyu “You’re not a burden, even if you think that the world hates you, you’re precious to people that I like and me, so please don’t say that.” – Yeonjun “No matter how bad those people are and no matter how bad things they say, I don’t want to spend my time and energy being angry at that person.” Soobin “You’re born in this world, and you’re a precious one. I hope you put priority on your happiness.” – Hueningkai

TXT Members’ Funny and Iconic Quotes

TXT members have always looked very cheerful, passionate, and full of laughter. However, the group’s members can be sage sometimes yet hilarious simultaneously. You can check out some of the members’ funny and iconic quotes here:

Yeonjun’s Quotes

“If you reach your desired goal and erase your worries one by one, you can make a bright tomorrow without worry.” “Worrying may be a little hard on your mind, but I actually worry about myself so I can grow and develop and reach my goals.” “Did your life get ruined? You just failed an exam.” “Tomorrow by together in lotte world.” “See you later, alligator.” “Don’t lower your self-esteem.”

Soobin’s Quotes

“You know, nobody in the world is important. I want you to know that you are as precious to me as you think of me.” “Is there a right answer? Your choice is the right answer.” “There are things you can get even if you have a hard experience with a choice that wasn’t the best.” “Holics holics.” “Experience.” “I like the present where I can meet the fans, sing, and dance along with the members.”

Beomgyu’s Quotes

“Depression is nothing to be ashamed of.” “You’ll surrender when you hear our fans go ‘Woof’.” “Woof Woof.” “Is this New York morning smell?” “I have to try harder.” “I’m able to comfort other people. I’m able to give strength to other people as well.”

Taehyun’s Quotes

“I, too, live because of the pleasure of seeing you all.” “I don’t need to go out to look at stars. All I have to do is just stand on stage to see them.” “Is there a need to match the world’s pace? It’s okay if you’re heading in the right direction.” “We’d like you to love yourself more than us.” “It’s okay to cry, it’s okay if you don’t hold it in, it’s okay to not be good sometimes.” “Older than my Mom.” “If you weren’t talented, you wouldn’t have been number one. I hope you’re confident enough and have fun. Fighting!” “When other dreams, you are making dreams come true.”

Hueningkai’s Quotes

“It’s ok to be different.” “Just do your best, be confident, don’t stop dreaming, and show the world what you’ve got.” “You should rest when you’re having a hard time, and it’s best to study when you’re comfortable.” “MOA babies.” “I should’ve played around a bit more.”

TXT’s Quotes For MOA

“From where I stand, the world is a beautiful place, but I wonder how it looks from everyone else’s perspective. Our fans, I hope the world that you see is a beautiful place.” – Taehyun “In this world, there is no one who is worthless. Just like you guys, you always consider me precious, so I also think that you’re precious, and I want you to know that.” – Soobin “It’s because MOAs are only my babies.” – Huening Kai “Please don’t give up, and let’s be happy; we love you.” – Yeonjun “I love you, MOA.” – Beomgyu

TXT’s Best Quotes From Lyrics

“Because I believe in you even if I’m anxious.” – Nap of A Star “Memories that became ashes here in ruins.” – Can’t You See Me “Would there be forgiveness? Even for the devils?” – Crown “There’s only loneliness in this cold atmosphere that drives me crazy.” – Dear Sputnik “It seems like everyone is happy but me.” – Run Away “I dream of it, too, a cool dream, where everyone’s happy.” – Ice Cream

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