We’ve talked about many idols who came from overseas, whether they’re a Korean who grew up in a foreign country or are actually a foreigner. But, in this article, we will talk about one idol that came from outside Seoul. The city where this idol came from is one of the cities that is the home of many famous idols. This idol came from Daegu, South Korea. There are a lot of names in the K-pop industry who came from Daegu such as Suga and V from BTS, Irene of Red Velvet, Bona from WJSN, Seventeen’s leader S.Coups, SHINEE’s Key, and many other names. Just like his seniors who came from Daegu, he followed their path and became a big thing in K-pop. Who is this idol? It’s Beomgyu from TXT! Let’s get to know more about Beomgyu in the sections below.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Profile

Beomgyu made his debut under Big Hit Entertainment in TXT in March 2019. Before making his debut, Big Hit Entertainment, the same agency as BTS, announced the debut of their upcoming boy group in January 2019. In TXT, Beomgyu is in charge of the center, visual, vocalist, and rapper positions. Are you curious about Beomgyu’s basic info? Let’s take a look at his profile down below! Full Name: Choi Beomgyu Korean Name: 최범규 Chinese Name: 崔杋圭 Stage Name: Beomgyu Nicknames: Bamgyu, Chestnut, Baby Tiger, Panmyeon, Baby Bear, Cookies, Little Boy, Mumchit Choi, etc. Birthplace: Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 180 cm Weight: 53 kg Birthdate: March 13, 2001 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Positions: Center, visual, dancer, singer, rapper Occupation: Singer, idol Education:

Daegu Gwanmun Elementary School Guam Middle School Hanlim Multi Arts High School

Hobby: Playing the guitar Blood type: AB MBTI Type: ENFJ Family: Parents, older brother Specialty: Chatter Religion: Protestant Debut Year: 2019 Revealed to the Public: January 2019 Agency: Big Hit Entertainment

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Facts

We learned that Beomgyu came from Daegu if we read his birthplace. He’s also the youngest member of his family. However, even though we know some basic info about Beomgyu such as his MBTI type, zodiac sign, and even foot size, it’s still not enough if we want to know more about him. So, here we collected all of the interesting facts about Beomgyu that you have to know. Let’s see Beomgyu’s facts down below!

Beomgyu has the lowest voice on the team. In most songs, Beomgyu sings the intro part. Even when Beomgyu was already with Big Hit Entertainment, he often received business cards from other agencies when he was in high school. Beomgyu has good composition skills. Along with Yeonjun, Beomgyu is interested in fashion. Every day, Beomgyu wears a ring that matches his family members. Before going to bed, Beomgyu listens to classical music. Beomgyu’s favorite snacks are Kobukchip and Pringles. Beomgyu doesn’t like tomatoes and seafood. Beomgyu is afraid of bugs. When he finds one, he becomes scared and jumps out of nowhere to avoid the bugs.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Pre-Debut

We have seen some basic info about Beomgyu such as his real name, birthday, and even MBTI type. And, we have seen some interesting facts about him. But, there are more things about him that you have to know, such as how he turned into a TXT member or how he spent his childhood in his hometown, Daegu. So, let’s see the full story of Beomgyu’s pre-debut era! Beomgyu was born and raised in Daegu. He was born on March 13, 2001. He spent his childhood in Daegu along with his parents, older brother who was born in 1998, and his pet Toto. Beomgyu is the youngest member of his family. We can clearly see how cute he was as a child. Even after becoming an idol, he’s still cute and energetic. As a child, Beomgyu probably never wanted to be an idol. But, Beomgyu who was good at singing joined the band club in his school, and that made him want to be a singer and try out the music field. But, becoming an idol? Well, that can be a hard road. Some K-pop idols join a lot of auditions to just pass one and join a company. But, Beomgyu’s road wasn’t actually that rough. Beomgyu was already handsome as a teenager and caught the attention of Big Hit Entertainment’s staff. At that time, Beomgyu was walking around the street in his uniform. He probably just get off from school. But, the Big Hit Entertainment’s staff stopped him, gave him a business card, and asked him to join the audition in Seoul. In Seoul, I repeat. It was quite far from Daegu, the place where Beomgyu lived and went to middle school. Although he wanted to, he said sorry to the staff because he had a test and couldn’t go to Seoul at that time. However, the staff didn’t give up. Luckily they didn’t, because if they did, we probably wouldn’t be seeing the Beomgyu that we know today. The staff saw the potential of Beomgyu so much that they decided to come back to Daegu after they heard that Beomgyu couldn’t make it to Seoul. They went back to Seoul and returned to Daegu just to hold an audition for Beomgyu. And, it seemed like the staff wasn’t wrong after all. Beomgyu passed the audition and moved to Seoul to be a trainee. He graduated from his middle school in Daegu first and then prepared for his debut and took a gap year before entering high school. Beomgyu went to Hanlim Multi Art School in Seoul where he attended high school and kept up with his trainee schedule.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Debut with TXT

We have learned the pre-debut story of Beomgyu before he became a trainee in TXT. But, his journey to debut wasn’t that easy. Beomgyu had to spend his time learning vocals, languages, taking dancing classes, and even writing lyrics and songs. He almost always stayed up late and didn’t have time to sleep properly. The youngest child even told his mom that he wanted to have 36 hours per day so he could do all of his activities and have time to sleep. Oh, you poor thing. Beomgyu went through a lot to be an idol. But, little do we know, it is the normal life of trainees before they debut. Life seems cruel, but the results never betray the effort. On January 20, 2019, Beomgyu was revealed to be one of the members of Big Hit Entertainment’s new boy group along with Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun, and Huening Kai. Big Hit Entertainment revealed the teaser of Beomgyu starting with pictures then a film. Fans were so excited to see him since he was so cute and looked promising. On March 4, 2019, TXT made its official debut by releasing the song “Crown” and a mini-album called The Dream Chapter: STAR. Let’s see the music video for “Crown” by TXT!

On March 7, 2019, they performed on a music show for the first time on Mnet Countdown.

If you like the song, watch the dance version of the song. Beomgyu is not just talented as a singer, but he’s talented as a dancer, too.

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