One of them is Huening Kai, whose real name is Kai Kamal Huening. You might have already guessed from his name, and that’s right, Huening Kai is the first Western member of Big Hit Entertainment. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 14, 2002, Huening Kai is one of the youngest TXT members. Having parents from two different countries makes him have foreign features and blessed him with a charming visual that resembles a prince. Are you curious to get to know him better? If so, scroll down the article below to find out all about him!  

Full Profile of TXT’s Huening Kai

Stage Name: Huening Kai (휴닝카이) Birth Name: Kai Kamal Huening Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Maknae Birthday: August 14th, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 183 cm (6’0”) Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs) Nationality: Korean-American Blood Type: A Spotify Playlist: TXT HUENING KAI


Interesting Facts about TXT’s Huening Kai

Huening Kai was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Huening Kai also holds U.S. citizenship. Huening Kai’s mother is from Korea, and his father is Brazilian. Huening Kai has German, Polish, and Scottish blood from his father’s side. Huening Kai used to live in China until he was 8 and moved to Korea. Huening Kai studied at Yongmun Middle School and Lila Art High School. Huening Kai can speak multiple languages such as Mandarin, Korean, Portuguese, and English. Huening Kai’s sister is a former member of the K-pop girl group VIVA. Huening Kai has a younger sister named Huening Bahiyyih who was born in 2004 and is a trainee under YG Entertainment. Huening Kai is the third TXT member to be revealed and was officially introduced on January 15, 2019. Huening Kai’s parents are divorced, and his father re-married in 2016. Huening Kai represents the animal leopard gecko and the flower Iceland poppy. Huening Kai is the first foreigner to debut under Big Hit Entertainment. Huening Kai’s favorite foods are seafood and pizza. Huening Kai’s favorite colors are green and black. Huening Kai’s favorite animals are penguins and beavers. Huening Kai sees himself as a unicorn. Huening Kai looks like a frightened cat when watching horror movies. According to Beomgyu, when Huening Kai sleeps, he looks like a cartoon character. Huening Kai has long legs and arms. Huening Kai’s father is also a musician and released an album in 2007 titled Virtues in Us (English and Mandarin versions) that can be found on Spotify. It is said that since Huening Kai’s father was active as a singer in China in the past, he naturally encountered music from an early age. When the article about him joining TXT came out, many Brazilian K-pop fans supported Huening Kai. Hyuka and NingNing are some of his nicknames. Jung Kai is his Korean name. Huening Kai is called the “diamond maknae” in the group. Playing the drums, guitar, piano, and flute are some of his hobbies. Huening Kai started learning the drums in the 3rd grade of elementary school, and he learned classical guitar before his debut. Pineapple is Huening Kai’s favorite fruit. Huening Kai’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. Huening Kai is the cutest member of TXT according to Yeonjun. Huening Kai likes to watch horror movies although he becomes scared. When Huening Kai was in his early debut, he was known as a quiet and stiff member. According to Huening Kai, his personality is random and cool. Huening Kai sleeps late at night along with Soobin. Huening Kai would date Soobin if he was a girl. Huening Kai said he has overwhelming aegyo. Huening Kai is the least flexible member of TXT. Huening Kai is the member with the best voice according to other TXT members. The songs Huening Kaisang during his audition were Crush’s “Sometimes,” Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning,” and AKMU‘s “Give Love.” Huening Kai wants to sing AKMU’s “Give Love” if he goes on MBC’s King of Mask Singer. Huening Kai’s MBTI is ENFP. Huening Kai has a habit of tearing the corners of a paper. Huening Kai loves egg tarts. Huening Kai chose ramen over chicken. Huening Kai is good at drawing with a pen, but he can’t do watercolor. Huening Kai played basketball for a while. Huening Kai chose Hawaii, his hometown, as the resort he wants to go to. Huening Kai watched Disney Channel often when he was young. His dorm roommate is Taehyun. Huening Kai’s laughter is very loud and unique. When asked about his favorite movies, Huening Kai named August Rush and the Spiderman trilogy. Bruno Mars is his favorite global artist. If Huening Kai hadn’t become a singer, he wanted to be a reporter. Although Huening Kai doesn’t have much of an ideal type yet, he described it as, “Someone who I can laugh together with and share my true feelings with.”


Huening Kai’s Official Debut with TXT

Rumors of Big Hit Entertainment debuting a new idol group have been around since early 2017. At the end of 2018, these rumors increased and made netizens speculate that the agency would debut a new boy group (since the GLAM scandal in 2016, Big Hit stopped accepting female trainees). On January 9, 2019, these rumors were proven true when BigHit launched a website containing a countdown with the words “You & Me.” The agency then announced that they would debut a new boy group under the name TOMORROW X TOGETHER (투모로우 바이 투게더), shortened as TXT. The meaning of the name is “to come together to realize the same dream to build a new tomorrow.” That’s why when they were introduced, they always said the phrase, “One Dream!” The day after the agency announced the name of its new boy group, they began to release the introductory videos of its members and began to attract the public and potential fans’ attention. On January 16, 2019, Big Hit Entertainment released an introductory video for TXT’s third member, Huening Kai, who is the agency’s first multiracial idol.

Only a few hours after he was introduced to the public, videos and photos of before his debut circulated widely on social media. The fans gathered evidence showing that since childhood, Kai was good at playing the guitar and piano. A video of his childhood self playing the guitar was spread along with his pre-debut photos.

Nevertheless, the public’s reaction to him was good and many said that his looks are no joke. Many fans enthusiastically welcomed TXT’s debut.

TXT finally debuted on March 4, 2019, by releasing their first mini-album titled The Dream Chapter: Star. TXT carries a different atmosphere from their senior, BTS, as they have a more cheerful and sweet atmosphere which can be seen in the colorful concept of their MV. Not only the colors but the songs are also more fun and cheerful, although they still carry deep meaningful lyrics. The mini-album contains 5 songs with the lead single titled “Crown.” The debut was a huge success. With the debut song “Crown,” TXT got its first trophy on SBS’s The Show on March 12 followed by Mnet’s M! Countdown and MBC’s Show Champion. As a result of their success, they were also crowned Rookie of the Year in the 2019 Asia Artist Awards, New Artist of the Year – Album in the Gaon Chart Music Awards, Rookie Artist of the Year in the 2020 Golden Disc Awards, and several prestigious awards.

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