TXT’s Members Have No Official Position

Since TXT’s official debut in 2019, Big Hit Music (TXT’s agency) has decided not to make official positions for each member. That’s why, until now, TXT members have no official positions, except for Soobin who was chosen as the leader, and Huening Kai who was given the position of maknae. The oldest member of TXT is Yeonjun, but the members chose Soobin as their leader because of several reasons. Meanwhile, Huening Kai wasn’t chosen as a maknae, but he simply got that position because he’s the youngest of all the members. Since there are only leader and maknae positions in TXT, many people are wondering why Big Hit Music decided not to give the positions to the members. In the next headline, we will provide the reasons behind the company’s decision.

TXT Doesn’t Have Official Positions Because the Positions Always Change

TXT members have been recognized by the public as a bunch of well-rounders. Many MOAs noticed that the five members have very similar artistic skills, and these skills include dancing, rapping, and singing skills. In addition, the members seem to have the same number of questions during interviews, and the same screen time on each of their music videos (MV) and live performances. These are the reasons why none of the members get the most spotlights, because the members are given the same chance to shine. These may also be the reasons why Big Hit Music treats TXT differently from the company’s other old group. Unlike their senior BTS which has very clear members’ positions; TXT members aren’t given their own positions. Big Hit Music conceptualized TXT as a flexible group; the members aren’t assigned a designated position, and their positions change every comeback. We have realized that every TXT comeback has its own concept, and the members’ positions may change as the concept changes. Since there’s no definite position of the members, many MOAs have predicted which position might be the most suitable for each member. In the next headlines, we will give you overviews of the members’ positions based on MOAs’ opinions and predictions.

TXT’s Soobin’s Position According to MOAs

Many MOAs think that the leader Choi Soo-bin is a perfect fit for the vocal and rapper position. He could be the lead vocalist because he has a falsetto voice, similar to BTS’ Jimin. At the same time, Soobin could also be the main rapper, because MOAs feel that Soobin has a very good rap flow.

TXT’s Yeonjun’s Position According to MOAs

The member with the English name Daniel Choi is also a very versatile member. According to MOAs’ opinions, Yeonjun is excellent in all elements: dancing, rapping and singing. MOAs feel that Yeonjun has a fairly stable voice, allowing him to get a position as the main vocal. His rapping skills are also impressive, especially when he raps in English, the language that he’s fluent in. Yeonjun’s dancing skills aren’t really highlighted by the fans, but hardcore MOAs have realized that Yeonjun’s dancing skills have improved greatly. This is the reason why Yeonjun could become the main vocal, main rapper, as well as a dancer. Because of these positions, many media such as Elite Daily referred to Yeonjun as the “TXT’s Triple Threat”.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s Position According to MOAs

According to fans, Beomgyu could be the center, the visual, the main vocal, the lead dancer, and the main rapper of the group. The Daeguite has a very similar position to his hyung Yeonjun, and is coupled with his visual. Huening Kai once confirmed that Beomgyu is indeed that visual, especially when they held a fan sign event, where Beomgyu used to show his cuteness and his dimple. Beomgyu is also considered the main vocal because he’s familiar with musical notes. MOAs said that he can sing perfectly, and he can also play the guitar. However, his rapping and dancing skills are more highlighted by the media. Many people said that he is similar to BTS’ J-Hope who also excels in dancing and rapping.

TXT’s Taehyun’s Position According to MOAs

MOAs said that Yeonjun has a pretty stable vocal, but his vocal is not as stable as Taehyun. Many fans believe that Taehyun has the most stable vocal, making him suitable as the lead vocalist. He also has the widest vocal range, and the best falsetto, and he can hit very high notes. MOAs also like Taehyun’s raspy pop-rock voice that Taehyun has been using since his official debut.

TXT’s Huening Kai’s Position According to MOAs

The TXT maknae Huening Kai also excels in terms of musical notes. That’s why the young Korean-German-Brazillian singer is highly considered by his MOAs as the lead vocalist. In addition to understanding musical notes, Huening can also play many musical instruments, including drums, guitar, piano, and flute. Apart from being the lead vocal, Huening is also considered the visual face of the group (FOTG). The reason behind this is that he’s the first foreign singer to debut under Big Hit Music. His mixed Wasian face (Asian-Caucasian face) makes him look very different from the other members. At the same time, MOAs felt that his charming look can easily grasp people’s thoughts when they look at him for the first time. That’s all the things that you should know about TXT’s members’ positions. So, what do you think about those opinions from MOAs? Do you think there are members who can belong to other positions that are different from MOAs’ opinions?

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