So, are you getting curious about TXT’s pets, their interactions with the other members, and how fans react to them? Let’s find the answers on Channel Korea!

Soobin’s Hedgehog

Soobin’s hedgehog or most known as Odi might be the most talked-about TXT pet among the other pets. Soobin really loves Odi, and he even calls Odi his son. One hilarious moment is when TXT was doing a VLive and a fan asked whether she can marry Odi. Soobin hilariously answer, “No, not my son!” it got all the members laughing. Soobin said that he first brought Odi to the dorm on April 2nd, 2021. And, Odi was first introduced by Soobin on June 10th, 2021, through a series of four pictures on TXT’s Twitter account. Here is a picture of Odi when he was first introduced by Soobin. Odi now lives with Soobin in the dorm. Since he lives in the dorm, TXT’s members are becoming interested in Odi, especially Beomgyu and Huening Kai who try hard to get close to Odi. Even the name Odi was Taehyun’s idea. But, sadly, Odi is keeping his distance from the other members aside from Soobin so the members sometimes feel cautious whenever they want to go to Soobin’s room. But, to get closer to Odi, Beomgyu and Huening Kai sometimes feed him mealworms so Odi can open his heart to them. Though Odi still doesn’t open his heart to the other members, they agree that Odi surely is cute.

Soobin’s Dog

Before Soobin had Odi, he first had a Pomeranian dog named Sean. Sean was introduced by Soobin through his Twitter post on February 6th, 2019. Soobin posted two pictures of Sean and two videos of him which show how cute Sean is. Sean is a Pomeranian dog. Apparently, Sean is living with Soobin’s family as he said that he should bid Sean goodbye when Soobin left home. — TOMORROW X TOGETHER (@TXT_members) January 22, 2022 Here’s the picture of Sean that Soobin took that day.

Taehyun’s Snake

Taehyun has a peculiar taste in pets. Before he adopted his snake, he already said that he wanted a snake as a pet as they are cute. This made Beomgyu a bit shaken. Then, Taehyun replied, “I love all animals.” Then, he got Aengdu. Aengdu is an albino corn snake. Aengdu means “cherry” in Korean. Huening Kai said that they named Aengdu together, and because pets who have food names tend to live longer, they wished Aengdu would live long. It’s natural for corn snakes to have a calm personality, and Huening Kai also said that Aengdu is shy around the other members. Before Taehyun got Aengdu, he did a lot of research and also sought permission from the other members to bring Aengdu to the dorm. Since he knew that Beomgyu was kind of against it, he waited until Beomgyu approved Taehyun to bring a snake as his pet. Aengdu was first introduced on X-Time by Taehyun, and he said that he is a proud snake daddy. Because Aengdu is still a baby, his length now is only 15 centimeters. Taehyun talks a lot about Aengdu, but he is mindful of not posting Aengdu’s picture often because he is considerate to MOAs who are afraid of snakes. But, after six months of raising Aengdu, Taehyun realized that he is too busy to take care of Aengdu so he is putting Aengdu up for adoption.

Taehyun’s Cat

Taehyun also has a cat that has accompanied him since he was a kid. He has a domestic shorthair named Hobak. Hobak means “pumpkin” in Korean. Hobak now lives with his parents, and Taehyun sometimes talks about how he misses Hobak since they are not living together. When he was live on VLive, he once said that he missed Hobak, and not long after, Taehyun’s dad sent a photo of Hobak to Taehyun who posted it in Weverse. That was in 2019 when Taehyun said that he missed his cat, and last year, Taehyun updated again about Hobak who is still healthy in Taehyun’s dad’s care.

Beomgyu’s Parrot

Beomgyu is also one of TXT’s members who has a pet. Beomgyu actually had Toto, the name of Beomgyu’s parrot, for a long time. When Beomgyu had to let go of his dog June ten years ago, his parents brought him a parrot because Beomgyu couldn’t let go of June. Toto then lived with Beomgyu and his family, and Beomgyu’s mother also takes care of Toto. Beomgyu introduced Toto in 2019, and he also often updates about Toto. In one of Beomgyu’s VLives, he said that Toto is living a pleasing life as a parrot. Toto also talks because he is a parrot, but he can’t say many words so it makes Beomgyu sad as he wants to teach Toto many languages so Toto can use his best talent. And, here a closer look at Beomgyu’s cute parrot, Toto. Pets are surely fun companions to be with. They make us feel warm and make us smile with their cute actions, but taking care of a pet is a full responsibility so that’s the reason why Taehyun with a heavy heart is letting go of Aengdu. But, in that short moment, they shared memories together. So, what do you think about TXT’s pets? Which one do you think is the cutest? If you want more people to get to know about TXT and their pets, please kindly share this article on Twitter!

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