“Up No More” is one of the singles on Twice‘s album Eyes Wide Open that was released on October 26, 2020. This song is the third track of the 12 other songs on the retro-pop album. Unlike most Twice songs, “Up No More” has a very deep meaning even though the melody sounds cheerful.

About Insomnia And Anxiety

Unlike most of Twice’s songs which tell about the joy of falling in love, “Up No More” has a deeper meaning. Although the beat is not very slow, “Up No More” is about something experienced by almost everyone in the world, insomnia. The third track on the full album Eyes Wide Open explains how insomnia really interferes with our daily activities and causes anxiety about many things. The chorus of “Up No More” clearly describes the insomniac’s desire to return to normal sleep. The lyrics in the chorus of “Up No More” are Nayeon‘s part, which is “I don’t wanna be up no no more, I don’t wanna be up all night again, na na not again woo.” And, also, the leader’s chorus, Jihyo, “I don’t wanna I don’t wanna waste my time, hope I will fall into a deeper night, hope I can move far far further away, oh.”

Background of “Up No More” From the Full Album Eyes Wide Open by Twice

“Up No More” is quite popular among fans from Twice’s second full album, Eyes Wide Open. The lyrics of this song were completely written by Twice’s leader, Jihyo. Jihyo wrote the lyrics for “Up No More” about insomnia because it was in accordance with her personal experience and what she often feels. “Up No More” was composed by Woo Min Lee “collapsedone,” a JYP Entertainment music producer and songwriter who is certainly familiar to fans. Collapsedone composed this song with Julia Ross and Krysta Youngs.

Jihyo’s Sleep Paralysis Experience

The lyrics of the song “Up No More” were completely written by Jihyo, the leader of Twice. She also shared her experiences during the song-making process and what inspired her to write lyrics about insomnia. She shared her experience on the Twice YouTube channel with Sana, Nayeon, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung.

Jihyo shared her feelings when she first heard the demo song “Up No More.” She imagined the sun was setting in purple and the song evoked the feeling of dusk. Chaeyoung also admitted that she felt the same way when she first heard the demo. Jihyo also said that at the time of writing the lyrics, she was experiencing insomnia. And, that’s what inspired her to write lyrics about insomnia. “I was suffering from insomnia when I wrote the lyrics. So I wanted to reach out to those who are also struggling with insomnia.” In addition to telling about her desire to reach out to people who have insomnia, Jihyo also shared stories about an experience she found embarrassing, namely sleep paralysis. “I don’t know if you guys know this, it’s a bit embarrassing. But, in the rap part, I wanted to express sleep paralysis.” Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak while asleep or awake. And, this is usually experienced by people who have sleep disorders. Jihyo and Chaeyoung admitted that they had experienced sleep paralysis. Jihyo could hear the members’ voices while she was sleeping, but she couldn’t talk or move. And, when she woke up, she didn’t see anyone in the dorm. Chaeyoung said it’s scary. Unlike Jihyo and Chaeyoung, Nayeon and Dahyun said they had never experienced sleep paralysis. However, Sana had just experienced it that morning when she was sleeping in the car.

Comments About the Song “Up No More”

The audio of “Up No More” was released on Twice’s YouTube channel on October 26, 2020. And, the audio has been listened to more than 6.2 million times. Unfortunately, JYP Entertainment disabled the comments column. However, fans shared their opinions about the song written by Jihyo on the English lyrics video for the song. Fans think that Jihyo is very talented at writing lyrics. In addition, in the song “Up No More,” the members with deep voices like Chaeyoung could sing better. They also said that the song has a very deep meaning and is one of Twice’s best songs. What about you? Do you like “Up No More?”

“Up No More” Promotion on Music Shows

The title track of the album Eyes Wide Open is “I Can’t Stop Me” so “Up No More” doesn’t have a music video. However, during the album promotion process, Twice also performed “Up No More” on various music shows such as Mnet MCountdown, KBS Kpop, and MBC Kpop. Twice performed “Up No More” for the first time on October 29, 2020, on Mnet. The members looked very beautiful in all black and white costumes. That first appearance has been viewed more than 4.7 million times.

Twice also promoted the album by performing “Up No More” for the second time on October 30, 2020, on KBS Kpop. And the next day, Twice again performed the third track of the Eyes Wide Open album on MBC Kpop. The members looked very charming in plaid costumes. Unfortunately, Jeongyeon couldn’t participate in the promotion process for the album Eyes Wide Open. The agency confirmed that the 24-year-old idol was on a temporary hiatus to focus on recovering from her anxiety disorder. These are the interesting facts about “Up No More” by Twice. If you suffer from insomnia, the song “Up No More” is highly recommended for you to listen to. This song can be an inspiration for you!

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