He’s Jinhoo or Kim Jinwook from a boy group called UP10TION! Some of you probably don’t know much about him besides Jinhoo being the leader of UP10TION. Well, if so, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about Jinhoo, the outstanding dancer and vocalist of UP10TION. We will discuss his story, his charms, and everything you need to know about him. Let’s scroll down to the end of the page to find out more about his charisma!

UP10TION’s Jinhoo’s Profile

Full name: Kim Jinwook Korean Stage Name: 진후 Korean Real Name: 김진욱 Stage Name: Jinhoo Nickname: Handsome Lips, Mosquito Man Birthplace: Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 173 cm Weight: 59 kg Birthday: August 2nd, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Leo Chinese Zodiac: Pig Position: Lead dancer, lead vocalist Blood type: A Education: Department of K-pop, Faculty of Practical Music and Arts, Seoul Hoseo Arts College Debut: 2015 Agency: TOP Media

UP10TION’s Jinhoo’s Facts

Jinhoo is friends with ASTRO’s Moonbin, KNK‘s Seoham, and Snuper’s Sangho. One of Jinhoo’s charms is his tick lips just like his senior in the same company, Teen Top’s Niel. Jinhoo didn’t know VIXX’s N personally even though they come from the same hometown and the same dance academy. However, N is his role model. Jinhoo likes action movies more than romantic ones. If he has to choose between text or call, he prefers text and he usually talks only about the necessary things on the phone.

UP10TION’s Jinhoo’s Pre-Debut

As you may know from his profile, Jinhoo’s real name is not Jinhoo. Instead, his real name is Kim Jinwook, Jin in his name means “star” while Wook means “shine”, so Jinwook means “a star that shines”, no wonder his smile really shines so bright. But he goes by Jinhoo as his stage name, which means “thick tree”. It’s normal for some K-pop idols who made a debut to use a stage name that is different from their real name. Jinhoo’s stage name is similar to his real name though. Anyway, Jinhoo was born in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea. He lived there and spent his childhood as well as teenage life there. A lot of K-pop idols come from his hometown too, such as VIXX’s N, Wonwoo from Seventeen, etc. Even though Jinhoo didn’t know VIXX’s N personally when he was young, but as he became an idol, he wanted to get close to VIXX’s N, especially as they are the same age. As a child, Jinhoo has always dreamt to be a singer. Jinhoo attended an academy that trained him to dance and sing. But Jinhoo never really tried out an audition because he wasn’t confident enough. Until one day, a friend of his asked him to join an audition. Almost all of the friends he had in the academy had joined auditions too. So, Jinhoo decided to give it a try too. And he ended up passing the audition. Jinhoo then left his hometown Changwon and trained in one of the K-pop companies in Seoul. Jinhoo went to a company found by a member of Shinhwa, Andy. As a trainee back then, Jinhoo had been a backup dancer for the senior group of Top Media, Teen Top in 2014. He also attended his senior group’s concert with other fellow trainees. Even when he was far away from his hometown, he got a lot of good and dependable friends.

UP10TION’s Jinhoo’s Debut

Jinhoo was a trainee for years. It started with his “too-good-to-be-true” dream until he finally became a trainee and was one step closer to achieving his dream. If he hadn’t listened to his friend to go for the K-pop audition, he would probably still be in his hometown and we wouldn’t know him as the amazing leader of UP10TION, Jinhoo. In 2015, finally, Jinhoo made his debut with the other trainees that have been training with him for years too. Jinhoo was the oldest member in the line-up, as well as the leader too. Besides him, there are Kuhn, Kogyeol, Jinhyuk, Bit-to, Wooseok, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao. Since there are 10 members in total, the agency suggested appointing Kuhn to be the co-leader as well so he can help Jinhoo in leading the members. UP10TION made a debut on September 10th, 2015, by releasing a song titled “So Dangerous”. Let’s see the music video of UP10TION’s debut song!

It’s so good to see the boys who have been working hard to finally debut. The song is so easy to listen to, not to mention the dance that really matches with the songs. UP10TION’s debut song “So Dangerous” is just dangerously captivating! And don’t forget that the agency also released the dance practice of “So Dangerous”. So, if you are into dance and you want to cover the “So Dangerous” dance, just check out this video.

Now we can focus on the dance more and see how good Jinhoo is in dancing. He’s so talented even though he was so young back then, the other members too! What do you think about UP10TION’s debut era? They were all so stunning, right?

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