Well, it’s time to stop sleeping on the precious talent of a K-pop group from the 3rd generation era. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the members of the 3rd generation of K-pop who have been working really hard to show their talent on stage and off stage. Not only he is a talented idol, but he is also extremely handsome and has the type of visual that is so stunning and can’t be found in any other idol! It’s Kuhn from UP10TION! Let’s discuss this talented member of UP10TION, Kuhn, in the sections that follow below!

UP10TION’s Kuhn’s Profile

In UP10TION, Kuhn is in charge of the vice leader, lead rapper, and vocalist positions. Kuhn became the “vice leader” because he is the second oldest member of the group. And since the group has a lot of members, the company suggested making him the “vice leader” who can help the leader, Jinhoo, to discipline and lead the group. Let’s learn more about Kuhn’s basic info by checking out his profile information below! Full name: No Soo-il Korean Stage Name: 쿤 Korean Real Name: 노수일 Stage Name: Kuhn Nickname: Trustworthy, No Soo-il living in Ansan, Ansano, Heavy, Tou-il, etc Birthplace: Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, idol Height: 184 cm Weight: 70 kg Birthday: November 11th, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Chinese Zodiac: Pig Position: Lead dancer, lead vocalist, vice leader Blood type: O type (Rh-) MBTI type: ENFP Debut: 2015 Agency: TOP Media

UP10TION’s Kuhn’s Facts

Kuhn is called Kuhn, the flame man. He’s also in charge of the “muscle” of the team since he has a nice body. Kuhn’s specialty is beatboxing. Kuhn’s diet is having hamburgers and pizza. One of Kuhn’s celebrity friends is Heo Chan from Victon. Kuhn listed Chan’s phone number in his phone as “빅찬허톤” or Vic-Chan-Heo-ton (he reversed the name). Kuhn said that when he debuted he was so happy because his parents are so proud of him. His grandfather and aunt were talking about him proudly in church too. Kuhn once went to a cinema with his guy friends and they were crying because of the movie (even used tissue too!). Even so, Kuhn claimed that he has a manly personality, that’s why his members tend to follow him as the vice leader. Kuhn’s birthday is a pretty number, November 11 = 1111. Kuhn said that he is in charge of keeping the members quiet if they become noisy. The rappers that Kuhn likes are Doc2 and Beenzino. If Kuhn has to describe himself with just three words, he will describe himself as: “strong”, “manly”, and “having a sensitive heart like a girl.”

UP10TION’s Kuhn Before Debut

Kuhn, as you may already know from his profile, was born with the name No Soo-il. In an interview, Kuhn revealed that his real name Soo means excellent, and Il means one. So it means that Soo-il is the excellent one. Just like Kuhn, or No Soo-il we know that he really is excellent! Kuhn was born on November 11th, 1995. Kuhn lived with his parents and he’s the only child in his family. Glad that he has nine members to be his brothers now in Seoul. Actually, Kuhn was from Ansan City, Gyeonggi-do. Kuhn spent his childhood to his teenage years there. Kuhn probably had never imagined being an idol before. Instead, he planned to attend a college majoring in the Hotel Management Administration department. Even though he hated studying during vacation. Until one day, Kuhn’s junior from the dance club that he attended asked him to cheer on them for an audition that they participated in. Kuhn agreed and went there, but ended up being cast in the audition. Kuhn didn’t expect that but he’d like to give it a try since he was interested in music and dance too. So, Kuhn tried out the audition and passed it. Since then, Kuhn moved to Seoul and became a trainee there. Kuhn became the sixth member to join the group that later became known as UP10TION.

UP10TION’s Kuhn’s Debut

Kuhn’s journey to becoming an idol was probably quite surprising. Well, he hadn’t set a goal to be an idol but he ended up becoming one. That just shows how amazing Kuhn is. Even though he didn’t prepare years before he became a trainee, Kuhn was already into dancing and singing as he had joined a dance club in his school. So, his dancing skills are not something to worry about. Kuhn lives the life of a trainee for years until the other members and himself are ready to debut. In 2015, the agency that he was in, TOP Media (the same agency as Teen Top) made an announcement about the debut of their upcoming boy group. The group’s name is UP10TION. The number 10 in the group’s name refers to the number of members of the group, who are Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Jinhyuk, Bit-to, Wooseok, Sunyoul, Hwanhee, Gyujin, and Xiao. As we already know that Kuhn’s real name is No Soo-il, he didn’t go by Soo-il for his stage name. Instead, he used Kuhn which means “land” in Chinese characters. This means that Kuhn can be the ground that holds creatures. Just like Kuhn’s role in the group, as the vice leader whom the other members can lean on. UP10TION made their official debut by releasing a song titled “So Dangerous” on September 10th, 2015. Let’s check out the music video of “So Dangerous”. Just like the title, the song is really dangerous!

And now, it’s time to see the dance practice of “So Dangerous” so we can focus better on their dancing skills. It seems that all 10 members of UP10TION are really amazing dancers!

What do you think about UP10TION’s debut era? Their debut song is really amazing, right? Just as dangerous as their name, they are all so appealing from day one!

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