Full Profile of UP10TION’s Xiao

Birth Name: Lee Dong Yeol (이동열) Stage Name: Xiao (샤오) Birth: Busan, South Korea, December 13, 1998 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: B Height: 178 cm Weight: 58 kg Position in UP10TION: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist Occupation: Singer Years Active: 2015 – Present Label: TOP Media Associated With: UP10TION Instagram: @2._.45x

UP10TION’s Xiao’s Fun Facts That You Need To Know!

Xiao’s family consists of a father, mother, sister, and younger brother Xiao’s nicknames are 245 and Fat Tongue He attended Dongju Middle School, Incheon Yeil High School, and transferred to Hanlim Multi Art School Xiao is a preppy person He is the best at aegyo in UP10TION He loves to sing for his parents If Xiao didn’t make it to be a singer, he would have become a teacher Xiao’s favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream He likes SHINee’s Taemin His MBTI type is INFP Xiao’s pre-ritual before shows is wearing perfume Xiao was classmates and friends with SF9’s Hwiyoung, CLC’s Eunbin, and The Boyz’s Haknyeon Xiao and VICTON’s Hanse are best friends since they went to the same high school before Xiao got transferred to Hanlim

Are You Curious About UP10TION’s Xiao’s Ideal Type?

As K-pop idol fans, people are often curious about their idol’s ideal type. For UP10TION’s Xiao, his ideal type is quite interesting! He once revealed that he likes someone who looks cute but sexy at the same time, who is good at playing push and pull, and who is near his height. Since Xiao is also good with aegyo, no wonder that he prefers someone who looks cute, right?

More Details About UP10TION’s Xiao’s Pre-Debut Era

Ever since he was younger, Xiao has dreamed of becoming a singer. However, he thought that if his dream fails, he would become a teacher instead. Luckily, his dream slowly came true! It all started when Xiao uploaded a selfie of himself to an online community website for people who wanted to be singers. After that, his selfie was seen by many people including TOP Media staff, and he got an audition offer. Xiao performed 2AM’s “This Song” and Kim Yeonwoo’s “Parting Taxi” for his audition songs. After he was selected, Xiao underwent his trainee days and made his debut as a UP10TION member in 2015!

Xiao’s Debut in UP10TION

Xiao’s teaser debut as an UP10TION member was announced on September 6, 2015, followed by the group’s official debut on September 10, 2015, through the mini-album Top Secret. At debut, UP10TION consisted of ten members with Xiao as the group’s lead dancer, maknae, and sub vocalist. From Top Secret, UP10TION chose “So, Dangerous” as the title track and performed the song for the first time on the group’s debut showcase at AX Concert Hall in Seoul, South Korea, which was attended by 500 fans. Then, the group made its first appearance on the music program M! COUNTDOWN and perform “So, Dangerous.”

Xiao and the other members drew attention from the public. The “So, Dangerous” music video finished at 9th place on Billboard’s Most Viewed K-Pop Videos in America!

UP10TION’s Xiao’s Focus Fancams Here!

Don’t miss these fabulous fancam videos of UP10TION’s Xiao!

During the “Your Gravity” performance, Xiao looks fine with his silky black hair and light blue outfit! Right after the music started, Xiao steals attention from the crowd as the opening!

Through the “Spin Off” live stage, Xiao looks very attractive and tempting with his outfit! Moreover, his hair looks slightly longer than before, and it accentuates his visuals well!

Xiao always finds a way to make the fans fall for his charisma! From the black hair to metallic blue hair, his hair transformation has increased his visual’s charms on another level! Not to mention his amazing voice and stand-out dance that make us want more of them!

UP10TION’s Xiao’s Jaw-Dropping Abs

Each UP10TION member has individual charms, and Xiao and Wooshin or Kim Wooseok are popularly known for their nice-shaped bodies and amazing abs! On certain occasions, Xiao shows off his abs to fans such as at fan meetings and during the group’s stage performances! Even the members called Xiao’s abs Abalone Abs and praised his abs as well! Let’s take a look at UP10TION’s Xiao’s abs here:

Is It True That UP10TION’s Xiao and DIA’s Eunchae Are Dating?

Honey10 (UP10TION’s fandom name) was surprised and curious about Xiao’s dating rumor in 2018. All of a sudden, there was a dating rumor between UP10TION’s Xiao and DIA’s Eunchae! It all started when the fans believed that they found some evidence that the two idols were dating secretly. They noticed that Xiao was using the #GoodNight hashtag during DIA’s “Good Night” promotions era, and they argued about Xiao and Eunchae having a set of piglet dolls. However, there was no official statement from either Xiao or Eunchae’s agencies regarding the rumors. Even other fans thought that the evidence wasn’t strong enough to prove that they were dating. Well, what do you think? As one of the rising K-pop idols, Xiao has a lot of charms that make us adore him even more! When you watch his stage performance, we bet you won’t blink even a second! Well, is Xiao your bias in UP10TION? Write your comment down below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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