In this article, Channel-Korea has prepared a detailed rundown of information about a member of UP10TION who holds the position of lead dancer. Not only that, but he is also a member who is in charge of being the group’s alarm. Are you curious about him? Well, let’s check out the sea of information about UP10TION’s Gyu-jin: starting from his full profile, fun facts, and a lot more, in this article below.

UP10TION’s Gyujin: Profile

Real Name: Han Gyu-jin (Hangul: 한규진) Stage Name: Gyu-jin (Hangul: 규진) Place and Date of Birth: Gyeonggi-do, Icheon, South Korea, November 21st, 1997 Star Sign: Scorpio Height: 181 cm (5’11″) Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs) Blood Type: AB Position in the group: Lead Dancer, Vocalist Education: Hyoyang High School (Graduated) Nationality: Korean Official Site: Instagram (@nix_uyg)

UP10TION’s Gyujin: Fun Facts

UP10TION’s Gyujin: Debut Era

When they just debuted, UP10TION were more confident than anyone, saying, “We can choose our taste.” With 10 members in the original line-up, it was an appealing point that emphasized the fact that they had various charms. The fact that they came out as Teen Top’s younger brother group also contributed to attracting attention. UP10TION, who boldly appeared in the music industry, have released up to 3 albums without a break after their debut. Through an interview from Tenasia that was held on July 9th, 2016, UP10TION’s Gyujin shared his feelings during his debut era by saying, “After successfully completing our 3rd album Spotlight, we also debuted in Japan. I am having a busy day. I was surprised to see so many fans waiting at the airport.” “I was touched by how kind and caring they were. Before going on the showcase stage, I was moved by waiting. It was my first time seeing so many people and it was amazing,” he said. He also shared information about his relationship with the members that must have been different from the first time. “In the old days, each person had a strong opinion. If we only talked about our own arguments, now it’s time to gather our opinions as one. We try to get along with each other and take care of each other.” UP10TION also held another interview with New Daily on October 15th, 2015. UP10TION, a rookie group that entered the music industry with the title of Teen Top’s younger brother group at that time. Although they are newcomers who are now in their first month of debut, their presence has already been strong enough to shake the music world. They also have had the school uniforms as a challenge for a boy group at least once during their debut era. UP10TION’s Gyujin shared his thoughts about their debut concept by saying, “The first plan was to wear training clothes. I accidentally wore a school uniform and it matched the mood of the title song so well. Apparently, our fan base has a lot of middle and high school students, so I think they like the way we look in school uniforms.”

UP10TION’s Gyujin: Character in the Group

UP10TION’s Gyujin is characterized by thick eyebrows and for this reason, he continued to wear the nickname Jjjanggu’s Eyebrows. His facial features are clear and his eyes are deep. While filming Rising! UP10TION in 2015, he ate drunken tofu together with his fellow member Lee Jinhyuk. UP10TION’s Gyujin is also one of the members who is silent when appearing on TV or radio. In addition, since his position itself is not the main, it may be easy to be buried in some ways, but he actually was chosen as ending fairy. He is usually located in the middle of the back and plays a role in leading the stage by occupying the center at an important point. Many people don’t know if it’s because his voice is low-mid, or for the same reason listed above, but he seems to be a special presence on a special stage. UP10TION’s Gyujin is a good member as well. In U10TV and U10SECONDS, he faithfully plays the role of Gyuri Reporter and reports the team’s daily life. You may think that he’s probably the closest member to the top of the team, but he’s actually one of the members in the maknae line. On a radio show, the members even admitted that Gyujin was the funniest member when he wasn’t on the air. He is a member who has noticeably increased fanbase in number during his recent promotions. During the “Light” promotion, he took the opening center and solo part. During the “Destiny” promotion, he took the opening center and the 3-verse refrain. If you look at the stages of past activities, you can see how much the weight has increased. He is known as a member who often exercises with Jinhoo. He also mentioned that he can do quite a lot of exercise. Additionally, the members also mentioned that he eats 2 bags of chicken breast as a diet, and they even mentioned it themselves. Aside from that, UP10TION’s Gyujin’s relationship with member Gogyeol is quite strange, the so-called close 42 (between). They claimed that their relationship is not awkward, but there are quite a few instances where silence flows or a merry-go-round floats when they hold broadcasts together. In the past, UP10TION’s Gyujin’s position was just a sub-vocal, but at some point, he found that the dancer position was added and he was very proud of having an additional position as time went by. Well, that was all the information about UP10TION’s Gyujin; from his full profile, fun facts, debut era, to his character in the group. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea.

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