Hyomin has taken part in the KBS Invincible Youth variety show and also in several dramas such as My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox and also Gyebaek. Hyomin has also been the main actress in her first big-screen appearance, the movie Gisaeng Ryung with the theme of horror. In 2012, Hyomin took part in the Chinese version of We Got Married, and was paired with BoBo’s Chinese band member Fu Xin-bo. She debuted as a solo artist with her debut mini-album Make Up on June 30th, 2014. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with updates on Hyomin’s career: starting from her departure from MBK Entertainment, signing with a new agency, her solo album, to her latest news. So, stay tuned!

Hyomin’s Departure From MBK Entertainment

On January 3rd, 2018, Hyomin let her fans know about T-ara’s situation through her Instagram. She said that the members of T-ara have said goodbye to their agency, MBK Entertainment who had been sheltering them for 10 years. But, Hyomin assured fans that they would find ways to continue to exist in the future.

A post shared by ʜʏᴏⓂ️ɪɴ (@hyominnn) on Jan 3, 2018 at 3:00am PST Hyomin wrote a letter to the fans on her Instagram. “I wrote the letter for the first time in the New Year. You’re doing well, right? We said goodbye last year (2017) to our agency who has been with us for 10 years. But do not worry. Even though I can’t say anything tangible, our members will continue to be together, wherever and whenever. We are taking time for ourselves and relaxing for the first time in a while. We decided to consider carefully how we can prepare many opportunities to be together with fans in the future. Of course, we will also meet our fans separately too. I feel grateful once more for the things that I got during that time. Since I was young and only thought I would receive love until now when I started being separated from the knowledge that I would not be able to receive love. I’m also nervous and excited about a fresh start. But to be honest, I’m also a little careful to say goodbye to the agency after going through the joy and sadness with them for 10 years. It feels like breaking up with your lover. I also want to say to fans that I sincerely thank you for your continuous support for the past 10 years, even though this is not the end. Also, you all worked hard! And for all of our fans, I’ll get good news for you soon. So, please don’t worry too much and please wait. I hope you achieve everything you want by 2018, and a happy New Year!” MBK Entertainment stated, “It has been decided that Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, and Jiyeon from T-ara will not renew their contracts again.” The agency said it was all outside the plan, when their contracts expired at the end of December 2017.

Hyomin Joined Sublime Artist Agency

T-Ara’s Hyomin has found a new home! T-Ara’s Hyomin has a contract with the Sublime Artist Agency. She has been preparing for her solo comeback with this new label in the first half of this year, where she is preparing to show her artist side to the public. Sublime Artist Agency said, “We have created a good relationship with Hyomin. She is a singer who has more passion than anyone else in music, and we will show full support to her. Hyomin wants to return greeting the fans who have been waiting for her. We are planning a surprise news in the near future, so please show her lots of interest and attention.” Hyomin and three other members of T-ara left MBK Entertainment in January 2018, but have stated that they intend to continue promoting as a girl group.

Hyomin Released Her Third Mini-Album, Allure

T-Ara’s Hyomin became the next K-Pop idol to carry out a comeback in February 2019. On Wednesday (20/02), Hyomin released a new mini-album for the first time since the last time when she released Sketch in 2016. Through her solo comeback this time, Hyomin released her third solo mini-album titled Allure and a music video of the same title. The song titled “Allure/Lip Corner” (입꼬리) was chosen as the title track of a total of seven songs in this new album. It was stated that this album contained various song genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and ballad. Different from the songs she had previously released, this time, Hyomin presented more funky music with pop dance songs which certainly will make us all want to dance together while listening to them.

In January, Hyomin also released a music video for her special single titled “U Um U Um.”

Stage Performances

Hyomin’s Solo Discography

Make Up (2014) Sketch (2016) Allure (2019) Nice Body (2014) Gold (2016) Mango (2018) U Um U Um (2019) Color Pink (2008) N-Time (2009) Wonder Woman (2010) Coffee House OST Part 3 – Coffee Over Milk (2010) Beautiful Girl (2011)

Hyomin’s Music Videos

Collaboration with VT Cosmetics and KODI

VT Cosmetics & KODI have joined hands with #Hyomin (#효민) to launch a new cosmetics brand #MINITT (#미닛) on February 25th. Hyomin personally participated in the planning and development; it is an artistic brand that conveys the inspiration and practice of colorful and creative life. The brand name MINITT combines MIN+MINUTE, which holds the meaning “wait, and fall into the charms of MINITT in just a moment.” Artistic cosmetic brand MINITT’s slogan is “between art and beauty, our own fun atelier, draw your color, draw our MINITT.” https://twitter.com/tiaradiadem/status/1096412867799252992?s=20

Hyomin in Let’s Eat Dinner Together

On the 119th episode of JTBC’s Let’s Eat Dinner Together, T-ara’s Hyomin was one of the guests invited to the program with Kang Min-kyung from Davichi. The T-Ara’s member walked in a neighborhood to find someone’s home who was willing to invite them to eat. Hyomin teamed up with Kang Ho-dong and finally they managed to find a family who was willing to take them to dinner. While enjoying the food, Kang Ho-dong starts talking about bad comments. Kang Ho-dong raised this topic because the family who invited them to eat worked as a content creator. So he was worried that the family would get hurt because of bad comments. Responding to this, Hyomin said that she tried to find positive comments about her. “I’m trying to find positive comments (about myself),” Hyomin said. One of the emcees responded to Hyomin’s words wisely. “Don’t pay attention to hateful comments. You don’t need to read things that are not good for your mental health,” she said. Hyomin then explained that she accidentally saw an bad comment while reading good comments directed at her. “If I don’t read comments at all, then I will never know the good comments given to me. So I read them all,” she said. Hyomin also said that she found it difficult to deal with haters who wrote malicious comments. Even so, she felt rescued by good comments from people. “Bad comments do make me difficult, but when I see positive comments, it gives me strength,” she said. Hyomin also revealed that he remembered all the good comments that had been made to her. She also claimed to have read all the comments fans gave her. “I remember all the good comments. I feel excited when I see comments that say ‘I appreciate his consistent hard work’,” Hyomin said. “I don’t want to see bad comments, but I want to see good comments so I finally read them all.”

— Thai QUEEN’S (@T_araTH) March 20, 2019

Hyomin Shares Letter After Longtime Fan Passes Away

On August 5, Hyomin shared photos of handwritten letters and screenshots on Instagram along with a photo of her wearing a hat. In the post, Hyomin said “I contacted you, because I really needed help. Yesterday morning, my friend died. I contacted you guys because he is someone who is a fan of T-ara since I debuted until now. Every time a song is released it asks friends to listen to it, promote it, attend all the fansigning, fanmeeting, and birthday parties. T-Ara’s songs are playing now on the incense altar. Last year at your birthday party, Jimin took your hat so he bragged about it and was very happy. I would be very happy if you could come see Jimin, but since this is a big request, I hope you will answer while respecting his memories.” In her letter, Hyomin wrote, “Jimin. I heard the unthinkable news today. The memory from that day still feels so real … Sorry I can’t be better than you guys. Many people including family and friends appreciate and love you, so forget all the painful and difficult things here, and I hope that only fun, happy things happen there.” She continued, “Thank you very much for always supporting me and the T-ara members, and giving us strength. I will never forget you. And I will work harder in life. Please keep us in heaven too …! Then rest Jimin comfortably … to Jimin who is in heaven. From Hyomin.” Hyomin also added, “Please pray that Jimin can rest comfortably.”

A post shared by ʜʏᴏⓂ️ɪɴ (@hyominnn) on Aug 4, 2019 at 10:09pm PDT

Hyomin Clarifies Past Rumors About T-ara Receiving Gifts From Chinese Businessman

Girl group member T-Ara clarified the past rumors about the group. Hyomin confirmed that the rumors of T-Ara receiving a car prize as well as a large sum of money from a businessman from China were always false. She even claimed to try to find out about these rumors. On August 7, Hyomin was present as a guest on Radio Star with Kim Jang-hoon, Don Spike, and UP10TION’s Lee Jin-hyuk. At this program she clarified the rumors about T-Ara getting a prize from a rich businessman. Previously a few years ago, rumors of T-ara had raised 9 billion won or approximately $ 7.4 million as a contract deposit. Rumors at the time also said that each member of the top-tier girl group received a supercar luxury car prize from Wang Sicong, a wealthy Chinese businessman, China. She shared, “As soon as I heard a rumor, I hoped it was true, so I tried to trace the truth. However, Wang Sicong has officially denied the claim.” Regarding her relationship with Wang Sicong, she added, “Even though he is not an entrepreneur associated with the entertainment industry, he established an agency for T-Ara. We do have a contract, but we don’t receive 9 billion won (around $ 7.4 billion) or supercars.” Besides that, Hyomin also mentioned that the rumor that she got a luxury car from her boyfriend was completely wrong. She actually revealed the supercar that she was driving was part of the promotion. She explained, “My friend works at a car dealer, and they want to do a promotion with a celebrity. They gave me a car for six months to promote it. That’s how the rumor began that my girlfriend gave it to me. After driving the car for 8 months, I returned it. Right now, I only drive my own car.”

Hyomin Celebrated T-ara’s 10th Anniversary

Do you still remember the song “Roly Poly” released in 2011? The song, performed by girl group T-Ara, was at the top of the South Korean charts, and made T-Ara very popular at that time. The girl group under the agency MBK Entertainment made their debut in 2009, and on July 29th, T-Ara celebrated their 10th anniversary. The members made a broadcast on the live streaming platform, V Live, and celebrated their debut anniversary by posting on their respective social media. Through her personal Instagram account, member Hyomin, wrote that she felt grateful for the days that had passed. Not forgetting, she expressed her gratitude to the fans as well. “Our fans have a harder time than us. Thank you always, and I love you. I will not forget you. I will be even better for you from now on,” Hyomin wrote. In the live broadcast, members Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon, and Qri gathered to celebrate together. Compactly dressed in black and white, they greeted the audience with a cute style. The four of them lit the candle in the form of the number 10 and sang the song happy birthday. The candle on the cake brought by Eunjung was then blown by the four women. In the broadcast, Jiyeon also expressed her gratitude, for the support of T-Ara fans so far. “I don’t feel like it’s the 10th anniversary, but when I look back, I think a lot of things have happened. Thanks to Queens (as are called T-Ara’s fans), I’m very grateful and a little emotional. Thank you very much, and I love you,” said Jiyeon. As is well known, T-ara experienced a member being dismantled during the group career. Members who are members of the six-member formation, Boram and Soyeon also expressed their gratitude. For Soyeon, this is not just a celebration of the day of her 10th anniversary. “This is T-ara’s day, the group that made me like this, the 10th birthday. For the fans who are always with me, thank you. I want to thank you guys, especially today. Instead, I will continue to make good music and activities,” wrote Soyeon. In its journey, T-Ara has released four albums. The first album titled Absolute First Album was released in 2009. Then the album Jewelry Box in 2012. The third album Treasure Box in 2013 and the last Gossip Girls in 2014. In 2018 Hyomin, Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Qri decided not to renew their contract with MBK Entertainment. At that time, the agency did not declare that this group was disbanded. Shortly after several members left, MBK filed for the use of a patent for the name T-ara. For this, several T-Ara members filed objections and filed lawsuits. Despite being involved in a heated dispute, the filing of the MBK Entertainment’s Copyright for the name T-Ara was rejected by the South Korean Copyright agency.

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