VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Yoo Kang-min (유강민) Stage Name: Kangmin (강민) Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, January 25th, 2003 Age: 17 years old Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 173 cm Weight: 59 kg Blood Type: O Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-vocalist, Maknae, Visual Years Active: 2008–present Label: Jellyfish Entertainment Associated With: VERIVERY

VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s Interesting Facts That You Should Know

Kangmin is the only child in his family Kangmin received an audition offer from Jellyfish Entertainment when he attended a festival in his 8th grade, and at that time, he thought that it was a scam because he wasn’t interested in the entertainment industry and had never heard about that company He only trained for 8 months in Jellyfish Entertainment before making his debut as a VERIVERY member Currently, he’s attending Hanlim Multi Art High School His nicknames are Kangnaengi (the mixture of Kangmin and the word maknae) and also Kangmini The fans also call him All-Rounder He loves reading Webtoons, playing soccer, and watching dramas His favorite artist is HONNE His favorite color is white His MBTI personality is INFP Kangmin’s favorite foods are ramyeon, bread, and meat. He doesn’t like vegetables He’s scared of cats, heights, and waterslides Kangmin’s role model is VIXX’s Leo Kangmin also thought that his charming point was his active personality compared to other VERIVERY members His ideal type is someone who has a pretty smile and a nice personality

Debut Era with VERIVERY

VERIVERY officially debuted on January 9th, 2019, with the release of their debut single titled “Ring Ring Ring” included in their mini-album VERI-US. “Ring Ring Ring” emphasized the 90s concept filled with distinct 90s pop vibes music as well. Kangmin was introduced as the lead dancer and vocalist of VERIVERY with a gorgeous visual. Due to their attractive 90s concept, VERIVERY successfully gained a lot of recognition from people. The mixture of 90s music characteristics with a bright pop-up style, “Ring Ring Ring” has been one of the greatest debut singles among K-Pop groups in the music industry. Get more details on VERIVERY’s Kangmin during his debut era, here:

Debut Stage

VERIVERY was made their stage debut through M! COUNTDOWN where they performed the hit single “Ring Ring Ring”. It felt as though they brought up the cheerful euphoria and colorful vibes into the live stage as we could also see in their “Ring Ring Ring” music video. With a bright appearance and powerful charm, Kangmin and other VERIVERY members showed off their charms on their stage debut!

Music Video

The music video of “Ring Ring Ring” was released on the same date on January 9th, 2019. It portrayed the colorful and cheerful image of VERIVERY members, while the scenes also took place in various settings. There were scenes in an indoor field, a colorful neighborhood, an aesthetic photo box, and other amazing scenery as well.

VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s Focus Fancam

As one of the lead dancers and vocalists of VERIVERY, Kangmin easily hypnotized people with his performance, especially in his focus fancams. In every performance, Kangmin would appear with an undeniable charisma which completed his talent as well. Let’s take a look at his fancams:

Kangmin has brought his manly and sophisticated charm through one of the live performances of “G.B.T.B”. Usually, he would appear with a cheerful and adorable image, but this time, he looked totally different. With a black outfit and chain accessories, his performance of “G.B.T.B” looked beyond incredible, especially his powerful dance moves on the stage!

People could have imagined what would be like to take a look at VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s dance performance while he was in school from a focus fancam of the “Lay Back” performance. Kangmin has appeared with a uniform style outfit which reminded us of his real school uniform, and his preppy hairstyle which suited him very well.

VERIVERY’s Kangmin was looking effortlessly good-looking in the “Tag Tag Tag” performance with his boyish casual appearance. With the black hair and black outfit, his charm was something that you couldn’t resist, right? His cheeky smile during the performance and energetic dance appearance was the perfect mixture to slay the performance.

VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s School

Currently, Kangmin is one of the students in the art school Hanlim Multi Arts High School which is famously known as K-Pop idol school. There are a lot of K-Pop idols who have studied in this school, including VERIVERY’s Kangmin. Hanlim Multi Arts High School is located at 172 Chungmin-ro, Jangji-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The school also provides various departments which are suitable for students who are pursuing and show interest in the arts, such as Film Making, Fashion Modeling, Musical Theater, Broadcasting & Entertainment, Practical Dance, and Applied Music. All of the school facilities are helping students to practice and improve their skills through the auditorium, dance room, music room, and many more. The school’s uniform also became really famous due to K-Pop idols’ appearances with that thing. It consists of an elegant navy blazer with gold buttons and designed ribbons or ties. There are also summer uniforms with short sleeves and white colors. And here is VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s appearance with his school uniform of Hanlim Multi Arts High School.

VERIVERY’s Kangmin’s Ideal Type

Many people have been wondering, what is Kangmin’s ideal type? The fact that he has a sophisticated visual appearance and a bunch of talents, probably speaks volumes that his ideal type might be someone who is as stunning as him. However, his ideal type is actually quite modest. Kangmin has revealed that his ideal type is someone who has a pretty smile as well as a nice personality. It seems that he would be really happy to spend some quality time with a nice person who has a pretty smile, which sounds romantic yet splendid at the same time. That was all the information about VERIVEY’s Kangmin. From the beginning of his career journey, Kangmin has already proven how his hard work and experience brought him such great achievements in the entertainment industry. Let’s give him a lot of love and support!

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