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VERIVERY’s Yeonho’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Ju Yeon Ho (주연호) Stage Name: Yeonho (연호) Place and Date of Birth: Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, May 31st, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Blood Type: A Height: 176 cm Weight: 57 kg Position: Main Vocalist Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Model, Composer, Songwriter Years Active: 2019–present Label: Jellyfish Entertainment Associated With: VERIVERY

VERIVERY’S Yeonho’s Fun Facts That You Shouldn’t Miss

Yeonho’s family consists of his mother, father, and two older sisters Yeonho’s nicknames are Yeono and Joojjang Yeonho legally changed his name from Ju Ho to Yeonho in kindergarten He likes to watch movies and TV series His specialties are vocal, piano, guitar, and music composition Yeonho has helped to produce and write some of the VERIVERY songs He loves ice americano, latte with condensed milk, and mint choco ice cream Yeonho’s MBTI type is ENFP Yeonho is good at Kendo According to other members, Yeonho is the best singer and the second-best cooker Yeonho thinks his charms are his voice, his small ears, and snaggletooth

Wanna Know VERIVERY’s Yeonho’s Ideal Type?

As one of the rising K-Pop idols, Yeonho of VERIVERY has such attractive visuals and amazing vocals since he is the main vocalist. Many fans believe that he is a kind of ‘boyfriend’ material which also makes them curious about his ideal type. As he struggles to reach his dream as a K-Pop singer, Yeonho also likes someone who is kind and works hard in everything. Well, do you fit his ideal type?

VERIVERY’s Yeonho’s Appearance Before Debut

Long before his debut, Yeonho graduated from Goyang Middle School and Lila Art High School. The younger version of Yeonho had various dream jobs such as police officer, lawyer, prosecutor, doctor, or Korean medicine doctor. As he grew older, he started paying attention to music, he was even the lead singer of his high school band. Fortunately, Yeonho received an audition offer from the casting team of Jellyfish Entertainment and was convinced to join. After he got accepted, Yeonho was a trainee for two years, and eventually debuted with VERIVERY in 2019. Check out Yeonho’s pre-debut era, here:

Yeonho’s Debut with VERIVERY

On September 10th, 2018, Yeonho was the 5th member to be revealed by Jellyfish Entertainment as part of the lineup of VERIVERY. Later, on January 9th, 2019, Yeonho made his debut as VERIVERY’s main vocalist with the first mini-album Veri-Us and its title track “Ring Ring Ring”. Following the success of “Ring Ring Ring”, Yeonho and his fellow VERIVERY members also released the next singles “From Now” and “Tag Tag Tag” in the same year. If the first debut concept of “Ring Ring Ring” was youthful and bright, “From Now” and “Tag Tag Tag” came with different vibes. In the group, Yeonho also participated in producing and writing various songs. On March 20th, 2020, Yeonho with VERIVERY was confirmed to participate in Road to Kingdom. They released the new single “Beautiful-X” up to the final round and finished in 5th place.

VERIVERY’s Yeonho’s Fancam Performances

Yeonho looks extremely captivating on VERIVERY’s “G.B.T.B” performance! With the all-black outfit and dark hair, his charisma stands out even more. With his vocal performance, he surely proves his position as the main vocalist.

VERRER (VERIVERY’s fandom) must have been getting excited with Yeonho’s performance with the iconic mullet hair on “Get Away”. Through this fancam, we can notice the powerful dance of Yeonho has mixed perfectly with his strong voice.

Yeonho appeared in a casual style with his vibrant red shirt and black pants. VERRER must have been missing the “Tag Tag Tag” era, especially with Yeonho and his brown-highlighted hair. One thing’s for sure, his voice never goes wrong.

Check Out VERIVERY’s Yeonho’s Weight Transformation, Here!

If you took a look at Yeonho’s pre-debut pictures, you might have noticed the difference in his body features. Pre-debut Yeonho looked more adorable with chubby cheeks and maybe some extra weight. Turns out, Yeonho successfully lost a lot of weight since the pre-debut era with his hard work and a strict diet process during his trainee days. The fans were also impressed by his hard work, especially with Yeonho’s current appearance. He has achieved such an incredible weight loss transformation! Let’s take a look at Yeonho’s before and after diet appearance, here:   And that’s a wrap for today’s topic about VERIVERY’s Yeonho. From his profile to his weight loss transformation, we hope that we managed to quench your thirst for getting to him even better. What do you think about VERIVERY’s Yeonho and his amazing vocal skills? Kindly drop your comment down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your Twitter or Instagram!

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