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VERIVERY’s Yong-seung’s profile

Stage Name: Yongseung (용승) Birth Name: Kim Yong-seung (김용승) Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist Birthday: June 17th, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Height: 178 cm (5’10″) Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs) Blood Type: B Nationality: Korean  

VERIVERY’s Yong-seung’s facts

Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea, is his birthplace When he was 8, he moved to Yangju, Gyeonggi Province He is the only child of the family He filled the position of the main dancer and sub-vocalist of the group His label is Jellyfish Entertainment In VERIVERY, he is part of the maknae line YongBot and YongWang (Yong king) are his nicknames He studied at SOPA (School of Performing Arts) and graduated on February 15th In SOPA, he was in the same class as D-CRUNCH’s Chanyoung and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin He was a Jellyfish trainee for two years and six months since August 31st, 2016 His MBTI is ENFJ On September 6th, 2018, he became the 4th member of VERIVERY According to him, his charming point is that he has a different mindset than the others His favorite ice cream flavor is caramel He changes his favorite color frequently He is a big fan of Rubik’s Cubes and he collects them at home Meat, sandwiches, StarCraft, UFC, Rubik’s Cube, and books are some of the things he enjoys Soda or instant noodles are some of the things he dislikes Playing the piano is one of his specialties He’s a bad Jenga player He said that he mostly feels awkward when he’s alone with Dongheon He likes organizing things and making lists of everything He has been dancing since he was in the 6th grade He has contributed to writing lyrics for several VERIVERY songs Doing splits is one of his specialties He likes to grow his own plants and he owns a veranda His favorite artist is Jason Mraz He is a roommate of Minchan, Kangmin, and Gyehyeon in VERIVERY‘s dorm He hasn’t had an ideal type yet


VERIVERY’s Yong-seung prior to debut

The news of VERIVERY’s debut was confirmed by Jellyfish Entertainment on August 23rd, 2018. The group is said to be the second Jellyfish Entertainment boy group after VIXX, which debuted back in 2012. It was reported that the group would be a seven-member boy group called VERIVERY, which was derived from the Latin word ‘veri’ which means ‘truth’ and the English word ‘very’. The adjective words ‘various’, ‘energetic’, ‘real’ and ‘innovation’ are formed together into the name VERIVERY with the hope that the group would embody those characteristics. Prior to their official debut, VERIVERY had their own reality show program where they were showing their daily lives and how they grew as teammates. The program was titled Now Verivery: Real Road Movie and was broadcast on Mnet from September 2018, where they were planning to debut in late 2018 or early 2019. They also sang the theme song for the program titled “Super Special,” which was released on September 21st, 2018.

The group also released individual photo teasers and a behind the scenes video. Yong-seung became the fourth member to be introduced on September 6th, 2018.

From the beginning, Yong-seung has been known to be the dancing machine of the group. His powerful energetic and detailed moves combined with his serious passion brought him a position as a main dancer in the group. His talent has also shown ever since he was a child in junior high school. Check out some of his raw talents in his pre-debut footages below!


VERIVERY’s Yong-seung’s debut era

With the release of four teaser videos, it was revealed on December 21st, 2018, that VERIVERY would debut at an early date next year. The group released their individual teaser photos from December 27th to 29th, 2018, followed by unit teaser photos on December 3rd, 2018, and album covers on January 2nd, 2018. The group then released their individual character teasers a week prior to their debut, from January 3rd to January 6th, 2018. The group also revealed their highlight medley on January 7th, 2018. It was known that their debut song would be titled “Ring Ring Ring,” and the music video teaser was released on January 8th, 2020.

After dropping several individual teasers and a pre-debut TV show, VERIVERY finally debuted on January 9th, 2019, with the release of their 1st mini-album (EP) VERI-US.

The group brought up cute, bright, boy-next-door concepts as they danced in the clouds with colorful outfits. As this would be Jellyfish Entertainment’s new boy group after six years excitement was present in their debut, with the debut MV reaching 3 million views up to now. Warm responses also came from fans who commented about their excitement regarding VIXX’s ‘brother’ group. “VERIVERY is VIXX’s little brother group, so I had to check them out! Ooooh I loooove the direction of their music so far! Super Special and Ring Ring Ring have this super nostalgic vibe thanks to their choice in synths and snares and I loooove it! It sorta reminds me of SHINee’s 1 of 1 era! The colors and style in the MV are so vibrant and cute just like the boys! Looking forward to the rest of the album <3,” a fan commented. “I loved their pre-release. I’m disgustingly in love with this song. Both VERIVERY and ONEUS had super strong debuts yesterday omfggggg,” another fan commented. “This is such a early 90s throwback. I love it. All it’s missing is a VHS film grain type effect,” added another. Though the group didn’t reach the winner position upon their debut, it was safe to say that they had a bright future with the direction that they were headed. So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding the dancing machine of VERIVERY—Yong-seung! What do you think about him? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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