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Full Profile of Victon’s Chan

Stage Name: Chan (찬) Birth Name: Heo Chan (허찬) Birthday: December 14, 1995 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Height: 177 cm (5’10”) Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: South Korean MBTI Type: ENFJ Representative Emoji 🦖 Instagram: @nahc_xxh


Victon’s Chan’s Fun Facts That You Need to Know

Seongnam, South Korea, is his hometown. He is the younger brother of Madtown’s Heojun. Some of his nicknames are Agumon and Dinosaur (from his childhood). He studied at Hanlim Multi Art School as a practical dance major and was in the same graduating class with BTOB’s Sungjae. He filled the position of main dancer and vocalist in Victon. He transferred to the dance department of a university, but his agency forced me to drop out, so he ended up dropping out after the first semester’s final exams. Urban and hip-hop are his favorite types of dance. He is a talkative person. Iron Man is his favorite superhero. He is notorious for his adorable set of dimples. He is described as the mood maker of the group. ESFJ-T is his MBTI. He owns a spitz dog named Ruby. He filled the role of “uncle” in Victon’s family. He wants to forget that he cried during the Vlive broadcast on his birthday. He is a passionate dancer. He joined the junior swimming team at his elementary school. He is very flexible and can move his head and body separately while dancing. He wants to collaborate with B2ST’s Yong Junhyung and B1A4’s Jinyoung. He likes to collect shoes and limited edition clothes. It is said that there were more than 20 pairs of shoes that he brought when entering a hostel. He hates needles. He has a favorable first impression toward Byungchan and Seungsik. He is a fan of B2ST, especially Kikwang. He is a good friend of GoldenChild’s Daeyeol and UP10TION’s Kuhn. He used to train together with The Boyz’s Sangyeon, Yoon Ji-sung, AlphaBAT’s B.eta, and WOODZ. He has acquired a driver’s license. He dislikes kimchi and seafood. When he was young, he ate kimchi with oysters and was taken to the hospital for food poisoning, so he can’t eat kimchi because of the trauma. He’s allergic to shellfish, so he can’t eat seafood. He used to be a backup dancer for Apink and T-Ara N4. He is a former trainee of C-JES, MBK Entertainment, and TOP Media. He sweats a lot. He prefers chicken over pizza. He likes cola and he describes Coke as the pleasure of life. Among the coffee types, he mostly prefers a caramel macchiato. He likes to eat spicy food. He doesn’t like alcohol, so he doesn’t drink well. He said that his strength is that when he falls, for one thing, he’ll cling to it until the end, and his weakness is when he continues to be like that and gets obsessed over it. He practices Buddhism. His original dream was to become a dance instructor. The corners of his lips are his unique points. He polishes his shoes regularly. He went to the same school as Ong Seongwoo. He idolizes singer Rain. He was a guest star on JTBC’s Shall We Walk Together. It is said that when he was young, he bought Yu-Gi-Oh! cards with money that his parents gave him to buy supplies with. He said he saw a ghost while practicing in the practice room, a female ghost looking at him upside down in the vocal room. He would confess to someone he likes over the phone because he would be too embarrassed to do it in person. He described his ideal type as “Someone who only likes me and has a pretty smile.” His self-composed song “Eyes on You” was featured on the 8th track in Victon’s 1st regular album VOICE: The Future Is Now. His motto is “It could be.” He drinks water unusually through the side of his mouth. He has good eyesight. “@[email protected]” is a frequently used emoticon when he is tired. He is the last member of Victon to open an Instagram account. He said that among the members, he has the best luck. He prefers styling that is not flashy, like a clean and neat style. He has pierced ears, but he doesn’t wear earrings because he thinks the appearance without them suits him better.


Chan’s Pre-Debut and Official Debut with Victon

Chan has been a trainee since the end of middle school (before the entrance ceremony for high school) and has the longest trainee experience among the other Victon members. He worked as a trainee at many management companies such as J-tune, C-JES, TOP Media, MBK Entertainment, and other unknown companies. At the age of 16, he started working as a trainee at MBK Entertainment where he would spend his days as a trainee along with WOODZ and The Boyz‘s members. He also has been active as a backup dancer and appeared as a backup dancer in music videos for Tiara N4. When auditioning for Plan A Entertainment (his current agency), he passed the public audition for the first time of A Cube and became the first male trainee of A Cube. He then became a backup dancer at the concert of his agency’s senior, Apink. After a long wait of being a trainee in various agencies, Chan finally was set to debut in a 7-member group called Victon under Plan A Entertainment. His individual teaser was released on November 3, 2016- 6 days before his official debut.

Victon stands for “Voice to New World” and is the first boy group under Plan A Entertainment which changed its name to Play M Entertainment. Besides Chan, members of Victon include Seungwoo, Hanse, Byungchan, Sejun, Subin, and Seungsik. The group was first introduced to the public through a variety show titled Me & 7 Men, which aired on Mnet in August 2016. After the final episode of the variety show, Victon made its debut with the first EP entitled Voice to New World and the title track “I’m Fine” which kicked off its career in the K-pop industry. Check out their debut bop below!


Victon’s Chan’s Visual and Personality

There are some noticeable unique features of Chan that fans noticed such as inner double eyelids that appear thick whenever he’s sleepy, tear spots under his left eye, thick lips, and of course, his glorious dimples on both cheeks. Although almost all of Victon’s members have dimples, among them, Chan’s dimples are the deepest. At first glance, Chan gave a good impression due to his smiling eyes, and he even received a lot of calls saying that many people wanted to be friends with him. He was also selected as Victon’s most handsome and best visual according to the other Victon visual Byung-chan. And, it is also said that his appearances on the screen and in real life are exactly the same.

(Don’t you want to get suck in those dimples?) Despite his playfulness, he also has a sensitive side as he is a person with emotions, and he cries sometimes. When he is embarrassed, he tends to get a fever and redness in his ears. That’s why he often holds his ears to cool off.

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