In this article, Channel Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Han Seung-woo: his full profile, his discography, he and Han Sun-hwa, his appearance in Produce X 101, being a member of X1, his sexy moments, his Tattoo, his Instagram, and of course, his latest news.

Han Seung-woo’s Full Profile

Han Seung-woo is a South Korea idol who was born on December 24th, 1994, in Busan, South Korea. He was born a day before Christmas day. His real name is Han Seung-woo and he has the stage name Seung-woo. Seung-woo has parents and two older sisters in his family. One of his sisters is Secret’s Han Sun-hwa which is one of the popular girl groups in South Korea. In November 2016 Seung-woo became a member of boy band VICTON that debuted under Plan A Entertainment, the same agency as the famous singer Huh Gak and popular girl group A-Pink. In VICTON, Seung-woo’s position is leader, lead rapper, lead vocalist, lead dancer, and he also is the older member of the group. Seung-woo has a pretty proportional body with a height reach of 184 cm and a weight of 63 kg. He also has a handsome and manly look that can make every girl greedy and unable to get enough of looking at him just in one glance. Seung-woo’s personality is shy but friendly and outgoing at the same time. It matches his blood type which is B. His hobbies encompass playing football, composing, writing lyrics, spending time alone, and reading. He’s typically someone who enjoys doing activities alone and enjoys me-time pretty well. According to the Marie Claire March 2017 Issue, Seung-woo has three priorities in his life which are himself, his family, and people around him including his friends, and his future. Han Seung-woo’s favorite food is beef jerky. He likes to do martial arts and he really hates bugs and dust.

Han Seung-woo’s Discography

After debuting with VICTON in 2016, Seung-woo with his fellow members released many albums and single albums. They started with Voice to New World in 2016 released on the same day as their debut. Then in 2017, they released three mini-albums, namely Ready in March, Identity in August, and From VICTON in November. Nostalgia came up in November 2019, and recently, the new album Continuous was released on March 9th, 2020. VICTON have two single albums, Time of Sorrow which was released in May 2018 and Mayday, which was released in 2020. They also have a few singles, such as “I’m Fine,” “Eyez Eyez,” “Unbelievable,” “Remember Me,” “Time of Sorrow,” “Nostalgic Night,” and “Howling.” When Han Seung-woo was promoting with X1 members, they just had one single album titled Emergency: Quantum Leap with the title track “Flash.”

Han Seung-woo and Han Sun-hwa

Idol and actress Han Sun-hwa is one of Han Seung-woo’s older sisters. Both of them have careers in entertainment as idols, namely Han Seung-woo as a member of VICTON and Han Sun-hwa as a member of Secret. These siblings have a close relationship and support each other. However, even though they are close, they do have a lot of differences beside the similarities in their personalities. According to Soompi, Han Sun-hwa talked about her and her younger brother’s similarities and differences between each other. She said that both her brother and she are the type that works hard in their career, but they are different. She also shared how proud she is of her brother working hard that she has been supporting and encouraging him from behind as he has been making his way step by step.

Han Seung-woo in Produce x 101

On November 9th, 2016, Han Seung-woo made his debut as a K-Pop idol with the group VICTON under Plan A Entertainment. Unfortunately, the group was underrated at that time, but the members never gave up on promoting their group. In early 2019, VICTON’s leader Han Seung-woo and his fellow member, Choi Byung-chan took part in the South Korean survival program Produce X 101. Han Seung-woo took a hiatus from VICTON and was competing as a trainee in this program. He was a competitor for about three months with the other trainees and in the final episode, he reached the third rank. During his time as a trainee of Produce X 101, Seung-woo got closer with the other trainees. He was recognized as an older brother who has amazing leader ability, is calm, a warm-hearted man, friendly, handsome, caring, and loving personality which made the other trainees feel very comfortable around him. After PDX101’s final result was announced, the eleven members debuted as part of the project idol group called X1. However, Seung-woo took more time for his hiatus from his group and doing activities with X1. He will go back to his group after the projects with X1 come to an end.

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