Victon is one of the groups that took years before finally winning in a music show. The road is indeed hard, but they did not give up and trusted the fans. In 2019, Victon won their first win in MTV’s The Show. Victon started to gain more recognition when some of their members joined a survival show. Fortunately, now people don’t sleep on their talent anymore. So, let’s get to know more about Victon in this article. But, we won’t be discussing the whole group in general. Instead, we will talk about one of their members, Do Hanse. Keep on scrolling to find out more about Hanse from Victon!

Victon’s Hanse’s Profile

Full Name: Do Hanse Korean Name: 도한세 Stage Name: Hanse Nicknames: Sese, Hantte, Senyang, Dottubi, Dyojeong, Doan Se, Dorenji, etc. Birthplace: Seo-gu, Incheon-si, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 176 cm Weight: 62 kg Birthdate: September 25, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Libra Chinese Zodiac: Ox Education:

Incheon Cheongna Middle School Incheon Yeil High School

Position: Main rapper, lead dancer Occupation: Singer, idol Blood type: A MBTI Type: ESTJ Family: Parents, younger sister Religion: Protestant Debut: November 2016 Agency: Play M Entertainment Instagram: @dxhxnxe

Victon’s Hanse’s Facts

Hanse joined Plan A Entertainment, now known as Play M Entertainment, on February 2, 2015. Before his debut, Hanse became a guest in Huh Gak’s concert as a rapper, a singer from his company. Hanse is scared of cats. Hanse is a big fan of the youngest member of his team, Subin. Hanse usually uses a low voice, but when he does aegyo, his voice becomes higher. Hanse hates eggplants because he doesn’t like the soft texture. But, he likes seasoned chicken very much. Even though Hanse looks very tough on the outside, but he’s actually tender on the inside and cries sometimes. Along with Seungwoo, Hanse participates a lot in writing lyrics. Most of his raps were written by himself. Hanse is in charge of the gags on the team. He has good speech, so he makes fun of the members a lot. When he first took the MBTI personality test, Hanse got INFP, but then he got ENFP, and now he is an ESTJ. Hanse’s drinking habit is acting cute and having high tension, and he is said to call out or cry.

Victon’s Hanse’s Pre-Debut

We know that Victon debuted in 2016 under Play M Entertainment. At that time, Hanse was only 19 years old or 20 years old in Korean age. He had just graduated from high school. With that being said, you are probably wondering how Hanse debuted in Victon at such a young age if he was still in high school some months before the debut day. As you may know, debuting as an idol takes a lot of time to prepare. Well, instead of just wondering, let’s turn back time to the past and see the pre-debut story of Hanse! Hanse was born on September 25, 1997. Some K-pop idols use a stage name instead of their real name. But, Hanse is actually his real name. He was born with the full name Do Hanse. He lived with his parents along with his younger sister in Seo-gu, Incheon-si, South Korea. Incheon is actually not that far from Seoul, the place where Hanse is living now. Growing up as a child, Hanse attended an art academy since he was in kindergarten until elementary school. However, as time went by, Hanse started to listen to hip-hop music, and oddly enough, he fell in love with that genre. It feels like Hanse wanted to try to do hip-hop music. Thus, he learned to rap and make rap music and lyrics by joining the academy. He also diligently did the music by himself. At that time, hip-hop was such a popular genre in K-pop music, so Hanse tried to go to an audition for a K-pop agency. Not only him but friends he knew from the academy also joined the audition for a K-pop agency and tried out their lucks. Unfortunately, things went well for some of his friends but not for him. Hanse, who started joining auditions since he was in the first year of middle school, had to face a lot of failure and rejection. Hanse spent almost six years trying while watching his friends join a company and become trainees. He almost gave up until he finally saw audition info of an agency that was searching for a rapper only. At that time, Hanse had nearly given up, and he thought that it would be the last time he auditions. If he failed again, he wouldn’t join another audition and would choose a different path. But, it seems like destiny didn’t want him to give up. Hanse, who failed for around six years, finally passed his audition in the seventh year of trying. He joined the agency that later debuted him as an idol, Play M Entertainment, which at that time was using their former name, Plan A Entertainment.

Hanse’s Debut with Victon

Hanse’s story before he joined Play M Entertainment was so melancholic. Hanse would not be in the position he is now if he had just given up in the sixth year of trying to pass auditions. But, it was his destiny to join Victon and be the rapper that he is today. Still, his journey to be an idol didn’t stop once he became a trainee. Since Hanse trained in a dance academy and even learned to write lyrics and rap by himself, Hanse didn’t take much time to train in Play M Entertainment. The only thing that took him time was the long search for a home as a trainee. Hanse who was about to graduate from high school was confirmed to be included in the line-up of Play M Entertainment’s new boy group. In November 2016, Play M Entertainment released a teaser for their upcoming boy group. The name of the boy group was revealed to be Victon. It has seven charming and talented members who are Seungsik as the leader, Seungwoo as the eldest member, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and lastly the youngest member Subin. They released the teaser of their debut with a performance of “What Time Is It Now?”

On November 9, 2016, Victon released their first ever single called “I’m Fine.”

The lyrics of the song are about someone who is hurt, but they keep on pretending to be fine in front of someone they love. The boys sang and did the rap part well. The dance as well as their styles matched with the song. Victon also released the dance version of the song “I’m Fine” which they performed in their practice room.

What do you think of Victon’s debut era? They were so cool back then, and they’re even cooler now.

Victon’s Hanse’s Performances on Stage

We have seen how Victon successfully debuted on November 9, 2016, with the debut song “I’m Fine.” The seven of them were much younger back then. Even Subin the maknae was still in high school. A lot of things happened with Victon during the time since it debuted until now. Some of the members participated in Produce x 101, and they enjoyed their first win in 2019. Come to think of it, Victon has passed their anniversary more than four times. Almost five years have passed since the first time they released a single track. Of course, the members have improved a lot. Not only has their style changed but their skills are also becoming more and more awesome. Let’s take a look at Victon’s performances from time to time on music shows!

It’s such a pity that it took three years for people to recognize that these boys deserve to win on a music show. Just look at how powerful and amazing their performances are. Victon is a hidden gem! And now, it’s time to see Hanse’s performances only in videos that focus on Hanse!

What do you think of Hanse’s performance? He’s cool when he dances and raps on stage, right?

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