In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one of the members of Victon, Sejun, who is also in charge of being the lead vocalist and visual of the group. The member whose real name is Im Sejun (Hangul: 임세준), has a fierce and strong personality from his looks. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take a deeper look at Victon’s Sejun’s full profile, activities, as well as the latest news at the moment. Well, what are you waiting for? Scroll down directly and check out the detailed information about Victon’s Sejun!

VICTON’s Sejun’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lim Se-jun (Hangul: 임세준) Stage Name: Sejun (세준) Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, May 4th, 1996 Star Sign: Taurus Height: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs) Blood Type: O Religion: Christian Official Sites: Instagram (nujes.0504)

Fun Facts about VICTON’s Sejun

As idols in South Korea, of course, they have interesting facts that support their specialties and charms too. Let’s take a look at more of Victon’s Sejun’s fun facts below!

VICTON’s Sejun’s Focus Fan-cam

On November 9th, 2019, Victon, that just made their comeback with “Nostalgic Night” attended the Music Core Show broadcast on MBC. With Sejun’s new silver-blonde hair, he looks handsome with the additional outfit he wore on that stage. The costumes were made the same for all the members from Victon showing a sexy aura by revealing some parts of their bodies. Victon’s Sejun’s outfit looks open with a cleft on the back that exposes the back of his body while performing.

On March 12th, 2020, Victon’s Sejun was present in one of the schedules with the other members on M! Countdown, a music program broadcast on M-net. At that performance, Victon’s Sejun looked different from his previous performances. In this comeback, he was seen with the concept of his new blue hairstyle and also highlighted the charm of his fierce self. By wearing an all-black outfit with a jacket, trousers, and accessories like a chain on his upper body, Victon’s Sejun looks even more charming.

On June 4th, 2020, Victon Sejun was back with the next comeback with “Mayday.” The performance that was held at M! Countdown at that time, showed a more energetic concept than before. With a dark theme, Victon’s Sejun is also wearing a new concept as seen from his clothes and hairstyle. Usually, the 1996-born member looks iconic with his light hair color, but for the comeback with “Mayday,” Victon’s Sejun looks like he has just cut his hair shorter and has a natural color, black.

Victon’s Sejun’s Sister

As previously noted, Victon’s Sejun has a younger sister who is younger than him by six years. Although the identity of Victon’s Sejun’s younger sister is not yet known, the idol who has a position as the face of the group Victon looks very close to all the members of his group and it can also mean that he has a good and close relationship with his younger sister as well. As for what was in one of the V-Live broadcasts conducted by Victon’s Sejun, he once shared that he and his younger sister went to a BTS concert together when Sejun was still in his trainee period. Victon’s Sejun also said that his younger sister is very kind and sometimes she whines when Sejun asks her to do something, but his younger sister will still do that if her brother asked.

VICTON’s Sejun’s Apology for Dancing to Breonna Taylor’s Song

In October 2020, VICTON uploaded a video where they danced to a song sung by singer Tobe Nwigwe, titled “I Need You To” (Breonna Taylor). The video was then criticized by their fans, ALICE, after one of their members, Sejun, uploaded the video.

— rose (@moonsfile) October 24, 2020 Apparently, reported by Allkpop, the song is a song that was created to honor the figure of Breonna Taylor. She is an African-American woman who was shot dead at her home in the Louisville, Kentucky area. The shooting took place in March, and was carried out by three police officers dressed as ordinary people. A former officer named Brett Hankinson was immediately fired for shooting indiscriminately into the patio and door of Breonna Taylor’s apartment. This has violated the rules in force in the police. Brett Hankison was later indicted on three counts of reckless harm to neighbor Breonna Taylor. Unfortunately, no charges have been made against the two of his colleagues, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, and neither have been found guilty of Breonna Taylor’s death. Due to this unfair incident, the song “I Need You To” (Breonna Taylor) was created and sung by Tobe Nwigwe and released in July 2020. This song has a message that describes the public’s request to punish those responsible for Breonna’s death. Because of this, Victon, who used the song in their video, received a lot of criticism from fans. Currently, the video has been deleted. Victon member Sejun then uploaded an apology through his Instagram account. Not only Sejun, Seungsik and Subin also uploaded an apology for this incident through their official Instagram account. Sejun admits his mistake for not knowing the meaning of the song he used in the video. He also apologized for hurting many fans from abroad. Previously, Sejun also had a chance to broadcast a V-Live after the incident. However, at that time, Sejun didn’t apologize properly, so he also officially apologized for his broadcast on V-Live. Sejun also promised to correct his mistakes and try to be even better in the future. Beside that, ALICE’s international fans also sent email templates to Play M Entertainment as the agency that managed Victon. The letter contains statements about fans of Victon that point to the video uploaded by Victon’s Sejun and that the song used in the video violates human rights that previously occurred in the U.S. and condemns the racism against black people. ALICE, as a fan of Victon, who comes from outside South Korea, warned the agency not to repeat the same mistake in the future. Although fans have actually forgiven Victon because their mistake was accidental, it seems like this is also not good to be exaggerated. Fans also certainly hope that Victon and their agency, Play M Entertainment, can take good things from this incident to be more careful and more vigilant in taking steps forward.

VICTON’s Sejun’s Dating Rumour: Is It True?

In 2019, news spread on Twitter about Victon’s Sejun reportedly dating a non-celebrity girlfriend for over half a year. In fact, the Twitter account caption states that they were monitored by Dispatch, one of the paparazzi in South Korea who often covers idol romance life and found Victon’s Sejun in front of the agency’s main building and spotted together with his girlfriend in June 2019. The Tweet also managed to get 1.2K retweets and 1.3K likes from Victon fans. However, if fans click the link that was attached to the tweet, it will go straight to one of Victon’s music videos. The tweet that featured information about the dating rumor involving Victon’s Sejun turned out to be a clickbait for everyone to stream the latest music video from Victon. Meanwhile, in one of the fun facts of Victon’s Sejun, he once said that he has an ideal type of woman who has a clear purpose in life which means that Victon’s Sejun likes women who focus on their own dreams and Sejun also sees that as one of the attractive things. As can be taken from a forum on Amino Apps, Victon’s Sejun might like it if his girlfriend calls him oppa. Although actually, Victon’s Sejun has a heart and personality that is still like a child, his spirit is still free, playful, funny, and sweet. However, it seems that if he already has a girlfriend, Victon’s Sejun will get used to it if the girl he loves calls him oppa. Well, that is all the information that we have provided for you about Victon’s Sejun: from his profile, fun facts, relationships, to the latest news from his activities with groups that are still active in South Korea. Victon is a boy group that has high popularity and loyal fans who always support them in every promotion and also their latest activities. It’s also good that we continue to give lots of love and support to Victon and Sejun so that their careers can shine even brighter in the future!

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