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Vinayak Mali is very popular name in Marathi YouTube Video Creator community. He is a Marathi ( Agri-Koli) Comedy videos creator. He act in his videos in which he is Extremely Frustrated and Angry guy in a comedy way in Different situations. He makes Family friendly content and His Video is very famous in Maharashtra and Marathi people. People call him ” Agri Koli Comedy King”. His acting is so excellent that he puts smile on face of everyone watching his videos. ” Mazi Bayko is very Loved and very popular series of Comedy Videos that he created. Hindi people are also watch His Videos. He Spent His childhood in Dombivali, Maharashtra. He studied in Kalawa, Maharashtra. He lives with his Father, Mother. He has Father, Mother, One Sister and himself in his family. Name: Vinayak Mali Family Members: Vinayak, His Father, Mother, Sister. Address: Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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