But, did you know that Seo Ye-ji has a beautiful sister? Well, the actress isn’t the only child in her family since she has an older sister who shares most of their life. Are you curious about her? Get to know more about Seo Ye-ji’s sister through the article below written by Channel Korea!

Get To Know Seo Ye-ji’s Older Sister

As we have mentioned earlier, Seo Ye-ji has an older sister who has been married. The fact that her sister has married was accidentally told by Seo Ye-ji since she used to mention that she has become an aunt. Well, we can tell that Seo Ye-ji’s sister is already married and has a child! Since Seo Ye-ji’s sister isn’t a celebrity like her, there is no further information regarding her or how she looks due to their family’s privacy. But, Seo Ye-ji used to reveal that her mother and her older sister have a similar slender build body appearance to hers after she tells that his body is very hard to gain weight.

Introduction to Seo Ye-ji’s Family

Seo Ye-ji was born on April 6, 1990, in Seoul, South Korea, and she spent most of his time there. Seo Ye-ji’s family also consists of a mother, a father, an older sister, and herself. During her childhood, Seo Ye-ji and her sisters were very close since they were still live together. However, they were used to living apart when Seo Ye-ji studied abroad in Spain for three years, and the fact that currently her sister has married and lives her own life with her family. Before Seo Ye-ji’s debut as an actress, she initially wanted to be a TV news presenter, but she eventually focused her career on acting and officially debuted in 2013 and is managed by Gold Medalist right now. Although her parents initially wanted Seo Ye-ji to finish her study in Spain first, they eventually let Seo Ye-ji pursue her career as an actress. Aside from that, Seo Ye-ji once explained that she is fond of making soap by herself, and then she likes to share it with her family or the staff while she was filming certain dramas or movies. After she rose to fame, Seo Ye-ji lived apart from her sister and her parents, but she still spare some time to visit her parents’ house and spent their time together. Well, we can tell that Seo Ye-ji is a ‘family woman’, isn’t she?

Seo Ye-ji Tells Hilarious Story about Her Sister

Although Seo Ye-ji and her sister are rarely spotted together since her sister doesn’t work in the same field as hers, many people have acknowledged that Seo Ye-ji and her sister are very close. It is also exposed when the actress talks about her sister or family while she appeared in a variety show or interview session. There was a moment when Seo Ye-ji appeared as the guest star in “Knowing Bros” and shared a hilarious story regarding her and her sister. At that time, their family went on a hiking trip, then Seo Ye-ji and her sister decided to walk around without their parents since they were bored.

Her sister thought it would be kind of amusing to walk backward, but the incident happened since Seo Ye-ji was misspeaking. “My sister was walking backward, and I was walking straight. I had to tell her how many steps she can take before she fell,” she explained. Unfortunately, her sister fell off the cliff while they were walking. Due to shock, Seo Ye-ji called out to her sister and started crying out since she thought her sister might die. Suddenly, in the middle of crying, Seo Ye-ji heard some voice cursing from the bottom, and turns out it was her sister! Her sister was alive, but she can help but curse because she felt mad about the whole situation. Well, it was a shocking yet hilarious story, right? Well, seems like the sisterhood between Seo Ye-ji and her sister can make everyone jealous! What do you guys think about their sisterhood? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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