After Scandals Surrounding Him, Kim Hyun-joong Finally Returns to Small Screen

In August 2014, Kim Hyun-joong was central in a scandal because of a paternity dispute with his ex-girlfriend, who mentioned as Choi. She admitted that Kim Hyun-joong had repeatedly beaten her, leaving bruises and broken ribs. At that time, Kim Hyun-joong refuted her accusation, saying it was just an accident when he was practicing martial arts. Moreover, Choi also sued Kim Hyun-joong because their relationship caused her mental distress and she got pregnant in 2014, but miscarried. He denied this situation and won the 100 million won from the court because there was no evidence she was pregnant in 2014. In December 2015, Choi was pregnant, and a paternity test revealed that Kim Hyun-Joong was the father after the child was born. After this complicated case and after being caught driving under influence of alcohol, he went on hiatus, and only came back to the entertainment industry in 2018,acting in a Korean drama titled “When Time Stopped,”  which was aired by KBS W on Wednesdays and Thursdays. This drama contains 12-episodes and is a fantasy-romance, where he’s playing the main character, Moon Joon-woo, who has the ability to stop time. In this drama, Kim Hyun-joong played with Ahn Ji Hyun, In Gyo Jin, Im Ha Ryong, and Joo Suk Ta. He was really doing hard work in “When Time Stopped”, which was directed by Kwak Bong Chul. Speaking about Kim Hyun-joong’s scandals, the director didn’t mind choosing him for a main role, despite all the netters comments. The director, Kwak Bong Chul, admitted that he chose Kim Hyun-joong because of his capability to build the character he wanted. Kim Hyun-joong passed the audition and was suitable with the role. Check out this unique drama storym which aired from October 24 to November 29, 2018.

Kim Hyun-joong Released Japanese EP This Is Love

Kim Hyung-joong released a Japanese EP, called This is Love, after his 2019 world tour, BIO-RHYTHM. This song was co-written by the lead vocalist of the rock band Ziggy, Mr Morishige, who is a soulful rocker. This Love was released on September 11, 2019.

Kim Hyun Joong Smiling at the Airport Towards Japan, Netters Feeling Horrified

Kim Hyun-joong arrived in Japan to do his music activity. Netters were coming with their negative comments about his style and expression in the airport recently. He’s only just come back to the entertainment industry with his new drama, “When The Time Stop”. Even though his drama received a low rating, he also has activity in Japan. Kim Hyun-joong was flying to Japan for a world concert on September 12, 2019, along with other celebrities. He arrived in the airport and got spotlight, just like the other artists. He was captured by the Korean media wearing a white shirt and natural makeup. He looked cool and shared his bright smile with the public. While he was waving to fans and the people who were around, he still got satire comments from netters with his comeback. Netters were giving the opinion that they felt scared about his expression since his previous scandals with his ex-girl friend, Ms. Choi. Some stated, “This guy was horrible, if he was a female artist, would he still do promotion? Just go, your face was horrible and getting me throw-up. So disgusted!” Others also commented, “I think he could smile like that but beat you in next seconds. like psychopath. If I were him, I will be ashamed to show my face on television. Just put down your hand, I am afraid you will hit me”, added some netters. This situation made Kim Hyun-joong feel sorry to drama that he filmed, because this drama promotion was also getting question related to his personal scandals. He wanted to show his best work in acting and music to redeem his past scandals. That’s all about Kim Hyun-joong’s latest news. Wishing him the best and a new journey towards his music and acting careers, both local and international. Despite his bad behavior on the past, now he started his new journey and is trying to figure things out and do his best. Let’s support Kim Hyun-joong, because no human is perfect in this world, we all do have mistakes and weaknesses. Don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts below!

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