There are a lot of makeup artists and beauty vloggers from inside and outside South Korea who have created makeup tutorials to copy various idols’ looks. For example, for those of you who want to look as stunning as BLACKPINK’s Jennie, you could copy some of the ‘BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s makeup tutorial’! Here are some K-Pop idols’ makeup tutorials for you!

Red Velvet’s Joy

Let’s get started with Red Velvet’s Joy! Who doesn’t want to look as gorgeous as Joy? With her fit body and natural visual appearance, she is effortlessly beautiful in any kind of occasion! This time, there’s a beauty vlogger from South Korea, Sunny, on the Sunny Channel in YouTube, who ‘recreates’ makeup tutorial look-a-likes for Red Velvet’s Joy! This one makeup tutorial is from Joy during the ‘Bad Boy‘ era. For the eye makeup, Sunny recreated Joy’s makeup look with a reddish brown color, and focused on defining the eyes, as well. Even though the colors for the eye makeup weren’t that dramatic,  it looks really good with the reddish brown tones! Another signature style in Red Velvet’s Joy Bad Boy makeup was for the eyebrows! Joy has a kind of natural and soft eyebrow, so make sure that the eyebrow are looking as natural as possible! And also, for the lip products, Sunny used a bright shade of red which we often see Joy wearing! Since she also has kind of fuller shape of lip, Sunny made her lips to be formed as similar to Joy’s! The final look from Sunny for the Red Velvet’s Joy’s makeup was well done! She completed her look with her long, black hair and earrings which also matched with the Bad Boy concept, as well! Here are some of the products used for the Red Velvet’s Joy makeup tutorial from Sunny!

Peri Pera’s Ink Blurring Skin Tint #3 Sand Cover Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation #Warm Natural Shu Uemura Hard Formula Too Faced Peach Blur Finishing Powder Etude House Face Color Corset Urban Decay Naked Heat Creer Beaute La Rose De Versailles Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Surrat Artistique Shadow Addiction Eye Shadow #067 Maybelline Push Up Mascara Etude House Play 101 Pencil #8 Clinique Cheek Pop #Ginger Pop Lily By Red Mood Liar Velvet Tint

TWICE’s Momo

Since Momo has really fair skin, if you are about to ‘recreate’ Momo’s makeup in Feel Special, make sure you’re also highlighting your skin with some makeup products! But don’t worry, if you think that it’s not really necessary, you can skip that part and focus on another makeup part! For the eye makeup, Momo’s makeup look in Feel Special was really shimmery. So, you could use the shimmer colors in the eye shadow palette, such as champagne colour, silver colour, and many more! Don’t forget to use a light brown colour to define the eyes, as well! The most iconic Korean style makeup is the gradient lips! Okshushu’s Channel also showed the gradient lips technique for the Momo’s Feel Special makeup tutorial! Put a bright red lip product in the center of the lip, then add a soft pink lip product on the outer edges of the lips for perfect gradient lips! To complete her look, Okshushu’s Channel also changed her hairstyle to be more of a look-a-like with TWICE’s Momo, with long, black hair and cute bangs, as well! She did look similar with Momo, right? Here are some of products used for the TWICE’s Momo makeup tutorial from Okshushu’s Channel!

CLIO Kill Protection Glow Sun Base MILIMAGE Cover Fixing Concealer The Face Shop Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit #V201 3CE Love 3CE Cheek Maker #Honey Brown IPKN Twinkle Eye Collection-Baking Class Dear Dahlia Timeless Bloom Collection Palette Peach C Soft Mood Eyeshadow Palette #Soft Brown CLIO Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner #1 Black CLIO Sharp, So Simple Waterproof Pencil Liner #2 Brown Peri Pera Ink Black Cara #1 Long Lash Curling Bourjois Satin & Metal Edition Eye Shadow #1 Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow #2 The Face Shop Pastel Cushion Blusher #01 VT Art In Lip Tint #01 Missha Dare Rouge Velvet #29


Everyone must’ve been amazed and familiar with BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s style during her first single era ‘SOLO‘, right? Not only that, people are also in love with her makeup style from her performance, as well! For those of you who want to be as gorgeous as BLACKPINK’s Jennie in SOLO, you could copy her through the BLACKPINK’s Jennie cover makeup tutorial from Hayoung on her YouTube Channel! Jennie looks gorgeous with her fair skin, so the tips from Hayoung also make your skin look as fair as Jennie! Then, it’s important to choose a matte base makeup, because Jennie’s makeup always looking matte, as well. Even though the makeup looked kinda soft and glam, the spotlight was on the eye makeup for BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s look. Jennie’s actual eyes are small, but during the ‘SOLO’ era, her eye makeup looked sharp and had a cats-eye vibe. From this makeup tutorial, you can try the eye makeup on your own! Hayoung’s cover makeup into Jennie was well done! For the final look, Hayoung changed her clothes into Jennie’s clothes from while she was performing SOLO! She also looked even more like Jennie with her long, black hair and some hair clips, as well. Here are some of the products used for the BLACKPINK’s Jennie makeup tutorial from Hayoung!

One Step Correct Skin Tone Correcting & Brightening Primer NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer #Vanilla Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup #Cool Vanilla Eglish Blur Powder Pact Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin Shading Shu Uemura Hard Formula Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz MAC Eyeshadow Stila Stay All Day Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner Urban Decay NAKED Palette ‘The Heat’ NARS Eyeshadow Etude House Play Color Eyes Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed #Champagne Pop NYX Wonder Pencil #Clair Colorgram King Eye Cream Liner #06 Stila Magnificent Metal Glitter & Glow #Coral Crush Too Faced Baked Luminous Glow Bronzer #Sweet Tea Kiss Me Heroine Mascara Volume & Curl Too Cool For School Glam Rock Hush Brown Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet #07 Rosebud Salve Lipbalm

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