Full Profile of Hendery

Stage Name: HENDERY (헨드리/黄冠亨) Birth Name: Hendery Wong/Wong Kunhang (黃冠亨)/Huang Guanheng (黄冠亨) Korean Name: Hwang Kwan Hyung (황관형) Nicknames: Oi (Cucumber), Oi-guk (Hwanggwatang/cucumber soup), Yu-ja (Citron), Lu Zai (Donkey), The son of Master Yeung Chun-kwon, 반전매력 (Banjonmaeryok/unexpected charm), 왕관흥 (Wang Guan-hung), Prince Eric Date of Birth: September 28th, 1999 Place of Birth: Macau, People’s Republic of China Nationality: Chinese Star Sign: Libra Blood Type: O Height: 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) Occupation: Singer, Rapper Associated Acts: NCT, WayV, NCT U Debut Date: January 17th, 2019, with the digital EP, The Vision Agency: SM Entertainment, LABEL V Official Instagram: i_m_hendery Official Weibo: 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY

Facts about Hendery

His positions in WayV are lead rapper and sub-vocalist. He has the lowest pitch in the team, but when he smiles, he smiles and claps like a dolphin. He is SM Entertainment’s first Macau-born idol. At the time when the teaser was released, it was said that he resembled Ten, a member of the same team, and Johnny of NCT. His favorite animal is a cat. His hobby is walking while listening to music. His motto is: “Work Hard to create the future.” Hendery can speak standard Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, English, and Korean. Hendery has studied acting in Beijing. Perhaps due to its influence, his gestures are abundant. After he went to Beijing to learn acting, he got cast by SM Entertainment. He was introduced as an SM Rookie on July 17th, 2018. Among SR18B (during SM Rookies), he spent the longest time as a trainee. Hendery has three older sisters. He is very close to his sisters. They talk often on the phone, and once they do, they talk for over an hour. He has various nicknames. One of them is Oi, originating from his real name Huang Guan-hyeong, the pronunciation of Huang Guan and the Chinese pronunciation of Oi (黄瓜/Huang Guo/Hwangu) are similar. Another one is 아헨(阿Hen), it is a nickname with the prefix Arab in its name. Lucas was the member who gave the name to all WayV members. Hendery’s favorite movie or book character is Chris Gardner from The Pursuit of Happiness. In the Hendery edition of ‘Research Journal’, Ten picked Shrek’s Donkey as Hendery’s look-alike. His pretty eyes, high nose, and smile are particularly similar. At public events such as interviews, he rarely talks (whether he is unfamiliar), but in private, he is the member with the most talk. The most common thing he had heard from his fans is, “Hendery, please cut your hair!” He is afraid of frogs. He started being scared when he was 10 and he doesn’t want to imagine it.

Debut With WayV

Hendery debuted with WayV on January 17th, 2019. He is the main rapper of the group. WayV is a Chinese boy group under SM Entertainment (handled by SME’s sub-label, LABEL V). The group was a part of the South Korean boy group and official unit NCT. The group consists of Yangyang, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, and Hendery. They debuted with their digital extended play (EP) The Vision. Check out WayV Official Music Video, here:

Also, check out, Hendery’s focus fan-cam, here:

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