Full Profile of Yangyang

Stage Name: YANGYANG (양양) Birth Name: Liú Yángyáng (리우양양/劉揚揚) Nicknames: Sayang (사양), Ayang (아양/阿扬), Siyangyang (시양양/喜洋洋), Niuniu (시양양/喜洋洋), Niu Yangyang (니우양양/牛洋洋) Boss Maknae Date of Birth: October 10th, 2000 Place of Birth: Taiwan Nationality: Taiwanese-German Star Sign: Libra Blood Type: O Occupation: Singer, Rapper Associated Acts: NCT, WayV, NCT U Debut Date: January 17th, 2019, with the digital EP The Vision Agency: SM Entertainment, LABEL V Official Instagram: yangyang_x2 Official Weibo: 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG

Facts about Yangyang

He was introduced as an SM Rookie on July 17th, 2018. He was introduced along with Xiaojun and Hendery. He is SM Entertainment’s first Taiwanese idol. He was subsequently introduced on September 15th, 2018, in the SR18B introductory video, Re-born. Yangyang’s favorite movie or book character is Puss in Boots from Shrek. His dream was to be a car racer when he was young. In his debut teaser “Dream Launch Plan: YANGYANG,” he reveals the reason, referring to German legendary car racer, Michael Schumacher. He was born in Taiwan. He grew up and lived with his family in Düsseldorf, Germany for six years since he was 11. From a young age, he immigrated to Germany and kept his Taiwanese nationality, which is similar to the Chinese faith. He was introduced by SM Entertainment as German-Chinese at the time of his debut. It is thought that the reason why he studied in Germany is because of his father’s business with an IT company branch in Taiwan and Germany, but the singer himself seems unlikely to disclose information on the Internet about his family. His father, Jim Liu, is the CEO of the embedded computing industry’s global company, ADlink Technology. He chose Düsseldorf as his favorite city. When he lived in Germany, he said that he used his real name Yangyang and there was no German name. He can speak a total of five languages: Chinese, English, German, Korean, and Spanish. He also attended an international school in Germany that spoke German and English together and learned Spanish briefly at that time. When he was about 17, he joined SM as a trainee and visited Düsseldorf, Germany, twice a year to meet his family, but he has not visited since his debut as a member of WayV. Even now, his family still lives in Germany. Yangyang learned Korean when he was a trainee in Korea. It has been said that he is rapidly learning a new language and he has a strong intuitive understanding of the language. Yangyang likes hip-hop music such as Drake, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, and Post Malone, but he also listens to various genres of music, including classical music. He learned to dance and rap properly for the first time since joining the company. It requires arms and strong popping of the torso to feature light and gentle dance lines. He chose SHINee’s Taemin and Travis Scott as his role models. He studies dancing and facial expressions on stage while looking at Taemin. His favorite Taemin song is “Thirsty.” His favorite word is Mellifluous. Mellifluous is an adjective that means soft and beautiful. The word usually describes pieces of music, and other sounds that are calming and relaxing to listen to. His favorite color is Red. His favorite flower is the Rose. He was good at basketball. When he was a student, he received the MVP trophy in a match against other students. In other ball sports, including soccer and handball, he is assured. He likes basketball the most among sports, and also likes watching American football and the NBA.

Debut With WayV

Yangyang debuted with WayV on January 17th, 2019. He spent three years as a trainee until he finally debuted with the preexisting NCT members. He is the main rapper of the group. WayV is a Chinese boy group under SM Entertainment (handled by SME’s sub-label, LABEL V). The group was a part of the South Korean boy group and an official subunit of NCT. The group consists of Yangyang, Kun, Ten, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, and Hendery. They debuted with their digital extended play (EP) The Vision. Check out WayV’s official music video, here:

Also, check out, Yangyang’s focus fan-cam, here:

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