Kang Seok-hwa is talented as the main vocalist. And fun fact, he was a trainee of some popular agencies. No wonder his talents are unreal. He is experienced in a lot of things already! So now, let’s learn more about Kang Seok-hwa in the sections below!

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa’s Profile

So, let’s start with the basics. Here is the profile of Kang Seok-hwa! Full Name: Kang Seok-hwa Given Name: Seok-hwa Stage Name: Seokhwa/석화 Korean Name: 강석화 Birthday: December 1st, 2000 Birthplace: Chungcheongnam-dong, Gongju-si, South Korea Nationality: Korean Height: 172 cm Weight: 56 kg Blood Type: B Family: Parents, older sister Position: Main vocalist Hobby/Specialties: Singing, making dance covers of girl group songs/dances Debut Year: 2020 Agency: Oui Entertainment Group: WEi

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa’s Facts

Kang Seok-hwa is the only member of WEi who made his debut as an idol in the group. The other members had already debuted in other groups before. Kang Seok-hwa was a Facebook public figure when he wasn’t a trainee. He deleted the account after he became a trainee. Kang Seok-hwa signed an exclusive contract with Oui Entertainment on August 20th, 2019. Kang Seok-hwa doesn’t like to eat meat. Even though Kang Seok-hwa looks like a baby, he rarely shows his aegyo unless you ask for it. He looks really calm. Kang Seok-hwa is also really quiet. He only speaks what needs to be spoken.

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa’s Pre-Debut

Kang Seok-hwa is such an amazing vocalist, but do you know what caused him to be a singer? Was he really dreaming to be a singer since he was young? What was he doing before he became a member of WEi? A lot of questions might be popping up in your mind right now. Don’t worry, it’s time to see how the little Kang Seok-hwa turned into the Kang Seok-hwa from WEi that we know now. Kang Seok-hwa was born on December 1th, 2000, in Chungcheongnam-do, Gongju-si, South Korea. Kang Seok-hwa was born as the youngest family member in his family. He has an older sister. Kang Seok-hwa spent his childhood in his hometown with his parents and his older sister. As you may know, the city where Kang Seok-hwa was born is outside Seoul, the center of K-pop agencies. You might be wondering how Kang Seok-hwa ended up in Seoul. It all started when he was still in high school. Kang Seok-hwa enrolled in a music academy back in his hometown. He had been interested in singing and he could sing well too. But he never thought that he could be an idol, especially since his hometown is in the countryside. No one told him that he can go to an audition with the wonderful voice he has. In 2017, Kang Seok-hwa got the one-in-a-million chance to join an open audition of JYP Entertainment in his hometown. He went for it and turned out that he passed the audition. Not only that, he even became the only participant who passed from his hometown. Because of that, Kang Seok-hwa moved to Seoul and became a trainee of JYP Entertainment. He was in high school at that time, so he transferred schools to Korea Arts High School which is located in Hongik-dong, Seoul. But seems like Kang Seok-hwa’s journey to be an idol didn’t end in JYP Entertainment. So, he left the company and joined another company that suited better with his style. And the next stop was YG Entertainment. From one big company to another big company, Kang Seok-hwa really managed to amaze people with his talent.

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa in YG Treasure Box

Kang Seok-hwa started his journey as a trainee when he was 18 years old in the Korean age system, or 17 years old in the international age system. It was 2017 when he first came to Seoul and started training in JYP Entertainment. But then in 2018, he became a trainee of YG Entertainment. The trainee life between the two companies must be different since both of them have different styles and work ethics. Not to mention that Kang Seok-hwa was included as one of the trainees that joined a survival show in YG Entertainment. The survival show was titled YG Treasure Box, it aimed to get a final line-up for YG Entertainment’s new boy group. YG Treasure Box aired from November 2018 to January 2019. It had 29 trainees from YG Entertainment. During the show, they would eliminate the trainees until they got the final line-up of a 7-member boy group. Kang Seok-hwa was in Group B, one of the four groups which consisted of 7 to 8 members. Let’s see some clips of Kang Seok-hwa in YG Treasure Box!

Even though Kang Seok-hwa showed his best, he couldn’t make it to the final line-up. And because of this, he had to say goodbye to YG Entertainment and became an independent trainee since then.

WEi’s Kang Seok-hwa in Produce x 101

In early 2019, Kang Seok-hwa had to terminate his contract with YG Entertainment after YG Treasure Box. However, it didn’t stop him to learn from his mistakes and continue to pursue his dream. Kang Seok-hwa became an independent trainee and joined another survival show titled Produce x 101. This show aired on Mnet starting from May 3rd until July 19th, 2019. The participants of Produce x 101 were 101 trainees from various agencies and independent trainees. Kang Seok-hwa was brave enough to join another survival show after YG Treasure Box. He gained power from his family, especially his father who encouraged him to join the show. Kang Seok-hwa also said that even though Produce x 101 is just another survival show, he can show more color of him better. It was because he didn’t have to conform to YG Entertainment’s style. So, let’s see some of the performances of Kang Seok-hwa in Produce x 101.

Even though Kang Seok-hwa tried his best, he couldn’t join the final line-up because he ended in the 35th rank.

Kang Seok-hwa’s Debut in WEi

Kang Seok-hwa really has been through a lot in his pre-debut journey. He went to JYP Entertainment, he moved to YG Entertainment, and he even became a man on his own by joining Produce x 101. Even though he was only an independent trainee, he really showed his best and managed to gain people’s attention. Due to this fact, one of his friends from Produce x 101, Kim Yo-han, asked him to join his agency. Yo-han said that his agency, Oui Entertainment, has a friendly and family vibe. They also look after their trainees a lot. Kang Seok-hwa decided to believe his friend and join Oui Entertainment. In 2020, Kang Seok-hwa became one of the OUIBoys, the male trainees of Oui Entertainment. He became one of the four members of OUIBoys that were introduced to the public in early 2020. Alongside with him, there were Kim Dong-han, Kim Yo-han, and Jang Dae-hyun. Later on, the trainees were reported to debut with the name WEi. They added two more members to the existing four members. So now, the group consisted of Jang Dae-hyun, Kim Dong-han, Kim Yo-han, Kang Seok-hwa, and Kim Joon-seo. WEi released their first solo song on October 5th, 2020. Their debut song is titled “Twilight”. Let’s check out “Twilight” from WEi!

If you think that the music video is cool, wait until you see the dance performance. Check out WEi’s dance practice performing “Twilight” in their practice room!

What do you think about WEi’s debut era? They really did great, right? Kang Seok-hwa might have been through a lot, but he suffered and he came back even stronger!

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