Full Profile of Kim Yo-han

Birth Name: Kim Yo-han (김요한) Stage Name: Yohan (요한) Date of Birth: Jungnang-gu, Seoul, South Korea, September 22, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Virgo Nationality: Korean Height: 181 cm Weight: 66 kg Blood Type: B Position in WEi: Vocalist, Rapper, Center Years Active: 2019 – present Label: OUI Entertainment Associated With: Produce X 101, X1, WEi Instagram: @y_haa.n

Facts About Kim Yo-han That You Have to Know!

Yohan’s Chinese Sign is Rabbit. Yohan’s family consisted of a father, mother, and two younger sisters. Yohan’s grandfather and younger sisters are taekwondo athletes. Meanwhile, his father is a taekwondo coach. Yohan also won the national junior taekwondo competition twice. He has received casting offers while he was an athlete. Yohan was joined Produce X 101 a week after officially being OUI Entertainment’s trainee. Yohan participated in KBS’ Battle of the Musicians. He also made a collaboration with CIX’s Bae Jin-young for Pepsi’s commercial song Yohan’s MBTI type is ISFJ. Yohan likes smoothies, spicy foods, and Korean sandwiches SUBWAY. He also loves to play with his younger sisters. Yohan’s favorite parts of his body are eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose, and thighs. Yohan fans are called ‘Yorangdan’. Yohan is Christian. Yohan laughs a lot and has a cheerful personality. Yohan is the tallest member of Wei.

The Journey of Kim Yo-han’s Career

Yohan has started his career by participating in Produce X 101, followed by his achievement that leads him to debuted as X1 and WEi. Get to know more about Yohan’s experiences through his career journey here:

Got The First Place on Produce X 101

Yohan was a representative of OUI Entertainment when he participated in the survival show Produce X 101 in 2019. Before joining the show, Yohan was trained within 3 months only, which made the trainers quite underestimate him. It turns out, Yohan has performed basic style with a secret weapon: he was singing while wearing a Heelys!

As time went by, Yohan started to improve his dancing, singing, and rapping skills and finally got many compliments and supports! Yohan was successfully got first place on the show, which also led him to debut as X1 members afterward!

Kim Yo-han’s Official Debut with X1

Yohan made his debut as X1 members on August 27, 2019, with the first mini-album Quantum Leap with Flash as its title track. They were known as the project group from the survival show Produce X 101 and scouted under Swing Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment. X1 also held its debut showcase at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. Ever since his first appearance, Yohan has drawn attention due to his stunning visuals and amazing skills. Unfortunately, X1 was disbanded in January 2020 due to the vote-rigging controversies and wasn’t being able to reach a certain agreement with the company.

Re-debut as Wei Members

After X1 has disbanded, Yohan was re-debut as a boy group member again! This time, he is taking part in Wei, a rookie boy group under OUI Entertainment. WEi consisted of six members include Yohan, and all of the members’ line-up has participated in other boy groups. Yohan officially re-debut with Wei on October 5, 2020, while the group releasing its first mini-album, Identity: First Sight with Twilight, as the title track. Through the single Twilight, Yohan and the other Wei members showed off their charms, even though they also participated in the choreography concept for the music video. Since people have acknowledged Yohan’s amazing talent from his pre-debut until now, Yohan has increased his popularity with Wei! The group has drawn attention after Twilight, and then the group also released the second mini-album Identity: Challenge with All or Nothing as the lead single!

Kim Yo-han’s Solo Debut with No More

Do you know that Kim Yo-han also has made his solo debut? Before his re-debut era with Wei, Yohan released a single entitled No More on August 25, 2020! The single was made by Zion.T and Yohan also participated in the writing lyrics. No More was released as a gratitude form of Yohan towards his fans who have been supporting him ever since then and now! Through the No More music video, the fans could have seen Yohan’s charms, which are portrayed through cheerful and colorful concepts. No More full MV:

Kim Yo-han’s Acting Debut in A Love So Beautiful

Now we could proudly say that Actor Kim Yo-han is here! After his achievement as a boy group member, Yohan also challenged himself by took part in A Love So Beautiful as an actor! It was known as a re-make of Chinese drama with the same title and marked as Yohan’s first acting debut as the lead role! In the drama, Yohan was played the role of Cha Heon, a good-looking and smart student in Yooil High School. Meanwhile, A Love So Beautiful’s plot revolved around Shin Sol-yi (So Ju-yeon), who loves her childhood friend Cha Heon for almost 17 years. For his participation in the drama, Yohan also expressed his gratitude toward everyone who has supported him. Although he used to feel nervous, the director of A Love So Beautiful also praised his acting performance! Later on, he was explained that Yohan is a good learner since he has also been working hard for his role as Cha Heon! That was all of the information regarding Kim Yo-han! After Yohan has let go of his passion as an athlete, his decision to pursue a music career must have been a big deal. Currently, people could watch out for his performance as a singer, dancer, even actor! Which one of your favorite eras from Kim Yo-han during his career as the Kpop idol? Let us know your opinion through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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