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Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon’s Profile

Name: Ji Su-yeon (지수연) Stage Name: Suyeon (수연) Birthday: April 20, 1997 Birthplace: Goyang, Gyenggi, South Korea Height: 164 cm (5’5″) Weight: 44 kg Zodiac: Taurus Chinese Zodiac: Ox Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean Debut: 2017 Group: Weki Meki Agency: Fantagio Instagram: @suye.on2di

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon’s Facts

Ji Suyeon studied at Hanlim Multi Arts School, Bangsong Middle School, and Baekseok Arts University. Ji Suyeon moved from Goyang Sinil Elementary School to Banseok Elementary School. Ji Suyeon debuted with Weki Meki on August 8, 2017. Ji Suyeon’s hobbies are playing piano, dancing, singing, and looking at the sky. When Ji Suyeon was 6, she started to learn the piano. Ji Suyeon was a trainee for 6-7 years. Ji Suyeon is a big fan of SM Entertainment girl group F(X). Ji Suyeon appeared on King of Masked Singer as “Bell” in episode 190. Ji Suyeon can play basketball. Ji Suyeon was introduced as the last Weki Meki member. Ji Suyeon is good at math. In the group, Ji Suyeon really cares about the members. She is a good leader. Ji Suyeon performed in China briefly. Ji Suyeon appeared in a Korean Pizza Hut commercial in 2014. Before joining Fantagio, Ji Suyeon was a trainee under WM Entertainment and CJ E&M. Ji Suyeon’s official colors are vibrant yellow and cherry tomato. Ji Suyeon has a younger brother who was born in 1999.

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon’s Pre-Debut

Ji Suyeon is known for her vocals and her position as Weki Meki’s leader. But, her visual is also no less pretty than the other members. But, what was she like before debuting or as a child? Are you curious? If so, here are Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon’s pre-debut photos! In the photo above, Ji Su-yeon was in a cafe with her friend or fellow trainee. The Weki Meki leader looks so young and natural. Suyeon has round slanted eyes and adorable chubby cheeks that make her look so cute. The photos were taken when Ji Suyeon was a teenager. When Ji Suyeon was a child, she looked even cuter like in the three childhood photos above! The last photo was taken when Ji Suyeon was a CJ E&M trainee. This photo is credited to Tasha’s Instagram story (former CJ E&M trainee), and Secret Number’s Léa is also in the photo.

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon’s Focus Fancams

Fancams are popular among K-pop fans. With fancams, fans can watch their favorite idols’ performances at any time. They can freely watch one of their idols through focus fancams uploaded on various sites such as YouTube. For Ji Suyeon’s fans, we have provided some of her focus fancams below!

The videos above were recorded by Mnet when Weki Meki held promotions on M! Countdown.

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon and ASTRO’s Moonbin

Ji Suyeon and ASTRO’s Moonbin have a special relationship, not as a couple but as fellow Fantagio artists. They released a song titled “Language Domain (Language Test),” and the lyrics tell about a realistic quarrel between lovers that are always romantic. The song was released on April 30, 2018, but the song doesn’t have a music video. Suyeon and Moonbin aren’t just labelmates, but they are schoolmates. This project is their first project as a collaboration through FM201.8.

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon Accidentally Goes Live on ASTRO’s V-Live

In April 2020, Weki Meki and ASTRO fans were shocked and laughed because of Ji Suyeon. She accidentally went live on ASTRO’s V-Live account. When the live broadcast started, Suyeon didn’t pay attention to the comments. She was just busy with her activity at the time. After being live for almost one minute, she read the comments and realized that she was on ASTRO’s account. She was shocked and hastily ended the live.

So, that’s all the information about Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon from her profile to the accidental funny incident that she did. What do you think about Weki Meki’s leader? Don’t forget to put your thought in the comment section. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to get more articles!

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