In this case, the male celebrities must respect the regulation as well and join the military duty for 2 years. Seo In-guk, the actor who went to the military service in 2017 was reported of not having finished his duty and coming out early after just 4 days of enlistment. What happened during Seo In-guk’s military service days? Let’s find out by scrolling down the article below!

Military Enlistment

Jellyfish Entertainment, as the agency that houses solo singers and South Korean actor, Seo In-guk, ensured that the star will join the conscription program at the end of March 2017. On February 24th, 2017, a local media claimed that Seo In-guk would start running a military program as an active soldier on March 28th, 2017. However, shortly after the news circulated, Jellyfish Entertainment representatives denied the news. “Our label and Seo In-guk have not received specific information from the military bureau regarding the date and plan for the enlistment in the military. We also have not verified any news regarding this matter,” said the representative from his agency. However, a few hours later, Jellyfish Entertainment representative corrected his statement and confirmed the news that Seo In-guk would join the military program on March 28th, 2017. “Seo In-guk began to be registered [in the military program] on March 28th, 2017,” he said, quoting MBN Star. Reporting from Biz Enter, Jellyfish Entertainment staff revealed that Seo In-guk will serve his country by joining the 5th Division of the Recruitment Training Battalion located in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. There, he will serve as an active soldier after receiving five weeks of basic military training. Seo In-guk had previously claimed to be physically and mentally prepared to leave the world of entertainment for more than two years in order to carry out obligations in serving the country. In an interview from last November, he had predicted that he would join the military program around the first half of 2017. “I have been waiting for a call [to join the military] program. When the actors get older, they will look sexier. However, if I have finished the military program, I can get the positive image I want,” he said, quoted from Moo-deung Ilbo. Having anticipated his departure for that year’s military, Seo In-guk was willing to work on many projects in 2016 for the sake of his fans. Various hit dramas such as Shopping King Louis and Task Force 38, as well as the songs “Season of the Heart” and “Bebe” worked on the hopes that Heartrider – Seo In-guk’s fandom name – will not feel too lost when left by his idol for the army for more than 2 years.

Health Issues

Seo In-guk was reported injured during the military training period. The actor who starred in the drama Hello Monster (2014) had to quit the military service after a few days of enlistment. The examiner explained that Seo In-guk suffered an injury to the bone in his left ankle. Media Osen reported that Seo In-guk already knew his medical history and could be making an excuse to be released from the military. Even so, he still registered for the military. In fact, he had been sneered at for allegedly deliberately joining the army in order to get a free letter from his medical history. Not the first time, Seo In-guk has postponed the army three times since 2015. The reason remains the same, namely because of the pain he suffered in his left ankle bone. Responding to this news, the agency immediately issued a statement. “Seo In-guk’s return from military training was due to a minor injury to the surface of the cartilage in his left leg. Even though Seo In-guk knew of this injury before training, he didn’t think it was serious. In fact, he must conduct further examinations,” the representative of his agency stated. After that, Jellyfish Entertainment released an official statement. The agency explained that Seo In-guk did not take advantage because he was free from the military. Hi, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. First of all, we want to apologize to everyone for the latest news about Seo In-guk. When Seo In-guk postponed entering the army twice due to the condition of his left ankle, he still wanted to enlist in order to become an active soldier. Previously, Seo In-guk passed a medical examination which finally made him an active soldier. He was very enthusiastic about going to the military, and he was not aware of his condition which made him go to the military without further medical examinations. We want to emphasize that Seo In-guk did not know that he would be released from the military. Once again, we apologize for causing controversy regarding Seo In-guk’s conscription.” – Jellyfish Entertainment In addition, through a source circulating in the local media, the actor did get treatment every day from entering the military to training. Hearing this news certainly made Seo In-guk’s fans a little worried. However, his agency immediately responded, “Take it easy, he plans to go back to the military administration office and return to the military. It all depends on the results of the inspection,” they concluded. Seo In-guk’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment released an official statement regarding the results of the artist’s latest health condition check. As is known, the handsome actor and singer from South Korea since March 28th, 2017, underwent compulsory military training (military). However, just 4 days into the army, Seo In-guk was discharged from the training ground because of his declining health condition. “He underwent a repeat examination to find out his health condition on April 27th, 2017. However, he still has to undergo a more in-depth examination,” said the representative from Seo In-guk’s agency, as reported by Soompi. They added, “Seo In-guk completed a re-examination on June 5th at the Physical Inspection Center for the Military Employment Administration Center. The results will be notified within two to three weeks afterward. After that, we will release an official statement.”

Letter To His Fans

Actor Seo In-guk was supposed to undergo compulsory military service in March 2017. But he could not attend the training due to a disruption in his ankle bone. Because of that, he wrote an apology letter to his fans, and just posted it on a fan cafe. The actor who was famous for his appearance in the K-Drama Reply 1997 (2012) then still tried to enlist in the army. When conducting an interview with the platoon leader, Seo In-guk was asked about his health condition. He revealed that he had problems with his legs. Seo In-guk was then referred to the hospital for an X-ray examination and then it was decided that he could not continue his military service. He apologized to his fans and he said he would try his best to address the fans’ disappointment because he could not carry out the duty of defending the nation. On October 4th, 2017, Seo In-guk wrote a letter of apology to his fans, About the problem that arose while I was serving in the military, first, I initially was postponed. I am ambitious with my work, but I was also recommended for surgery on the leg that was sick and undergoing treatment, even so, I still tried the list of conscription. As an actor and singer, unfortunately, I want to undergo military service as an active soldier, but the results of the hospital examination have prevented me from taking part in military service, although I asked to remain in the army, the hospital said my foot was not strong enough to undergo training and there was nothing else to do but send me home. I was surprised when this was suspected and I thought I understood why they thought that. But I see that many have gotten off the track and have spread, so I think I should tell the truth because I’m worried my fans might get angry. I’m very sorry if you guys are angry with me. I want you to only have good memories of me and it will hurt me to think that maybe you are hurt and I worry about how to cheer you up. I will work hard so that there are only good things in the future. I will do my best so that I can do something as a ‘substitute’ for my fans.  I hope you understand and I hope you can enjoy your day off (chuseok). PS: If you guys are really hurt, I’m really sorry. I will definitely heal your sick hearts (because of this). -Seo In-guk

Netizens’ Reactions

The news about Seo In-guk’s exit after 4 days following the mandatory military service invited reactions from fans and the public regarding reasons that seemed to be made so that the actor does not take part in the military service that is the responsibility of all the male South Korean citizens. Indeed, many sympathize with him, but many also want to criticize Seo In-guk. The actor and solo artist was released from compulsory military service because of a severe injury. Seo In-guk wrote a letter about his disappointment and an apology for not being able to participate in the military service. However, netizens instead responded to it negatively. For Korean netizens, Seo In-guk is considered a weak man. They said that if Seo In-guk has a strong desire, he must be allowed to serve the nation. “You don’t have to lie, if you want to go to the military, then you don’t need to put in a health record from the hospital,” commented the netizens. “If you are sick, you still have to go to the military as a sick person,” another netizen insisted. “Just go to the army after you finish your healing treatment,” advised a netizen. “Nonsense, my husband also has the same condition as you, but he is still in the army,” added the next netizen. The issue of Korean celebrities who do not carry out military service is indeed very sensitive. “A part of me feels sorry. But, on the other side, I saw Seo In-guk was really concerned about it. He looked like a weak, helpless man,” wrote a netizen via NetizenBuzz. Another user commented, “Because compulsory military service is not only for artists. So, they get special treatment. I’m also sorry to see him injured like that.” In fact, Seo In-guk has prepared to do military service. Seo In-guk has actually been registered at Yeoncheon Headquarters. He also received training for five weeks as an active soldier. From his photo uploads and activities before the military, Seo In-guk showed himself ready to go on hiatus for the country’s tasks. In fact, Seo In-guk also wrote sweet messages for fans. “I will leave you for a while for the army. I think those two years are fleeting. You have to be patient,” Seo In-guk wrote a message for his loyal fans. In fact, Seo In-guk also gave a special gift to his fans by releasing a digital single. With the song he sang, Seo In-guk hopes fans won’t miss him as long as he carries out his military service. The song titled “Walk Together” was sung by Seo In-guk in a fan meeting that took place on December 31st, 2016. The song became very special.

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