This year, MONSTA X had to face a big problem on their career journey since one of the members had to leave the group because of his past life. MONSTA X’s Won-ho who has been known as a member who’s full of charisma announced his departure from the group because of his controversies and scandals. In this article, we’re going to explore the details of MONSTA X’s Won-ho’s departure and the group’s upcoming schedule with 6 members only. Let’s not wait any longer and check out the article below!

Jung Da-eun and Her Friend’s Confession About MONSTA X Won-ho

On October 30th, 2019, to coincide with the MONSTA X comeback schedule, the group that was popular with the song “Alligator” got involved in the biggest scandal in the history of their music career. In the beginning, the person who spread the word about one of the MONSTA X members Won-ho was Jung Da-eun, a former transgender ulzzang who had once known Won-ho and they had a special relationship together. Besides spreading the word about their dating in the past, Jung Da-eun, who is currently rumored to be in a special relationship with Han Seo-hee, a rich woman famous for selling narcotics and unable to debut as an idol, has collaborated to uncover past lives. It all started with Jung Da-eun’s post on his Instagram account, @cvors, and his Twitter, @THCvors, which said that there is a possibility of Won-ho being a suspect in a burglary investigation in the past. “I know exactly what you did in 2008 – exacerbated theft costs at the Suwon Detention Center,” Jung Da-eun wrote on his Twitter account, @THCvors. Soon after, he also tweeted a statement hinting that Won-ho was thought to have spent time in a juvenile detention center. “I haven’t even started yet. Isn’t time at a juvenile detention center not criminal history?” wrote Jung Da-eun again. If Jung Da-eun’s accusation of aggravated theft in 2008 directed at Won-ho is true, then Won-ho from MONSTA X had been a 16-year-old middle school student at that time. This means, if MONSTA X’s Won-ho is found guilty, he will be sentenced to juvenile detention. However, at this time, it cannot be verified whether Won-ho was a theft suspect who was later sentenced to serve his sentence at a juvenile detention center. Aside from Twitter, Jung Da-eun also revealed Won-ho’s case in the past by uploading some photos on his Instagram account, @cvors. He uploaded a photo featuring MONSTA X’s Won-ho appearing on TV. “Hoseok, when will you pay back my money?” wrote Jung Da-eun as a photo caption. For your information, Hoseok is the real name of MONSTA X’s Won-ho. Han Seo-hee, the woman who is now close to Jung Da-eun, joined in attacking MONSTA X’s Won-ho. She wrote that this man owed 30 million won from six years ago. Not only that, but Jung Da-eun also accused Won-ho of stealing. Through his SNS again, he said through excerpts of conversations that he uploaded on social media. The conversation he said took place between him and the lawyer of Won-ho. Jung Da-eun claimed this happened when he lived with Won-ho in Yeonsam-dong. “He also stole my stuff and sold it online, and he borrowed 3 million won and 5 million won at the time and promised to pay them back,” Jung Da-eun said. Starship Entertainment has responded to Jung Da-eun’s claim and has announced that they will sue Jung Da-eun for his slandering comments about MONSTA X’s Won-ho. In another statement made public, Starship Entertainment confirmed they would file a complaint against Jung Da-eun. “We plan to file a complaint against Jung Da-eun through our legal counsel. We will release our official position in this case as soon as possible,” Starship Entertainment wrote in its official announcement.

Between Rumor and Truth: Won-ho Leaves Both MONSTA X and the Agency

A shocking piece of news came from Won-ho, who’s an original member of MONSTA X. This decision was taken after he was hit by two controversies in the past week, regarding the accusations by Jung Da-eun and some scandals revealed by the former ulzzang related to Won-ho’s life in the past. On October 31st, 2019, Starship Entertainment immediately issued their official statement regarding the case and news of Won-ho that was spread on the same day. This was announced directly by the agency that oversees Won-ho and MONSTA X, Starship Entertainment by saying, “After a long discussion with Won-ho from MONSTA X, we agree that the best step now is to part ways well,” said a spokesman of Starship Entertainment in a statement which was uploaded on his official Twitter account. Starship Entertainment revealed that they respected Won-ho’s wishes and mentioned Won-ho’s consideration to leave MONSTA X. “Won-ho will not attend any activities starting today and MONSTA X will continue to schedule their musical performance this week with six members. We apologize for any inconvenience that may arise at various parties. We highly respect Won-ho’s decision to ensure that a number of recent events have not diverted attention to interesting things for MONSTA X now and in the future,” said a Starship spokesman. Even so, Starship Entertainment ensures it will continue the legal case they will file. “We will continue legal remedies regarding erroneous and malicious claims relating to this issue. We are reluctantly announcing this sad news, especially to MONSTA X fans who have supported and loved this group. We promise to return with better music and performances for MONSTA X fans.” Won-ho who resigned was also confirmed by Starship Entertainment on the grounds that he did not want to cause problems for MONSTA X. The member who was born on March 1st, 1993, revealed the decision through a letter he wrote himself. In the letter, he apologized to fans who had been supporting him along with MONSTA X.

— STARSHIP Ent. (@STARSHIPent) October 31, 2019 “I apologize for not being able to keep the promise to give good memories to fans and instead cause heartache. I also apologize for hurting many people because of personal issues. I received blessings and love while being a member of MONSTA X. I am truly grateful for that, especially for the members who work hard and are always with me, I am grateful, I love you, and truly apologize, there were times when I was immature and made big and small mistakes, after becoming a trainee and debuting I continued to work hard to avoid being ashamed of myself. I announce I would leave MONSTA X starting today. I apologize for hurting other members due to the issue. On behalf of all members, I once again apologize to fans who have trusted and supported me.” – MONSTA X’s Won-ho Besides the Won-ho case in the past revealed by Jung Da-eun, Won-ho was also involved in one of the viral videos of the MONSTA X fan signing because he had made fun of the Me Too movement. At the fan signing event that was held on March 9th, 2019, a video circulated of Min-hyuk putting his microphone on Won-ho’s chest and asking, “Nipple, please say something.” In response, Won-ho raised his hand, said the words, “Me too… me too…” and laughed. The Me Too Movement is an online movement that aims to bring attention to issues of sexual violence and sexual harassment through sharing stories by victims. In response, Starship Entertainment as the agency immediately released the following apologies: “Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. Although there were absolutely no negative intentions at the MONSTA X fan signing event earlier this year, or during promotions at the time, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone and all fans who feel uncomfortable with their behavior and comments that leave a misunderstanding. Starship and members of MONSTA X have acknowledged the issues raised to us since then and we continue to discuss these issues together. Through this incident, we are all deeply pondering careless words and actions in the past and want to apologize once again to everyone and fans are injured. In the future, Starship and MONSTA X will work harder to listen to suggestions made by fans and the public and overcome areas where we are lacking. Thank you.” – Starship Entertainment Although the agency has apologized, the fans are not satisfied. They asked Min-hyuk and Won-ho to release an apology in person. Responding to fans’ requests, both apologized via their fan café. “Hello, this is MONSTA X’s Won-ho. I want to sincerely apologize to the fans and everyone who might have been hurt during my careless comment on the March fan signing event. I was not thinking whether what I say can jeopardize the Me Too movement and cause more suffering to the victims and I have disappointed and hurt many people because of my careless words and actions. When I think about it now, I don’t know how I could say something which is so stupid. I’m pondering on this very much. It hurts to think that I can disappoint my fans, who have always been the source of my strength, with my behavior. Through this incident, I realized that I could endanger many people because of careless actions or words. I will look back and reflect on the past and will be careful with my words and actions in the future. I will learn more about areas where I am still lacking, correcting my values, and show you the side of me that is more mature. I will be a hardworking Won-ho. Once again, I sincerely apologize.” ­– MONSTA X’s Won-ho

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