The group that debuted in 2005, SS501, was once known as the best idol group during its heyday. Now, the singer group of “Love Like This” and “Love Ya” have been undergoing a vacuum since 2010, when several members decided to leave DSP Media. To commemorate the times when SS501 were still active in a career by releasing their latest songs, let’s do a little flashback to the era where SS501 were a boy group that had their fame in South Korea in this article below!

Where Are SS501’s Members Now?

SS501 (pronounced as Double S 501) was a popular boy group from South Korea. This group consisted of 5 members under the management of DSP Entertainment. They were Kim Hyun-joong, Heo Young-saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, Park Jung-min, and Kim Hyung-joon. The members were selected in the M! PICK talent show that took place in March 2005. This joint venture between KM and Mnet cable television made them popular. A fan café had even opened before SS501 officially debuted. Their first single, “Warning”, was released in June 2005. The members have been active as MCs, models, commercials, various shows, DJs, and actors. Initially, the first ‘S’ of SS501 stood for ‘Super’, while the second ‘S’ was for ‘Singersongwriter’. The number ‘5’ represented the number of members, ‘0’ stood for ‘infinity’, and ‘1’ stood for ‘number 1’. Later, however, the first ‘S’ started to mean ‘Sun, Star, Special’ which symbolized their future. While the second ‘S’ stood for ‘singer’, and ‘501’ means 5 which is immortal into one. In April 2006, SS501 performed at Nippon Budōkan to commemorate the start of the broadcast of Mnet Japan cable television. The next day they held a fan meeting. Their first concert in Japan took place at the Grand Cube Osaka, in September of the same year. After preparing to debut in Japan, the “Kokoro” single was released in August 2007. “Kokoro” reached the No. 5 position on the Oricon charts. The second single, “Distance” (Kimi to no Kyori) was released on September 19th, 2007, and reached the number 3 position on the Oricon chart. After that, SS501 released their debut album on October 24th, 2007. The success in Japan made SS501 receive the 22nd Japanese Gold Disc Award, in March 2008 as one of the 10 best newcomer artists. Many activities were carried out by the members to promote individually and start their solo careers. Currently, SS501’s members are still active in the entertainment industry. Some of them are also active in uploading their activities and promotions through social media. Kim Hyun-joong, a member who probably has many individual activities and also promotes as a solo artist, is still active in the entertainment industry and doesn’t run out of ways to keep interacting with his fans through social media. Even though there are no new songs released yet, Kim Hyun-joong is still actively greeting fans through his personal social media, such as Instagram (@hyunjoong860606), and uploading vlogs and other content on his YouTube channel (kimhyunjoong606). Kim Hyun-joong also has official fan pages, such as Weibo (hyunjoongk) and Facebook (@kimhyunjoong). The next member of SS501 who had the position of main vocalist is Heo Young-saeng. He just held the 2021 HEO YOUNG SAENG ONLINE CONCERT [FIRST MOMENT], which was held on January 16th, 2021, and is active as a solo artist. Heo Young-saeng also has his own Instagram account (@youngsaeng17) and is active in uploading his latest activities or work through these social media. Fans can also see his current activities through his Instagram. Kim Kyu-jong as the main rapper of SS501 also has a solo activity as a singer and is still active in uploading activities and work on his social media. Kim Kyu-jong has an official Instagram (@jdream_kyujong) and Twitter (@jdream_kyuzone). Kim Kyu-jong also released an official poster to announce his new single in 2021 with the title “I Wanna Hear Your Voice” (Hangul: 니 목소리 가 듣고 싶어), a song released on February 25th, 2021. The post on his Instagram managed to get 10,218 likes from fans and, of course, positive comments and responses to Kim Kyu-jong’s comeback.

The lead dancer of SS501, which is Park Jung-min is also a member who is currently still actively pursuing a solo career in the entertainment industry. Park Jung-min is also known as a K-Pop idol who continues his career as an actor and has appeared in several K-Dramas with high ratings, such as You’re All Surrounded (2014), Reply 1988 (2015), Entourage (2016), Mr. Sunshine (2018), and Hellbound (2021). Park Jung-min also has several social media, such as Instagram (@parkjungminsta) and YouTube channel (OfficialParkJungMin). On his YouTube channel, there is a music video for his single uploaded as well as some other content.

Finally, Kim Hyun-jung, who was the maknae of the group, is also still actively pursuing a solo career in the entertainment industry. The youngest member of SS501 has just recently released his newest single titled “Get To You”. The single was released and uploaded in an audio version to the YouTube channel on January 4th, 2021. Kim Hyung-jun is also active in uploading content on several of his official social media accounts, such as Instagram (@hyungjunking) and YouTube Channel (김형준 KIM HYUNG JUN) to keep interacting with his fans. Well, that’s all information that we have provided for you about SS501 during their comeback eras with their music videos and stage performances. SS501 were indeed one of the big and legendary boy groups in K-Pop history who also contributed to spreading the Hallyu wave throughout the world. Even though there are several problems that the members have to face, SS501 will still be considered K-Pop idols who have had good music careers with their best songs. Let’s support SS501 members in their solo activities as well. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more upcoming interesting articles from Channel-Korea!

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