Sadly, there’s been a recent scandal involving Mino’s visit to a night club near Seoul during the pandemic which ignored the protocol of social distancing. As we all know, people are required to keep their distance with each other due to the coronavirus outbreak and the risk of getting infected. So, what exactly is Mino’s recent controversy all about? Let’s dig deep into it by scrolling down the article below!  

Chronology Of WINNER’s Mino Who Ignored Social Distancing During The Pandemic

As we all know, the outbreak of Covid-19 has reached almost every part of the world and has infected millions of citizens around the world, including South Korea. The country itself had the second-highest number of cases after China in mid-February after a series of infections were found in Shincheonji Church, Daegu. South Korea had been quick and aggressive to tackle the virus and flatten the curve and by early May the Korean government was able to open the functioning of schools, businesses, and other facilities after it was closed down for almost three months. Yet, although things were supposedly starting to go back to normal as social distancing measures were relaxed, the people were still supposed to implement the protocol of social distancing by keeping up their distances among each other. That’s why, when media outlet Dispatch revealed the news of WINNER’s Mino visit to a night club on May 12th, 2020, the public was mad and upset by Mino’s behavior. Mino reportedly was allegedly performing at a club ‘A’ in Gangwon-do, Yangyang, between May 3-4, 2020, in the late hours. Dispatch stated that Mino was performing an impromptu stage of his hit solo track “FIANCÉ” next to the DJ box. Other visitors were shocked when they found out that Mino was performing for them. Dispatch also revealed that most of the club-goers had lowered their masks below their chins upon entering the club, ignoring the guideline for social distancing. They also were reportedly shuttled to the location from Seoul during the weekend. But, though Gangwon is over 100 km from Seoul, this behavior is still classified as careless and irresponsible. Aside from Mino, other K-Pop names also have been revealed to have visited a night club (different club) during the pandemic. Amongst those names are: BTS’ Jungkook, Astro’s Cha Eun-woo, NCT’s Jaehyun, and Seventeen’s Mingyu, and Kara’s former member Park Gyu-ri.


The Club Owner’s Clarification

In response to this matter, one representative from the club ‘A’ that Mino visited during the pandemic issued a statement through Dispatch. They said that they did not invite Mino to perform in their club and stated that Mino only visited the place briefly. Below is the full statement from the club’s owner: On another note, during the same weekend, there have been various reports that South Korea gained new COVID-19 patients after they loosened the social distancing rule. It has been suspected that this surge of new cases was due to the rising club-goers in Itaewon, for that they rapidly move within a tight group, increasing the chances of spreading COVID-19. Per May 12th, 2020, it had been reported there were 101 new COVID-19 cases that have been detected.  

YG Entertainment’s Official Statement

YG Entertainment as WINNER’s and Mino’s agency issued a quick statement to respond to the controversy. According to YG Entertainment, Mino was on a private trip with his friends in Gangwon. They also sent their apology and said that they would “be more mindful and ask (Mino) to carefully follow the rules of personal hygiene and social distancing.” Below is their full statement: Meanwhile, they didn’t comment on whether or not Mino has undergone testing for Covid-19.  

Netizens’ Reaction To WINNER’s Mino’s Controversy

Upon hearing the news, many netizens were upset and disappointed by Mino’s careless behavior. They felt that Mino’s behavior risked the health of the public and did not help the medical workers job. It is understandable that they flooded the rapper with harsh criticism. Below are some of the K-netizens’ reactions to the news as quoted from Netizenbuzz: [+327, -10] Please use your brain… no excuse is acceptable for anyone who goes to the club at a time like this ㅋㅋ [+25, -2] Followed the rules? Let’s think about this for a second. In a place as hot as a club, you really think he was wearing his mask while dancing? Is that even possible? Celebrities need to stop with the challenge of pretending to support medical workers with their thumbs up. They’re out there enjoying everything while trying to act aware online. [+11, -0] Meanwhile… other celebrities are postponing their movie releases and canceling their concerts ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Contrary to the comments above, fans on Twitter instead defends Mino by stating that he just went with a few close friends on a private trip. Here are some fans tweets:

— ⚡︎momo⚡︎₁₂₇READ PINNED (@gotizx1) May 12, 2020

— bri (@__strawberr) May 12, 2020

— Whot? (@staff_imnida) May 12, 2020

— chels (@sibangkyu) May 12, 2020    

Since Dispatch (18/05/20) reported the news of four Line 97′ members (BTS’ Jungkook, Seventeen’s Mingyu, ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, and NCT’s Jaehyun) visit to restaurants and bars in Itaewon on April 25th, 2020, their names have been trending for quite some time on Twitter. Following the news of Jungkook and friends, Mino also returned to the spotlight even when his news was released first on May 12th, 2020. Now, his name fills the trending topic list on Twitter where many tweets from Twitter users sympathize with him. Mino is considered to be a victim of double standards. Previously, he was criticized by some netizens for violating social distancing while in the 97 Line case, some netizens commented that at least the four idols were socializing. Seeing these different treatments, many users were quick to call out the double standards toward the respond: “Their fans (BTS’ fans) quickly trusted Dispatch in the Mino case last week and turned a blind eye when other media confirmed the REAL TRUTH. But today they shouted Dispatch lying… Choose your narratives. Hypocrites.” “Now we know why Big Hit hasn’t been able to confirm until now LOL. The payment isn’t big enough for Dispatch. For fans who ask for photos, wait a minute. If the company refuses, Dispatch will definitely release them. Always like that LOL. Just admit your bias just as irresponsible as Mino and Gyuri.” “The energy in this comment should be in Mino’s article too! I think there is nothing wrong or right because there is no actual lockdown. They happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and because they are celebrities! But JK is worse because of ARMY making fun of other people… How quickly the situation changes… Be a good person!” “All those who vomit toxicity to Mino from certain fandoms must keep the same energy to you. Because people are far away interfering with Mino and Innercircle.” “It’s funny how when it was Mino, everyone told him to apologize but now it’s Jungkook, everyone says why is the business open.” “His comments are very bad. ARMY is attacking Mino all out and defending their oppas. How innocent, your level of defense is really a double standard. ARMY makes people hate BTS more but they don’t care.” Stay safe and keep social distance, everyone!   Those are all the details that you need to know about Mino’s recent visit to a club in Gangwon during the covid-19 pandemic. What do you think about this case? Discuss it with us in the comment section below!

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