She failed in an audition for JYP Entertainment before joining another entertainment company, DSP Media. She was recruited and debuted as Kara member in 2008 after former member Kim Sung-Hee left the group. A year after her debut, she became a regular member of the KBS variety show Invincible Youth. She landed her first acting role in popular SBS TV series City Hunter in 2011. In 2015, along with Super Junior’s Heechul, EXID’s Hani, and SISTAR’s Bora, she also started hosting the KBS Idol Beauty show A style for You. Goo Hara started her solo work on July 21, 2015, with the release of her EP Alohara (Can You Feel it?) under DSP Media. She left DSP Media in 2016 and signed a contract with KeyEast, a management company founded by the famous actor Bae Yong Joon. Other than singing, she appeared on television shows either as a cast member or a host. Find out more about Goo Hara and her scandal in this Channel-Korea. Stay tuned!

Goo Hara’s scandal with ex-boyfriend

This idol has recently been in the spotlight for her dispute with her former boyfriend, a renowned hair stylist named Choi Jong Bum. The two first met when they both appeared together on a beauty program TV show My Mad Beauty Diary, hosted by Goo Hara. Sharing similar interests in fashion and beauty, they had gotten closer and started a relationship.

Scandal Chronology

The dispute between Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend (Choi) started at September 10, 2018. That day, Goo Hara, her manager, and a male acquaintance had lunch together but she told her ex-boyfriend that she only had lunch with her manager. However, Choi later discovered that other than her manager, a male acquaintance also had joined the lunch. Two days later, Goo Hara visited Choi’s house and explained the situation. She lied to her overly jealous ex-boyfriend due to her fear that meeting any male friend could bring suspicion and couple fights. The following night, September 13, 2018, Choi visited her house (she shares a house with a junior from her university) without her permission and started an argument. The argument escalated into violent assault. He pushed her into the wall and threw electronic appliances. They fought hard and both of them had bruises or scars. After the fight, Choi threatened to ruin her career by exposing their fight to Dispatch. The same night, Dispatch reportedly received two emails from a person, both titled “Goo Hara Tip”. The first email was sent at 1:26 a.m., and said “Goo Hara. I will give you a tip, so give me a call. 010-XXX-XXXX (Choi’s phone number). If you are late, I will give it to someone else.” The second email read “It won’t disappoint. Contact me”. Dispatch tried to call the number but it did not respond. After Choi left, Goo Hara sent a message to persuade him against making a report to the media. She said that she had called the male acquaintance, explained the situation, asked him to meet Choi and knelt down in front of him. However, Choi refused to meet them and he said that he would just go to the police. The police arrived at Goo Hara’s house around 3:30 a.m. Choi reported that he was assaulted and showed the police multiple scars on his face while Goo Hara claimed that it was two-sided violence After the incident, the idol visited a gynecologist and an orthopedist. She suffered uterus and vagina hemorrhage, and was also diagnosed with “cervical sprain”, “facial contusions and sprain”, “lower leg contusions and sprain”, and “right forearm and additional sprains.” On September 15, Choi held an interview with Chosun Ilbo. He showed up with scars on his face and mouth and stated that he was attacked and Goo Hara’s claim that it was two-sided violence was untrue. He also denied that he had visited her house without her permission. Choi said that the idol’s home pass code was the date of their first meeting and that his car was registered at her house. On September 27, Goo Hara’s side claimed that Choi had threatened to expose their sex videos. On October 2, Police investigated Choi’s house, car, and workplace and confiscated his mobile phone and mobile storage (USB) for digital forensic recovery. On April 18, during the first trial, Choi denied most charges but admitted that he was responsible only for destruction and damage of property. Choi was charged with taking pictures of body parts without consent, assault, intimidation (blackmail), coercion, and destruction of property. On May 24, she appeared at her solo fan meeting in Kanagawa, Japan. She greeted her fans and thanked them for their encouragement during her difficult period. She promised to return and work in both Korea and Japan.

Goo Hara’s Suicide Attempt

Goo Hara posted “Goodbye” on her Instagram account on May 25, then deleted the post almost immediately. Worried, her manager tried to contact her. After making several unanswered calls, her manager rushed to her house in Gangnam, only to find her lying unconscious on the floor on the second floor of the house Her room was filled with smoke. Her manager then put out the source of smoke, opened the window, and called the 119 Rescue Center and Goo Hara was rushed to the hospital. Although she was unconscious, she was breathing and her pulse was normal.

Goo Hara Survived and Apologized for The Suicide Attempt

On May 28, Goo Hara shared her condition through her representative and stated “I’m truly sorry for causing concerns due to the recent event. I am currently recovering my health. I was feeling distressed due to various incidents that piled up, from now on I will strive to show everyone a stronger mind and healthier look.”

After The Suicide Attempt

Goo Hara flew to Japan to recover after being discharged from the hospital. Her management agency stated that it would be safer to rest and recover in Japan after her residence in Seoul was exposed to the public. Her management is based in Japan and that most of her work is also in that country.

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